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The Dance of the 

Wounded Souls Trilogy 

Book 1 - "In The Beginning . . ."

History of the Universe

Part I

The Creation dream

Once upon a time, there was a dream of creation. This Creation Dream, like all dreams of creation, was projected within the heart of ALL THAT IS.

This Creation Dream is the result of a brilliant concept of the imagination of the ONE consciousness of ALL THAT IS. ALL THAT IS is the sea of energy that is everything which exists in Reality. This great sea of energy vibrates in ONENESS at the frequency of Absolute Harmony, LOVE, and has been called by a multitude of names. Many of these names will be referred to in the course of this story but, for the sake of simplicity and clarity, the names most often used will be God or The Goddess, with occasional use of I AM, The Holy Mother Source Energy, or The Great Spirit. All of these titles refer to the great sea of energy that is ALL THAT IS.

And this sea of energy, The Goddess, is one very smart cookie.

(Which would seem to be the prime requirement for the job of being the ALL-Knowing, ALL-Powerful Source although, God knows, many humans continue to limit their concept of a Higher Power to something small, petty, and humanoid. God, by the way, is not a "Supreme Being" because The Goddess is not a "being". God is the energy of ALL THAT IS vibrating at LOVE and as such will not be referred to by the personal pronoun "she", which in any case would be much more accurate than "he". More will be revealed.)
This smart cookie that is The Goddess came up with a brilliant idea which has allowed The Holy Mother Source Energy to share consciousness of the Eternal Joy and Bliss of existence in ONENESS at LOVE. Through this idea the Eternal I AM has remained ALL-ONE without being alone. This brilliant idea was the concept of Creation Dreams.
(In order to give you insight into the dazzling brilliance of this concept we now bring you a transcript, recently retrieved from deep in the archives of the Higher Mind, of God's thought process in arriving at the concept of Creation Dreams.)

God's brilliant idea began as a fantasy, a daydream. In this daydream God imagined that the energy of ALL THAT IS could be divided into a number of individual conscious entities. These units of energy could then be conscious of, and share in, the Infinite Joy and Bliss of Eternal ONENESS at LOVE because all would still be ONE at the frequency of Absolute Harmony. If this were possible then God would remain ALL-ONE while no longer being alone.

"Of course," thought the Eternal I AM, "this is impossible. The energy of ALL THAT IS could not be divided unless it no longer vibrated in Absolute Harmony. And if God no longer vibrated at LOVE then there would be no God. And that would turn ALL THAT IS into a chaotic mess to say nothing of putting me out of a job."

So God thought some more.

(Okay, okay, so we are taking a little literary license here, obviously God is not worried about being out of a job. Also, obviously, the thought process and motives of God, if there are such things, are way beyond human comprehension. You might as well know right now that this story is about Truth and Truth seldom has much to do with what humans think of as fact. In fact, the Truth is that humans take everything too seriously, including God. So chill out, lighten up, when you smile or laugh it raises your vibrational frequency and moves you closer to The Goddess. And that's the Truth!)

"Hey," God suddenly realized in a flash of inspiration, "I AM God - I can do anything I want to. (Even end a sentence in a preposition.) I can imagine that ALL THAT IS divides into separate parts at a lower vibrational frequency. Yeah,. . . Yeah, and then I could set up a process where these little bits of consciousness get to experience what it would be like to exist if LOVE and ONENESS were not the only Reality. Wow! This is great! They could start out at a low vibrational frequency and then evolve back to LOVE - except it would all be an illusion. That's it! I can create the illusion of individual identities and then project that illusion into the illusion of a different reality. It can be a reality where separation seems to exist, . . . . .and limitation, . . . .and substance. . . . and polarity and paradox. That's it! That's the ticket!  I'll dream about creating a universe that's an Illusion full of illusions. I will call it . . . a . . . a . . . . . Creation Dream!"

And God was very excited.

And so it came to pass, that Creation Dreams came into existence in the imagination of God. These dreams of creation are a fantasy of the Eternal I AM and do not Truly exist in the Reality of ALL THAT IS. A Creation Dream is like a movie about a creation. It is a holographic illusion projected forth within the consciousness of The Holy Mother Source Energy. All Creation Dreams are unique, and all are the same as snow flakes are unique and the same.
(In case you are wondering why we are speaking of these dream-movies in the plural form, it's because this God-Force of ours has a very active imagination. The Eternal I AM was so excited about the idea that instead of imagining one simple Creation Dream, God came up with a whole series of them.)
All Creation Dreams begin with the illusion that the energy of ALL THAT IS is set in motion by a thought form projected forth by the Eternal I AM. (Such motion would only be possible if this energy was not vibrating at the frequency of Absolute Harmony. In other words, such motion would only be possible if some of the energy of ALL THAT IS existed separate from God. This is impossible and could never occur in Reality but it is a function of the dream-movies that the illusion of separation and motion be present.) This thought form is God's brilliant idea expressed vibrationally. Contained within this thought form was not only the concept of creation, but also the laws that would govern energy interaction/motion at frequencies lower than the frequency of Absolute Harmony.

Thus the Great Spirit imagined the effect of the concept of creation, and in the imagining created the illusion not only of the motion that would result from energy interaction at lower frequencies, but also of the rhythms that would guide that motion. In this way did the dance of energy that is the Creation Dream and the music for that dance come into existence in the imagination of God.

Once this imaginary dance begins, multiple dream-movies containing multiple universes of multiple dimensions come into existence within The Illusion. Thus illusions are created within illusions within The Illusion which was produced by the vibrational image projected within the imagination of The Goddess. These illusions were created upon a descending scale of vibrational frequency (descending from LOVE). Upon the lowest ranges of vibrational frequency the Temporal Plane comes into existence. The physical universe which human's experience exists within the Temporal Plane.

The holographic illusion, which is the physical universe, is made up of energy fields which appear to be separate entities but which, in Truth, only exist in relationship to each other, and as a result of the imaginary interaction of the ONE energy that is The Holy Mother Source Energy. The multi-dimensional holographic illusion which is the Temporal Plane provides the classrooms for the school of Spiritual Evolution.

Spiritual Evolution is the process whereby the energy of ALL THAT IS gets to experience every aspect of the illusion of existence at vibrational frequencies lower than the frequency of LOVE. Existence at the lower vibrational frequencies is experienced by energy fields of consciousness known as Souls. SOULS exist on the Spiritual Plane within the illusion. The Spiritual Plane is the highest vibrational plane, that is the vibrational plane which exists closest to the Reality of ONENESS at LOVE. It is on the Spiritual Plane that the highest vibrational frequency range naturally available to human experience is generated (by the SOULS). This frequency range is the transcendent Emotional energy of Love. This Love frequency range also contains frequencies which are experienced as Truth, Joy, Beauty, and Light as well as sometimes being called; the God within, the Goddess within, the Christ within, The Holy Spirit, etc..

It is this Love frequency that is the Light that guides the energy of ALL THAT IS through the school of Spiritual Evolution. For the SOUL on the Spiritual Plane projects/extends downward vibrationally to manifest the Soul/Ego which exists in the transitional space between the Celestial Plane and the Temporal Plane. It is the Soul/Ego which experiences the illusion of separate, unique, individual identity and projects forth (downward vibrationally) the energy field of the soul/spirit/ego which actually inhabits the human body vehicle.

The human Soul experiences the lower vibrational realities of the Temporal Plane through a series of Creation Dreams. These Creation Dreams are experienced by the Soul as a linear series because that is how Ego-consciousness evolves. (Only the Eternal Now Truly exists linear time is a perception of evolving Ego-consciousness.) This evolution of consciousness includes experiencing all levels of existence from the physical sub-atomic level to the experience of being the ONENESS of ALL THAT IS. (You have experienced being wind, rain, and fire as well as mineral, plant, and animal and can in special moments access emotional memories of those experiences. So you are not crazy for feeling at One with a tree or a bird or a speck on the wall.) The final stage is the experience of "being" the individual Ego-consciousness that is the human Soul. This experience of "being" as a human Soul occurs through three Creation Dreams as a "new", "middle", and (in your final dream-movie) an "old" soul.

Within every Creation Dream the evolving Ego-consciousness experiences, at a certain point in the script of that particular dream-movie, the polarization of collective ego consciousness. This polarization causes humans to perceive their reality as being a result of dynamically interacting forces which are polar opposites. This illusion of polarity through multiple levels of reality causes paradox to exist within the Creation Dream. The illusion that is the Creation Dream, in Truth, exists paradoxically as a polar opposite to the Reality of God. For while the True Reality of ONENESS at LOVE within The Holy Mother Source Energy is changeless, timeless Joy and Bliss the illusion within the dream movies is of constant change and motion in patterns of creation and destruction within a space-time continuum.

These patterns of creation and destruction occur on multiple levels within the illusion of a physical universe that humans experience. From the point in the script where polarization occurs humans start perceiving their reality, both external and internal, as a "war" of opposing forces. Thus is conflict and drama introduced into the holographic illusion which is the Creation Dream.

It is through this conflict that the process of Spiritual Evolution within the Illusion allows the energy of ALL THAT IS to experience separation and limitation. It is in this way that the realities of lower vibrational existence are experienced by God. For the human soul is an extension of the Soul which is an extension of The Great Spirit. In the imagination of the Eternal I AM the energy of ALL THAT IS gets to experience what existence would be like if separation existed. Furthermore it gets to gain an experience of substance and emotion, and an understanding of limitation. 

(Infinite Bliss and Perfect Harmony could not be fully realized by the ONE consciousness of ALL THAT IS without a conscious experience of the possibility of other realities. In the same vein, if one is LOVE then one never gets to experience LOVE. Like if you are sugar you never get to taste sugar. Part of the purpose of this whole life business is about the opportunity to "taste" LOVE.) 
Within this illusion of physical, emotional existence is an added gift which comes with the experience of substance - that is the gift of being able to Touch with Love. (Love is accessed within and radiated outward. What most humans call love is an attempt to fill the void within with something/someone outside of Self. That void can only Truly be filled by accessing the energy of Love within.)

Thus it is through the Illusion of the Creation Dream that The Holy Mother Source Energy has created children to share in consciousness of ONENESS at LOVE. These children are extensions of, expressions of, God experiencing individual identity in imaginary realities. The evolutionary paths of all of these children lead right back to the Source, and allow the Source to fully realize the Infinite Bliss of ONENESS at LOVE. In addition, the experience of these imaginary realities created by energy in motion allows the Emotional energy of Eternal Joy to become part of the Reality of ALL THAT IS. In this way has the Eternal I AM remained ALL-ONE while no longer being alone. For Creation Dreams are, after all, only dreams.

In Truth, the energy of ALL THAT IS exists, has always existed, and will always exist, as ONE consciousness experiencing Infinite Bliss and Eternal Joy in the moment of the Eternal Now in a state of ONENESS vibrating at LOVE. Everything else is only an illusion.

(An illusion which seems to last an awful long time from a human perspective - thanks to the hyperactive imagination of God. But as was stated, time only exists in relationship to evolving Ego-consciousness. When we evolve to consciousness of ONENESS, we awaken from the dream to the Infinite Bliss and Eternal Joy that has always been our True Reality. More will be revealed about all of this as the story unfolds for now just realize that all of the hundreds of billions of years of all of the Creations Dreams are no more than a hiccup in God's time - except, of course, God doesn't hiccup.)
And it came to pass, within every Creation Dream, that an Age of Healing and Joy dawns. With this dawning, the Light of Truth shines upon the children of The Holy Mother Source Energy. This Light reminds the old souls of the Truth and Joy of ONENESS, and leads them to heal the wounds inflicted upon them by the perception of separation. The dawn of the Age of Healing and Joy has made it's entrance in the Creation Dream whose story is told here. This story is about a specific planet within this dream-movie. It is the planet known to it's inhabitants as Earth.

This is the story of the dance of the wounded souls of Earth.

"Bohm (physicist David Bohm) concludes that the correlations between subatomic particles indicate that a revolutionary new understanding of order is at hand, one in which the universe should no longer be viewed as a machine but more properly as a stupendous multi-dimensional hologram."
    - Michael Talbot, Beyond The Quantum

    "The Sun Dancer believes that each person is a unique Living Medicine Wheel, powerful beyond imagination, that has been limited and placed upon this earth to Touch, Experience, and Learn...........They had no understanding of limitation, no experience of substance. These beings were total energy of the Mind, without Body or Heart. They were placed upon this earth that they might Learn the things of the Heart through Touching." 
    - Hyemeyohsts Storm, Seven Arrows

    "The Cosmic Director has written His own plays and summoned the tremendous cast for the pageant of the centuries. From the dark booth of eternity He sends His beams of light through the films of successive ages, and the pictures are thrown on the backdrop of space. Just as cinematic images appear to be real but are only combinations of light and shade, so is the universal variety a delusive seeming. The planetary spheres, with their countless forms of life, are naught but figures in a cosmic motion picture. Temporarily true to man's five sense perceptions, the transitory scenes are cast on the screen of human consciousness by the infinite creative beam."
    - Paramhansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi

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