Ready to transform your life?
Are you sick and tired of feeling like the victim of your own thoughts / of your own feelings?
Of feeling like your own worst enemy!

It takes a commitment to take action to change what you are doing so you can change what you are getting!!

Temporary Special Offers for my Life Changing Workshop February 20th 2016

These offers are available until February 18th 2016 (9 pm PST)

Joy to You & Me Presents a Life Changing Workshop:

A Day Long Intensive Training in Robert Burney's
Spiritual Integration Formula for Inner Healing

"When we stop viewing life from the emotional perspective of a wounded child, from the perspective of the dysfunctional programming our ego adapted to help us survive - then we can get more clearly in touch with our Spiritual Self.  And what I teach people is a practical, powerful, effective formula for opening up to remembering, and accessing, intuitive Truth. . . .

 . . . It has just been my path to painstakingly learn how the internal dynamics of this disease operate, and what works to facilitate recovery from it - because it was necessary for my own recovery.  Someone at the last Intensive in LA said something very similar to something I shared in my very first Newsletter for my original web site in 1998.
"I had someone in a workshop say to me one time "Boy, you really know this stuff!  You have really studied this, you are kind of like an Olympic athlete or something in this area." - Joy to You & Me Newsletter I - July 1 1998
The person in LA said, "Boy, I am glad you were so f---ed up so that you really had to learn this stuff to be able to teach it to us. . . .

. . . . Your willingness to show up for your own recovery will help you to open up to manifesting more Joy, Love and serenity in your life experience - by helping you to remember Truth and access your True Self, and by giving you the tools to integrate that Knowledge into your relationship with self and life.  Attending an Intensive Training Day has the potential of being a life changing transformational experience that could mark a milestone in your journey / a new beginning / a new chapter in your life." - Joy2MeU Update Newsletter August 2006 quoted on Intensive Training Day Page
Town & Country

Saturday February 20th
~ 10 am to 4:30 pm

The Goddess Palace
located at
1156 Wild Canary Lane,
Encinitas, CA 92024  

Sponsored by Caroline Andrews

Special offers for Intensive Training Day Workshop Saturday February 20th 2016
The Intensive Training Day is normally $165.00
- save $55
Attendance limited to 30
Tickets can be purchased using the secure credit card or PayPal link below.
(or you can call Robert 760-451-6214 or Caroline 760-487-8482)
Saturday February 20th 2016
Registration $110.00 (save $55.00)
Bring a Friend at half price (save $82.50.00)
Alumni (save $25.00)
"My life has been much better since I went to your seminar.  Thank you."

"This training workshop gave me more concrete "tools" to help me distinguish between the wounded inner child being in control or my healthy adult. I have more hope than ever before in my life, of being able to access more of my truth and be more loving to myself and others."

"Everyone in America should attend this seminar.  Instead of walking around wounded and in pain, Robert can show you how to be free.  And how to live a life of joy, bliss, and LOVE."

"Robert, Your seminar on codependence was awesome. Your practical techniques for dealing with this disease are incredibly simple and incredibly effective."- Intensive Testimonials

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