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My Daily Prayers and Affirmations

I have been asked about what daily prayers and affirmations I do quite often so I thought that I would include them in this first issue.  I don't do these every day, but there are days when I do them more than once.

This first prayer is an adapted version of the Serenity Prayer.  The reference to Bubba comes from my Trilogy and is addressing my Higher Self.  Since we are all part of the God-Force it is denial of our True Self to ask God to grant us serenity or anything else for that matter - it is closer to the Truth in my belief to thank the Powers That Be for helping me to remember who I AM and how to access the serenity and faith.

God, Goddess, Great Spirit, Bubba.   Holy Mother Source Energy. 
All my guides and totems and angels.  My friend and brother Jesus.

Thank you for helping me to access:

The Serenity and Faith to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage and willingness to change the things I can,
and the wisdom and clarity to know the difference.

Thy will not my will be done.

Thank you for allowing my will to serve thy will.
Thank you for helping me to align my will with thy will.

This next is an adaption of the third step prayer from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.  I do the whole "In the name of, in alignment with  . . ." about half the time these days - the rest of the time I just use the salutation that I use for the Serenity Prayer.

In the name of, and in alignment with: God; the God-Force; The Goddess; Goddess Energy; The Great Spirit, and All of My Relations; 

In the name of, and in alignment with: Love, Light, Joy, Truth and Beauty.

In the name of, and in alignment with: All that is good, Holy, Sacred, Blessed and Divine.

In the name of, and in alignment with: The Holy Mother Source Energy.

In the name of, and in alignment with: Jesus Christ and all of the Master Teachers.

In the name of, and in alignment with: The Energy of ALL THAT IS vibrating in ONENESS at the frequency of Absolute Harmony which is LOVE.

I offer myself to thee, to build with me and do with me as thou wilt.  Please relieve me of the bondage of ego-self that I may better do thy will. 

Please take away, and Thank you for taking away, my difficulties that victory over them may bear witness to those I would help of thy Power, thy Glory, and thy way of Life.

May I do thy will always.

My prayers for guidance and my Affirmations have grown over the years - the more self Loving ones that I have added in recent years are in red.

Guide me, Lead me and Show me The Way. 

Help me to Know, Love, Serve, enJoy, express, and embrace.

Thank you of letting me be:

a Channel of thy Truth,

an Instrument of thy Peace,

a Tool of thy Will.

A Manifestation of thy Joy,

a Celebration of thy Love,

and a Shining Example of thy Abundance.

I AM a Spiritual Being full of Light and Love.

I AM radiantly beautiful, vibrantly healthy, Joyously Alive, and Abundantly Prosperous. (at this point I often sing "Zippidee do dah"*)

I don't have to worry about what I say or what I do because you who sent me will direct me.

I AM always in the right place and the right time correctly engaged in the right activity.

I now have enough time, money, wisdom, and energy to accomplish all of my desires.

Financial Abundance is flowing into my life easily and effortlessly, freely and abundantly.

Large, rich, lavish, opulent, financial surprises are now manifesting in my life and I AM grateful.**

A sum in the tens of thousands of dollars, perhaps the hundreds of thousands, maybe the millions has, or is about to, manifest into my life to support my work and my journey to self-Love and I AM very grateful.

Good things are happening in my life on all levels:

Including Healing and health.  I AM healing my body and my relationship with my body easily and effortlessly, freely and abundantly.

Success and Prosperity.  Success for my book and money to publish my next books and to lead a comfortable life is manifesting in my life easily and effortlessly, freely and abundantly.

Friendship, Love, emotional support are manifesting in my life easily and effortlessly, freely and abundantly.

Touch, affection, sexual fulfillment - perhaps in a relationship with my Twin Soul - are manifesting in my life in a balanced, harmonious, Loving way - easily and effortlessly, freely and abundantly.

* "Zippidee do dah, Zippidee ay.  My, Oh my, what a wonderful day. 
Plenty of sunshine coming my way.   Zippidee do dah, Zippidee ay. 
Mr. Blue Bird on my shoulder it's a fact - it’s actual, it’s really satisfactual. 
Zippidee do dah, Zippidee ay.  My, Oh my, what a wonderful day. 
Plenty of Love, Light, and money coming my way.   Zippidee do dah, Zippidee ay." 

(My apologies to the songwriter - I have no idea if these words are anywhere close to accurate - this is my version.  The spelling is my attempt also.)

**I added the extra ones about money when I realized that I had a deeply held belief that having money would corrupt me.  So I had to add new affirmations to help remove any blocks to abundance that I might be subconsciously putting up.  This is the first time I have typed these up in some years - and they have changed over the years as new ones have been added.  I realized that it is probably a bit incongruous to say what I did at the top of the page about not asking God to grant - and then turning around and saying "thy" will so often.  I will have to contemplate that one.  What I know is that adding "Thy will not my will be done" to the serenity prayer 12 years ago (as I talk about in my article on Joy to You & Me) had a very powerful and profound effect on my process.  It was a surrender that was vital to me being where I am today so I am not inclined to change it just now - maybe someday.

Sacred Spiral with tail going to right meaning going toward

"I freely share so much information on my site because . . . I believe it is my Karmic Mission in this lifetime.  I want to share the Joyous message and the precious information that I have discovered - and it is what I need to do for my Recovery and Spiritual Path.  It is not such a great strategy when it comes to finances however.;-)  So Donations to the Cause / Love Offerings / Spiritual Tithes are always appreciated if you feel my sharing has helped you in your Healing / Recovery process and on your Spiritual Path. If my writing has helped you remember Truth that brings you some Joy and inner peace, and your Spirit moves you to send some Love back my way . . . . - Metaphysical Law: Giving and Receiving - Donations to the Cause / Love Offerings / Spiritual Tithes

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Serenity Prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr

Some of the Positive Affirmations are from Shakti Gawain - others were inspired by her work.

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