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The Dance of the 

Wounded Souls Trilogy 

Book 1 - "In The Beginning . . ."

History of the Universe

Part II

The Dance of Earth

(In a normal history the material in this section would be included in a much later chapter - but since this is anything but a normal history, we decided to put it here.)
And it came to pass, that after 66,000 years of being reversed in relationship to the Truth of God, the energy field of Collective Human Emotional Consciousness on the planet Earth reached critical mass and reversed its' polarity to return to positive alignment with The Holy Mother Source Energy.  This momentous event took place in the late 1980s. Changes in human consciousness have been manifesting gradually, at an ever accelerating rate, in this century as the energy field approached critical mass.  Since the reversal occurred old souls on the planet have been increasingly "forced" to focus more on their healing and Spiritual Awakening. 

And thus, as the planet Earth entered the last decade of the twentieth century, the dawn of the Age of Healing and Joy peaked over the horizon.   This rising of the Light of Truth within human consciousness has been a gradual process that has included specific events in space-time.  The return of the planet to positive alignment is one of the important events in this process - but just as in the process of life, it is the process itself that is the most important.  The events are merely benchmarks in the process of Spiritual Awakening.

As a result of this dawning, the realization is spreading that civilization, as it has evolved on this planet, is dysfunctional.   Which simply means it does not work.  It does not work in terms of:  bringing Spiritual full-fill-ment to souls in body;  meeting the emotional, mental, and physical needs of the humans who inhabit the planet;  allowing the integration of Spiritual Truths into physical existence;  or of providing an environment that fosters balance within, or between, human beings - or any balance in their relationship with the planet.  The spiritually hostile, emotionally repressive environment - which is both the effect and the cause - of this dysfunction makes it extremely difficult for a soul in body to celebrate the gift of life as a dance of Joy and Love.

The Age of Healing and Joy is the time when the celebration of life can begin.  The conditions which created this dysfunctional system have, and are, changing.  It is time, not just for hope, but for Joy.  And it is vitally important for souls in body to remember the Spiritual purpose of life.  The dysfunctional nature of civilization is not a result of flaws in human "nature".  It has not happened because humans are bad or sinful.  The behaviors of humans which are believed to be "human nature" are the effect - not the cause.  All any human has ever done is the best that he or she "knew how to survive" in the moment.

This world has evolved the way it has because it was necessary to the purposes of the Creation Dream.  It was all a part of the script.  This experience of lower vibrational frequencies has served divine purpose.

This Age of Healing and Joy is the time when the dysfunctional cycles, which have been passed on from generation to generation, can be broken.  Instead of abusing our children by making them conform to dysfunctional belief systems and deny their emotions, which cuts them off from their inner channel to Spiritual Self, we can now nurture and encourage the Spiritual child to be conscious of Spiritual purpose and own Spiritual power.  And the healing process begins with the nurturing of the Spiritual child which exists within us all.

For the Spiritual child within is the gateway to the inner channel to the Soul.  (That's why Higher Selves are sometimes silly.)  Humans are cut off from that channel, from the Spiritual child, in childhood.  As a result, the lower ego builds up a defense system to protect that little girl or boy who is so confused and scared.  For as very small children we knew that this place was not home, that it felt as if something had gone wrong in the transporter room.  (Beam me back up, Scotty!  This isn't where I belong.)

That small child that you were - still exists within you.  That child, your inner child, is the personification of your soul.  It is through healing your wounded inner child - who represents your wounded soul - that you open up the channel to your Soul, to the God/Goddess energy.  It is through healing the wounds, caused by the separation of your inner child from its' True Spiritual nature, that consciousness of Oneness within and without - and the ONENESS of God - is realized.  With this realization comes the awareness of the music of Joy and Love so that you can start celebrating this dance of Earth.

The healing of the child within shall set you free.

"Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free."
- John, 8:32

     "The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid: .........and a little child shall lead them."
- Isaiah, 11:6

"Imagine the universe beautiful and just and perfect,
Then be sure of one thing:
the IS has imagined it quite a bit better that you have."
- Richard Bach, Illusions

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