Testimonials for the Intensive Training with Robert Burney

"It was a blessing, a pleasure, and a privilege for me to attend Robert's first Day Long Intensive Training in San Francisco.  Robert is a pioneer. . . . . He is not a "guru."  He is an emotionally honest man who is conveying his truth without pretense.  I believe he's been given the gift of assembling some very important Truths into one practical spiritual message that addresses the human condition.  Anyone, regardless of any particular belief system, who considers his message will walk away better equipped to Live."

"Robert Burney's intense training seminar on Codependence was everything I expected it to be and a whole lot more.  His emotional honesty touched me and his practical steps for healing the inner child struck a chord in me that is still vibrating."

"I believe you've assembled all of the major pieces of "the puzzle of Recovery" with your work (in a way that has never been done before)."

"Robert, Your seminar on codependence was awesome. Your practical techniques for dealing with this disease are incredibly simple and incredibly effective."

The comments above are from the first Intensive - and are quoted more extensively in the table below.  Here are a few comments from e-mails received recently:
"Thank you, Robert. I have already felt a huge sense of peace.  You have set something in motion in me. I can't tell you how good it feels."

"I have to thank you once again for the powerful information you shared in your Seminar, a lot of light bulbs went off, greater awareness of what has been going on inside me is taking shape, and so this is just the beginning for me of a new and endless journey . . .  one more clearer thanks to you."

"My life has been much better since I went to your seminar.  Thank you." 

Here are a couple of testimonials that were posted on Facebook:

"Robert Burney's Intensive Training Day in San Diego was the kindest thing I did for both my inner child and adult in a long long time. I needed it more than I knew and I thank my higher power for leading me to this gentle healer. I recommend the seminar with all my heart and soul. Robert is the most articulate teacher in codependency healing I have ever heard. Thank you from my soul!" - posted on Facebook 5/27/12

“There are certain Teachers in this Life that are Masterful Guides because they were both born with a gift and also have direct experiential Knowing based on their personal path. I met Robert Burney 10 years ago when I finally ready to look at my life and the affects of codependency and addiction in my family. That one event opened the doors for me and gave me permission to begin having much more compassion and awareness for myself and eventually for those around me.  I strongly encourage you to align with Robert at his intensives or one-one-one. He is a gift and I am grateful to have met him so many years ago.” - Posted on Facebook 11/6/13

Comments from Intensives (written by people at the end of the seminar) since that first one in April 2006 are listed below (with the comments from the latest Intensive added at the top of the list) - followed below that with Updates on the evolution of these presentations.
5/7/07 There are so many testimonials listed just below now that I decided to highlight certain ones, or certain phrases, in red for emphasis.

This is from someone who was scheduled to come to my workshop in Las Gatos in December 2015 and couldn't attend because of food poisoning.  She was able to come to my workshop in Gilroy in April and bring her father with her.
"I also wanted to share the undeniable divine intervention regarding this workshop. I first read Co-dependence, The Dance of Wounded Souls about ten years ago and it literally ignited the spark of life within me and brought my fathers alcoholism out from under the rug of denial. It was the catalyst for embarking upon the transformational journey and spiritual awakening leading me to my soul's purpose of becoming a therapist. I finally broke the silence surrounding my father's alcoholism and he has been sober for seven years. I dreamed of being able to have us attend one of your workshops but knew he wasn't at that point in his recovery and doubted he ever would be.

I toyed with the idea of asking him but wasn't sure and then received your email asking me if I wanted to bring someone. I knew this was absolutely divine intervention and I asked him if he would like to come with me. After some thought and reading about your work, he decided he would like to come with me! I know it will be a profound healing experience and thank you for making it possible. Guess that explains where the food poisoning came from."

Testimonials for the Intensive Training Days of 2006 through March 17, 2020

"It is much clearer now, information that I knew inside of me and was revealed by Robert.  Robert's personal felt experiences, how he coped and relieved his emotional pain was powerful.  Robert's brutally felt honesty in all his life experiences.  Robert's kindness and concern for others, his compassion for others was very powerful,"

"Thank you for sharing what has worked for you.  I plan to not only use this for myself, but also teach my children who are currently living through this trauma being with their abusive father.  Thank you for the tools and personal experience. I hope to see you again."

"I thouroughly enjoyed today's training.
 I feel each step was addressed and I was given examples and tools to advance on myown Spiritual Journey, along w/ Inner Child Healing."

"It was perfectly laid out.  I feel like I am on the right track,"

"This was very interesting & clear!  I came to understand and hear my solution. I am leaving with a better view on topics that I hadn't planned on that need work in my life."

"I found this Training addressing some of the truly important issue s that have been blocking my ability to feel whole and free.  This course was recommended to me by a friend and I didn't want to go, but I am so glad I got out of my own way and showed up.  I feel like I was Truly Blessed to hear Robert."

"After learning that codependency was a thing, I found Robert on Facebook for his training.  So insightful!  Let's you know that you are not alone.  What you experience is real. With self love and following the program there will be a time where I'll actually feel joy / happiness instead of the same old anger / emotions over and over.  Can't wait to read his book.

"Robert's workshop was very timely in my recovery process.  I feel inspired and better equipped to set emotional boundaries within myself to stay present and enjoy my journey."

"I've read a lot about codependency over the last couple of years, but his traqining opens up in greater detail on hoe out victim mentality creates codependency and how we can start being pro-active with practicing discernment and letting go of the ego self to serve the Spirit Self."

"I feel hopeful after today.  It is good to get specific tools to help move foward  The most valuable thing that I take away from today, is the fact that there is a solution.  Positive change is doable."

"This confirmed what I have been thinking but now I feel more confident or maybe more calm - like everything is going to be okay now.  Just let it happen :-) and maybe enjoy the journey.  I know now that I am on a journey."

"This workshop is helpful in my recovery journey. I've navigated both ACD & CoDA issues.  It is reasurring that I'm not alone on this journey.  There is hope."

"We all need reminders to love self and that we can reprogram if we do the work.  To give the ego permission to step aside so we can observe instead of react.  Thank you for doing this - such agreat service to humanity."

"Robert, your workshop today reiterated or reinforced area that I was already working on, but you also gave me some new tools that are going to help me dive much deeper.  I feel like I can get to a new level of freedom never excperienced before."

"I know that I need to work further on this and now I have more tools, thank you.  I think this is great work and it must be fun to be part of it.  Keep up the good work."

"This workshop brought together in an organized manner the different areas of recovery from codependence I have studied over the years."

"Robert is very personable.  His warm and genuine love for others comes through in his extensive knowledge and ability to share his experience."

"You have great knowledge and a comfortable way of sharing.  I am validated in my recovery work."

"Coming into this day, I knew that I had codependent traits, however I never followed up on how to correct or adjust them.  After this workshop I am confident to say I have an actual understanding that others are going towards the same thing and that others have found a way to adjust and that I have the ability to do the same for myself."

"I came to this Training to support a loved one, but the course uncovered issues in my own life that I need to deal with. Robert and his course go through the steps to start that process."

"I am happy I came.  My path to living free has been a life time in the making.  This was very affirming to my path to freedom.  Heres to walking in the freedom of loving one's life despite the pain that came with it."

"I'm excited to learn more about myself and this journey we call life.  Thank you for sharing your story.  I look forward to reading your books."

"This workshop was a great start to my road to codependency recovery. Thank you so much!!  I would like to participate in any workshops, meetings, retreats you would have."

Thanks for offering this and being vulnerable on your path & sharing it with us.  I can see that I am further along than I thought.  This was a great review / reminder of everything I have done & progress I have made.  Made me feel validated and not along on my journey.

"I feel that having attended this workshop will help me to take action - given the tools, away w/excuses.

"I feel renewed, hopeful, a bit anxious but excited.  This is one day that will change your life!  I highly recomment this day to anyone wanting to heal!"

"I'm very grateful to be in recovery.  This workshop was a powerful reminder of things I had learned before and there was new information for me.  Highly recommeneded!  Thank you Robert for your comprehensive explanation of codependency and valuable ideas for recovery.  Much recommended!"

"I feel like I've gained more awareness and tools to use in my recovery.  I feel more relaxed about my recovery process.  Thank you for sharing your personal recovery and healing journey with us.  Your work in codependent recovery is truely inspiriing!"

"This is perfect timing as I just celebrated 2 yrs in ACA family issues - siblings have appeared unexpectedly.  Your outline handout with description is vital - your personal stories are also helpful."

"I feel optimistic about the path ahead in recvoery.  This helped me give permission to myself to be easier on me, and feel emotions.  In a society where most live behind a facade, it's refreshing and encouraging to know there's support that exists for those wanting to live in a different new way."

"I have a lot of work to do, but today's session helped me to figure out what these symptoms and helped me to understand where I should start working on my journey to recovery."

"You have explained more clearly around inner child - thank you!  Loved the tears - so freeing!  Very foundational - great overview and time with myself and other recovering people."

"Robert connected with attendees.  He took time to be spontaneous and go off script.  That kept everything fresh. This is an important step in my journey - good information."

"This workshop helps solidify beliefs of being on the evolving path.  It is digestable, easy to undersand & comprehend and internalize.  If you're seeking, this workshop will prove invaluable experiential guidance."

"Thank you Robert, for your seminar.  There is so much to learn & think about.  Your personal experience makes the class more fun and relatable.  Timme passed so fast,  I was left wanting more.  I appreciate your research and knowledge on inner healing."

"I feel God is taking me to a place of healing more pain in my life.  I feel the workshop gave me the tools to do this."

"Workshop was very informative and helpful.  Robert has so much knowledge about recovery for codependency.  I am excited to take what I learned and use it in my own life."

"I recieved much info that I can use in my life!  I feel encouraged!"

"I cannot convey my overflowing level of gratitude for this workshop with mere words alone.  It was greater than I could ever have predicted.  Robert presents his wisdom in a loving, personable, empathetic, empowering way.  I feel so hopeful and ready to boldly step into my healing path.  I feel more empowered, hopeful, and full of love than I have in ages.  I feel understood and reminded of my path to wholeness."

"All of the questions I have been thinking in my head over the years were surprisinly answered.  I feel like I am on the right path."

"I realized that I need to love myself more and accept my past."

"I found this workshop very useful.  I can't wait to use the tools I learned today.

"I appreciate your honesty, willingness, and ability to be emotionally present today.  I feel renewed, hopeful,and peaceful."

"I loved the spiritual foundation underlying the psychological and physical theories, and the practical ways it is applied.  You present a lot of information very concisely, and clearly.  I feel like I can probably enjoy recovering for the rest of my life."

"I feel hopeful.  It was very easily understood.  Good information sprinkled with personal experience."

"Escellent presentation and great venue.  It opened up areas that have felt stuck.  Your personal stories are icing on the cake of healing.  It has been a healing experience and as enlightening as it was 20 years ago. (This person attended the workshop in 2007 - so not quite 20 years ago)  Magical!  Thank you Robert!  You took me to a deeper level this time around!"

"I am so grateful that I came to  this workshop.  I feel more clarity around my emotions and wounds and what I can do with them.  I am looking forward to feeling more and eventually being happy."

"The content of the workshop brought years of head knowledge into my heart and self.  I appreciated the applicable tools with the understanding.  Very valuable and well worth the time."

"Robert's workshops are very meaningful.  He has done a lot of work in this field and shares a lot of information.  I went away with pages I had written of new ideas and thoughts to ponder.  I highly recommend his classes."

"Robert's Training is so valuable to anyone on a path of self discovery.  Robert is such a knowledgeable speaker and expert in this field.  The Training allowed for group participation and felt very safe and comfortable to share.  I would come to any future workshops he would offer.  Thank you!"

"Sharing your stories & listening to others made the message easy to understand.  The after effects last and increase in effectiveness as time goes on. (This person came to the last workshop also.)  Go!  Robert Burney's Intensives are life changing!"

"This is the second time taking this transformational workshop.  Again I have received a wealth of truth and powerful insights I can apply to my everyday life.  I look forward to continuing to work with Robert."

"The workshop is a wealth of truth and knowledge!  I feel like I got a shot of adrenaline to keep up the work."

"The workshop was very clear, and explained in practical terms. And very useful. I feel a renewed curiosity to learn more at a deeper level in my own recovery."

"I haven't felt this healthy, happy, and present ever in my life.  Your workshop was a life changer." (Message received on Facebook from someone who attended September Intensive.)

"As a mental health professional, I found Robert's presentation to be extremely practical and deeply Spiritual at the same time.  My own healing journey has been nourished and I am excited to take these powerful insights into my work with others."

"Thank for yesterday.  I'm so grateful ___ told me about your Intensive Training Days.   After your Training yesterday, finally, finally, I 'm beginning to be able to start putting this "stuff" together.  I've been struggling for decades to not only figure out all the incongruities of being human and living in this human body in our present crazy world, but much worse I've been struggling my entire life around "How to deal with the pain of it?",  "What is 'my part' in it" , "What am I missing?", "There's got to be some answers/explanation somewhere?"

And yes, I know that no one, or belief system has all the answers for sure, but yesterday you presented a sequence of common human behaviors, significant "little bits and pieces" that finally make sense to me.  I can actually see the root source of all the pain in my life and better still, from yesterday's Training Day, I've come away with some viable concrete ideas/tools for living my life in a far healthier (happier) way.

Mostly, I want to thank you for ALL the work you've done and your willingness to share so openly so others, like myself, can benefit.  I will surely do my best to put out the word about your Intensive Training Days to others.  Actually, I feel that it is my responsibility to do this for LIFE's unbounding goodness in leading me here"

"Well organized, length was good.  It really helped put together my CoDA and ACA world."

"I have met people who had information on recovery and healing, and people who have knowledge of the process of recovery and healing but Robert you are one of those Rare Souls who have wisdom of recovery and healing.  Your books, your articles and website, your workshop helps me meet my need for clarity, Truth, and inspiration in my journey of personal healing and recovery.  I'm very happy to have met you in my Life's Journey.  Thank you very much."

"The presentation was very easy to follow, allowed for questions and dialogue and really resonated.  The world looked different to me during the first break - brighter, fresher, more exciting.  It just got better the rest of the day. I can't wait to apply everything and start living more fully"

"I enjoyed hearing Robert's personal journey with the ability to ask questions.  I feel much better.  I feel sane.  A lot of the items discussed directly parralleled / mirrored my experiences and helped put words on very hard to describe thoughts and experiences."

"Robert did a brilliant job explaining some deep, complex subjects.  I feel like I am doing well and get to enjoy the journey more."

"This intensive helped me to see the full context of my recovery (and life process) in a way that helps me to be present with the process and at home in my body.  I feel like the journey I am on has been appropriately taken on a personal map and that my future growth will be very exciting and adventuresome."

"I arrived at the lowest, most broken I have ever felt and left full of hope that I will not only be fine but that I will thrive.  The tools Robert shared with us are far more valuable than anything I have learned in my journey to heal from my inner child wounds and codependency.  I will be a life long supporter and follower of his work now."

"Going to RB's Training Day is a MUST for any/every one who's had ENOUGH of living in our present society.  I  have been a LIFELONG SEEKER and the magic part for me was that you put all the pieces together in a way that I can now see the big picure.  It  doesn't change any of the in's and out's of life, I'm sure, but it offers a HUGE relief and gave me real tools to deal with life, as it presents second by second."

"I found Robert's personal & professional insights to be of great value to me.  The professional helps me to understand the stages of the process.  And his personal story, your personal story Robert, is received as learning through you. Although I need to learn through me, I can now have a context by which I can relate to it from a place of wellness, higher consciousness, and compassion.  I loved your stories and anecdotes."

"Robert, you are adept in all of these dynamics and know how to present it in a way that is understandable."  

"Dear Robert, your experiential wisdom gave me hope & helped me to meet my need for clarity, Truth, & direction in my journey of recovery.  I am very happy that I have met you on this journey of my life.  Thank you very much."

"Thank you Robert.  I am grateful for you to come here to teach and help me gather this new space of codependency that I am in.  Thank you, Aho!

"I received a lot of insight and light bulb moments, like 'Judgments have power because I am judging myself.'  It was a big help to understand the perspective that, 'accepting reality as it is and make the best choice available to me."

"I received more clarity on what thoughts & feelings to listen to - it will help me to hear God more clearly."

"It validated what I am learning.  Also validated I'm doing what I should be doing.  Also, great to remember that shame is still an issue for me."

"I love the real life experience he shares - it becomes really relatable.  I will walk away, taking what I have learned and applying it to my lifes journey."

"I had no real expectations going to this.  I received so much insight into my self. I will continue the steps of healing.  Thank you Robert this was very helpful."

"Robert has the ability to connect the dots for me and explain how one can put the pieces of puzzles together.  I feel like I now have a good understanding of the process and have great tools to help me in my recovery."

"After this workshop I am hopeful and headed in a good direction.  I really did not know where to go next in my quest to be real.  I got specific steps today. Thank you Robert.  You are a dear soul."

"Inner child healing is one of the greatest gifts one can give themselves.  Taking care of that inner child provides a healthy foundation for life.  I can think of nothing more powerful.  This is incredibly valuable information."

"I found a lot of your stories and examples relatable.  I also enjoyed hearing everyone's experiences and conversing about those experiences."

"I read all your books but still learned a lot in the Training Class.  I'm very glad I made the trip to attend." (One person came from Reno and another from New Mexico - not sure which one this is.)

"Everything Robert says is easy to understand and identify with.  I'ver been recovering a long time.  This workshop will help me to continue on a positive path."

"Nothing compares with hearing all this material from it's author in one continuous flow - the personal authenticity is unmistakable, and very powerful.

"Robert is the most authentic and honest teacher I've ever met.  He teaches through his own experience and the transformation he has made is encouraging and hopeful."

"I have been drowning myelf in books & therapy & internet articles regarding inner-child and I have been feeling stuck.  Like I was boundcing all over the map.  Robert's workshop was everything I have been yearning to learn all summed up perfectly in 6 hours!  Plus I got to meet some pretty amazing co-warriors!!! :-)

"I see how this stuff is so important in recovery and relationships.  Robert's real life experiences and revelations are enlightening.  This workshop is about life, relationships, and love.  And how to have a relationship with yourself.  It's not about self help.  It's a call to action.  And that action is to love yourself."

"Excellent start to contemplating how our personal past relates to our present day reactions - interreations in our relationships."

"I loved every bit of it.  It all makes so much sense.  I am very excited about the future.  This workshop really clarified a lot for me."

"This was "spot on" to my journey with my inner child. I can't wait to start the healing conversation with my inner child - thank you Robert."

"What I valued most about this workshop, was that it forced me (in a good way!) to really stop and think about childhood wounds and what can be done to address them.  Knowledge is powerful and having practical tools that I can use when encountering hyper-emotional situations is very helpful and gives me hope for the future."

"This is a class that everyone on the planet could benefit from taking.  Robert is very down to earth, yet shows great depth and compassion in his approach.  I am excited and relieved to know that I have some concrete homework assignments to assist me in the future."

"I appreciated this presentation, the overall points which were then backed with personal anecdotess and "why does this matter to me?"  I am now optimistic about the future; that there might be a  better tomorrow and that a painful past does not necessarily have to mean we are doomed to repetitive cycles of pain going forward."

"This has opened my eyes to the exciting work and new areas I can focus on in my spiritual and healing journey.  Everyone should experience this."

"This workshop was very clear and tangible.  I think this is exactly what I was looking for to move forward, versus repeating the same patterns or regressing."

"The Intensive Training Day was easy to understand.  It covered just enough for the day.  I am excited now - I have a greater understanding of how codependency plays out in my life.  And how important doing the inner work is for taking back my power."

"You have to get in touch with your past to be in the present and make your life having meaning.  Old patterns repeat themselves until you become aware of your inner child and what affect it has had on you."

"I thought this training was done very well and I look forward to reading the books.  I definitely have more tools and awareness now."

"The day-long intensive training was very helpful in jump starting and refocusing my recovery.  Robert was very good at helping me to make sense of how to integrate what I know and what I feel."

"This was the tool I needed to start my inner child healing work.  Now, I can follow organized ways of going through the recovery process."

"Every word today resonated deeply with me down to my soul.  I feel a greater confidence after today in theknowing that I am right where I need to be."

"Robert, you are so well versed and are a great source of support and your info is enlightening and very helpful.  Some of your presented info really hit home and I identify with what your presenting.  Thank you for your awesome info and great sense of humor."

"Thanks for sharing so candidly / honestly and for being intelligent and sober enough to put all thie story / stories together in a logical and coherent manner.  It's empowering to understand this material."

"I learned some valuable recovery tools.  I think your stories about receiving intuitive guidance were really touching and beautiful and that it was very brave of you to follow the intuitive voice.  It really shows your hero's journey and how all of us really are on a hero's journey."

"Robert's telling of his story and explanation of his journey is an amazingly generous and equally gifted logical expression of the steps to triumph over codependency."

"Robert has a deep knowledge and passion about helping people with codependency."

"This workshop gave me very valuable recovery tools that I look forward to incorporating in my daily life."

"When I hear Robert talk, I can see the passion and clarity that comes through him & I can see that Higher Power is talking through him."

"I enjoyed this information and format.  It was raw and real.  Thank you for opening up and sharing your personal story.  I've turned a corner in my personal recovery this past month.  Hearing you speak today solidified and taught me more about my wounded inner child and my shaming and criticizing adult and how to deal with and nurture both."

"The content of the workshop is vital to creating awareness of the internal dynamic process of the stunted / challenging inner child states we often regress into without any awareness."

"This tied together teachings from Eckart Tolle and Thich Naht Hahn.  It is incredibly insightful.  The key is to practice it now."

"Robert sheds light and insight on a personal topic that is epidemic in our Western Culture.  A must hear message for those seeking emotional balance."

"Robert talks about the most fundamental issues in Western societies - issues that affect all of us and that need to be brought into the light & awareness of all of us."

"Highly recommended.  Looking forward to reading and studying Robert's books."

"I did not know that this information would be about where I actually was.  I dreaded the same old recovery until I heard about this 'inner child' fellow.  Now I know why I am who I am."

"Felt safe and at ease throughout the day, and was given more tools / information to assist me in parenting and learning about my inner child."

"The explaining of the topic with stories of personal experience made it very clear to me.  I recommend this workshop.  I personnally find explaining much more effective than reading.  So info became very thorough to myself."

"I found how active my inner critic still is & how it is sabotaging my life still.  I look forward into inquiring into my discovery of those self defeating messages.  Robert has given me insight into how to love the parts of self I hated so much."

"Robert offers a deeply intuitive voice that connects our understanding of our experiences with trauma, inner child, emotional honesty, and healing in a way that helps us claim our right to do our work with compassion & kindness.  His own honest expression of emotional honesty demonstrates for us that it is okay and safe to genuinely be who we are - in all of our pain and our beauty.  Thank you for your wisdom and beauty."

"Robert spoke from his heart and showed his emotions, it made me feel like he relates to his audience ad I relate to him.  Good work Robert - thank you."

"I really enjoyed Robert Burney's Intensive Training on inner child work.  I have been working with a therapist and group counseling.  He was very informative and enhanced the knowledge I already had been learning.  I thoroughly his honest heartfelt stories and they helped me relate to how the work works.  I had many revelations about my inner child and how I can reparent and stop the critical parent that has followed me my whole life.  I am anxious to obseve my triggers and put what I've learned into practice.  Thank you so much Robert.  You are a truly unforgetable person. So glad I said yes to attending."

"I found listening to Robert valuable because I could relate to his life experiences, and realize that I sell myself short many times, and knowledge is power.  The more I understand myself - the more I understand others and can grow into the person I have always wanted to be."

"Knowing and embracing our inner child helps us to navigate our way through life experiencing more joy and love - and be our best self.  Thank you for shedding more enlightenment on who's driving our bus."

"It is empowering to look at things from the perspective that change is possible, and to recognize that we are not at fault and are not alone."

"As a practicing member of AA and actively sponoring other men, the information / tools I learned here should be benificial in my service to sponsees."

"Robert is fantastic!  This is my second Intensive Training with him and I am very pleased with it.  He has a way of easily explaining things that is helpful and tools that can be used to have a less painful day-to-day life.  Thanks for all your help Robert!"

"Robert offers great insite to our inner child!  I have a better idea about my own inner process after attenting this workshop."

"I thought I was from the "perfect" family.  But couldn't figure out why I made poor relationship decisions.  In my search for more peaceful relationship with others I found Robert's website approximately 15 years ago.  I then started on my journey to a more peaceful / better / heatlhty relationship with myself and thus others.  I highly recomment this workshop!"

"I believe this workshop would be valuable to everyone.  Whether they have never been in a recovery program or have been in recovery for many years.  I was reminded in a conscise manner many core recovery principles as well as new applications of how to apply them.  I thoroughly enjoyed the session."

"I feel excited, hopeful, and peaceful.  I recommend Robert's workshop for anyone who is willing to grow and understand the effects of how we were raised on how we deal with life now.  So many aha moments!  I am excited to move forward with the journey of life."

"I feel like I'm with familiar souls and it feels safe.  I have new tools and determination and hope after today."

"I can't wait to utilize what I've learned today."

"The info you share is excellent,"

"I haven't enjoyed a workshop like this in a long time."

"This is very important work because it uncovers emotional and spiritual "blindspots" that have been continuously derailing us without us ever knowing about it."

"I appreciated the fact of recovery (A and D) being incorporated into the workshop.  I was not anticipating that and it really allows me to connect more easily.  The tools I now of that I had are strengthened while I have now new ways of perception to help my moving towards health and wholeness.  I see a few major aspects of my early life fundamentally different which will also translate to my 5 and 8 year old kids."

"I enjoy and understand hearing learning concepts via experience and non-clinical wording.  Information I received helped me understand that I don't have to have a "memory" or "story."  I can recall for my emotions / feelings to be associated with my inner child experiences.  Learning that the root of my behavior has / is a direct correlation to the core relationship I have with myself.  I feel hopeful and scared."

"Robert's story and experience can inspire you to look more deeply at your self and further heal the wounds that prevent you from feeling your innate freedom. "

"This workshop and information are key to anyone in recovery.  Not just for people recovering from substances but for all that are in recovery from the human condition."

"Robert has a unique way of describing a concept by relating a personal story or account of his experience that the listener can relate to.  The information was useful, informative, interesting."

"I thought the examples were great as they were personal and not out of a book (per se.)  I am hopeful, more determined to heal myself and move forward in my own life.  Optimism, Hope, reconnection with my self.  Reintegration of myself with an increase in hope and optimism."

"I liked the personal stories interjected to give examples of the inner child work.  I came thinking the main reason I was attending was to support my partner though I was reminded there is still work for me with my inner child."

"Wow!  A real look at why we are perfectly dysfunctional and practical tools to move forward in our lives with joy and choice.  Thank you Robert.  You have touched the hearts of many people and helped many people to continue the journey with a new song.  Carry on & whistle a tune!!  Some tears.  I was able to ask myself "what age am I?" and realized that my 5 year old needed to know that she can feel 'joy' whenever she wants - wow!  Thank you!!"

"Very easily understood!  It was an awakening!"

"Nice not to have a "power point" and an open free talk.  Am scared to do the work alone, pay attention to my feelings and my little girl, but know it will help a lot.  The way we react and feel has a source that we have to pay attention to in order to become "better mature" adult.  To remember it is all about me (us) not the other - take ownership."

"Robert's emotional genuiness & vulnerability as a present quickly drew me in.  I appreciated his candor.  Robert's admission of being in recovery made it easy for others in recovery to relate to him as a presenter and a human.  Another piece of the puzzle!  Really liked hearing about your work around chakras and mind/body/spirit connection."

"Recovery is hard but really worth it.  Discovered I don't have to be angry but realize where it is coming from - good to realize that.  Really liked personal experiences that help me remember more.  Stop taking things personal is a big thing."

"This has validated that I am on the right track, just need reminders.  The question "how old am I?" will be helpful.  Real life stories are very helpful in understanding."

"You spoke from the heart.  Your vulnerability and authenticity make your presentation very relevant.  Gave me lots of food for thought.  I can see that what I think or do is to do with me and not others.  You also reinforced numerous ideas I've heard & read from others."

"I like the examples Robert used from his life.  I like all the little sayings that have so much meaning."

"Robert, appears to me, to be inspired because he has done his work, learned, & is enjoying sharing what he has learned,  Thank you for walking the talk - very grateful.  Only trust a wounded healer."

"I found this was a valuable experience because it provided the opportunity to consider letting go of the illusion that worry will control the outcome of life's challenging situations.  I feel as though I am beginning to allow myself to decrease guilt and shame.  The information was presented in a manner that was relatable & created opportunity for further exploration."

"It has helped me to understand myself better & will help me to take steps in healing from life events.  So many key pieces of information shared to help each of us function as the most successful human beings as we can."

"This is my first workshop about healing the inner child.  Robert's stories / examples were very appropriate to aspects of the workshop.  The examples illuminated various aspects of the workshop and clarified certain points for me.  I feel like I have a few tools to begin helping to heal my inner child."

"I have done a lot of personal development work.  Robert's workshop opened my eyes to areas needing my attention - then taught me how to heal those emotional wounds."

"Thank you so much Robert - for your honesty, authenticity, courage, knowledge, & awareness.  Your journey & these teachings are such a gift to us all!  This was a very validating, clarifying, encouraging, educational experience - helpful!! to my process."

"Conceptually I understood the teachings but when in relationship I began to lose myself in the relationship and the disease of codependency.  Coming to Robert's workshop helped me realize that I need to have love and compassion for myself and not see things as failures but opportunities for growth and learning.  This workshop helped me to get back on track and towards recovery."

"Robert's style is approachable and on point.  He is a living example of recovery and rather than a "how to approach" he comes from personal experience in a way that is easily digested.   I feel very grateful for this opportunity.  I feel better - this workshop was very insightful.  Perfect timing for me."

"I feel that the workshop has helped with rebooting my recovery.  Allowing me to remember to know where I am coming from and to allow for self compassion.  It was very understandable coming from direct experience and wisdom from life experiences.  Easily understandable."

"For those grappling with the negative inner voice, caught in the tunnel of darkness and needing a way out, Robert can help light the way so you can get to the light at the end of the tunnel.  You just have to take one step at a time.  This Training is the first step.  The fundamental holding patterns, the formula for transmuting them, and recommendations to begin the healing work were very clear.  I took about 10 pages of notes."

"Robert's course addressed all the issues of how to become more fully yourself and provides tools for a more joyous and better life."

"Robert has a well-thought out, clear formula to address wounds from childhood that dictate our actions and relationship patterns. He is an insightful speaker and inspiring to hear his journey. I recommend the Trainging 100% and think it is something that anyone could benefit greatly from if they are interested in self-reflection and improving how they deal with pain and everyday interactions.   I'd love to attend a part 2 if it becomes available."

"This information applies universally.  Everyone can learn something if open to growth and evolution."

"I felt trepidation getting involved in any kind of codependency work because I was discourged with the Al-Anon program.  Robert Burney's work gave me a whole new and refreshing look at this kind of a recovery program.  I am holding it in a whole new light and encouraged to discover the benifits of reading Robert Burney's books and attending his workshops."

"Robert's program offers tremendous insight into the roadblocks that keep our lives from working and prevent us from experiencing the joy that we are meant to have in life.  Valuable tools - from positive affirmations, to releasing grief and anger, to quieting the critical parent.  Explanations were thorough and clear."

"Robert Burney's workshop is amazing! Friends, if you or someone you know can benefit from this workshop, I encourage you to attend."

"Robert is incredibly gifted, touches the soul.  Relates, connects, and empowers - Love, Self healing and just the most positive attitudes.  He is funny - articulate - shares how to real human emotions make a difference in our being and existence.  Thank you Robert.  Forever grateful!"

"Robert is very personable, knowledgeable, and puts the human into the lessons.  Honest, professional, a must see & hear.  A wealth of knowledge - inspiring & whole heartedly recommended - a must attend!  Thank you for your wisdom."

"I like the very personal way in which you present the material.  I found your program after reading your co-dependency book and really appreciated being able to ask questions.  It spoke to me.  I felt your talk was well organized."

"The tools learned in Robert's Training Day are necessary for anyone who wants to heal their inner child.  Robert has trod on this page for quite a long time and articulately shares the wisdom he has gained from it thus far.  I have new tools because of this workshop.  This is most helpful in the recovery process."

"The messages and points came across clearly.  You make a choice each and every moment of every day.  Choose to appreciate your life experience (good or bad.)  I received affirmation of the path of healing that I am on."

"Beginning my path towards recovery has been emotional and difficult for a number of reasons.  Robert's demeanor and holistic style of teaching allowed me to take down a lot of my barriers, letting me absorb the materials easily."

"Feeling much gratitude and Joy.  This workshop affirmed my own journey of healing - recover to discover ME!"

"I am a story telling based learner and the way you told stories to parallel the speaking points allowed me to understand the information more holistically."

"Robert Burney's workshop was transformational in understanding the cause and recovery from codependency.  He explains how our critical parent and internal boundaries need an observer self require monitoring and a managing.  I learned it is developing the relationship with "self" and our higher power that are the keys and without this workshop, I would have been thinking that my value in life was based on outer sources.  The healing begins within. Thank you very much!"

"I walked away from this workshop feeling as though I was granted a life-changing gift.  
The tools that were presented sparked a level of awareness and healing that I can only say were given out of complete compassion - and one's that I will instill throughout every area of my past, present, and future.  Thank you again."

"I found this enjoyable because I can finally not take life so seriously, that it is okay to be where I am and to be loving and kind to myself.  This will help me internally and will help my relationships as well."

"I feel better.  I am more aware and now I know what my ego is and how to be aware of it and control it.  I also now know how to lower expectations of others and accept them as who they are, to control my own thoughts and feelings."

"I've read many books and attended a lot of other workshops, for personal growth.  This is the first one that gave me specific instructions for dealing with the inner child wounds in an understandable outline.  H
ighly recommend this to anyone that wants to learn how to really love all parts of themselves."

"The flow of the presentation was perfect & relateable.  Very inspiring and easy to follow and comprehend.  I feel inspired, stronger, and enlightened!  Truly I feel like I was granted a special gift by attending today."

"I feel hopeful :) and excited to work on Self Love.  Material presented in a straightforward manner with lots of real life experiences.  Easy take home work and steps."

"This workshop was clear and well orgainized and understandable.  I have more tools now and I think I am more accepting of myself and that this is all a part of the journey I am on.  Now I better understand the some of the patterns that I have.  And that I am reacting out of fear.  It helpd give me a place to start as I work to love and accept myself and start to build healthy relationships with others."

"The Intensive provides a great outline for the path in recovery.  Eadch component of recovery is offered and its necessity on the journey.  The need to not buy into shame messages in all it's many forms is emphasized."

"It was really great to meet Robert and the other attendees - and to see how everyone has their own insights and wisdom."

"Robert Burney is a hidden gem who anyone can benefit greatly from.  His book & workshops are empowering, informative, and balancing.  His work is rare and not the like most work out there, as it encompasses some of the most vital information we need to learn and incorporate if we are going to heal ourselves & transform out of a life of suffering and into a life of Joy & Celebration.  Simply put, his work is life changing and priceless."

"Being in this workshop allowed me to get in touch with the reasons as to why my life has been unmangeable for years.  It has been a rewarding experience to attend Robert's inner child workshop."

"I feel more empowered & with more tools to continue my recovery process.  This Training has given me tools that I can use on my spiritual path."

"Key insight for me, I have spent most of my life trying to attain a spiritual personhood.  Now I can just focus on being human."

"I feel more connected and clear.  More inspired and motivated to keep keepin' on'.

"Being able to hear the stories in person from Robert and the other attendees is truly enlightening."

"This life changing workshop by the brilliant Robert who has followed his path, is genius."

"Robert Burney is one of the few teachers who helped me start my healing process.  His book (1st) change my life and I started looking at things from a different perspective overnight.  I will always remember Robert Burney as that special teacher who helped me heal and changed my life forever til the day I die.  Thank you Robert!"

"My recovery is life changing.  I use Robert's information and tools daily."

"This workshop has helped me to take care of my little girl.  It has been amazing to learn how I can own my power with respect."

"I appreciate Rob taking his personal experiences and sharing them as part of the teaching.  It makes it very personal and allowed me to relate to the inner child healing I am working on and the grief work that is necessary.  This workshop compliments the process that I am doing and I would absolutely recommend it."

"Robert is very insightful in bringing Truth to Light."

"Robert taught me some amazing things about healing my inner child that I had never even heard before - but it all makes so much sense.  I'm looking forward to the healing of my inner child and finding who I really am."

"I came away from Sunday's workshop with a sense of hope, self-compassion, and a list of concrete tools.  I found your presentation thorough, well-paced, with plenty of time to ponder and discuss questions.  Most importantly, I believe it was a very authentic delivery by someone who has walked the walk, which gave me great security and trust in both the material and my abilities to recognize and work with the co-dependency that has been my lens for decades. Thank you!"

"I heard a lot of very profound things during the workshop.  I am excited and overwhelmed about the process of inner child healing.  I feel there is great rewards to reap from recovery IF I do the work.  The stories and exampless were very helpful in relaying the information."

"You gently helped me life a layer of scar tissue and I'm not afraid of healing the wounds.  Thank you for your love today, which has offered hope."

"My world has changed.  The information from Robert has changed my life."

"Sometimes you go through life wondering why certain things happen to you when you try so hard to be a great person.  This workshop enlightened me to all of my suppressed feelings & fears that I could work on to change my perspective of life and be happy."

"For many years I have been seeking a better understanding of myself in hopes of changing some old patterns.  This training has given me an understanding of myself and "tools" to make the changes my heart desires.  Thank you!!"

"Robert speaks from his heart and real experience.  He understands and speaks with compassion to my soul!"

"This was very easily understood.  I have more hope and inner peace than I have ever felt!  I feel I have a more realistic view of the work I've done and the changes I have made as well as still need to make!"

"Many of the things that were presented are concepts that were introduced in depression recovery classes, but only briefly.  I like that the information was more detailed and explained thoroughly."

"I have been to Robert's Intensive multiple times.  The work I have learned to do from Robert has helped me to live a better person.  My box has become bigger and more spiritual.  It is amazing as I find more Joy in my life."

"I am more aware of things I never thought of.  It made me think and feel."

"After going to the Intensive I have a better understanding of what I read of his work - a better understanding of the process.  Thoroughly enjoyed the group and the process."

"Robert's gift of communication & understanding codependents is most profound & his gift needs to be spread around the world."

"I have learned to trust my self - thoughts - intuition - ideas."

"My recovery has been so amazing since I have been doing this work Robert teaches.  There are steps to follow so it makes it easy to follow."

"Robert's ability to draw on his own experience as he relates his material is invaluable.  It is refreshing to find someone who can use what they did and how it helped as a tool for offering guidance and direction to others seeking spiritual growth.  It was well presented and easily understood."

"I was able to understand easily.  I now have a deeper understanding of what I need to do to really heal myself more completely."

"I have been in AA recovery for 18 years.  I had been termed a codependent for years.  Robert's workshop and books give me the missing link & identification.  I needed to understand how to start recovering from this life long condition - codependence.  By emphasizing the mental - emotional - Spiritual conditions of being human - touched recovery mental, emotional and spiritual perfectly.  I appreciate his expertise on this condition and is passion & compassion.  I will share his work with others and my therapist.   I know how to apply his concepts in my own life & recovery.  Thank you!!"

"Thanks for today's workshop, Robert. You are a gifted author and speaker.  Thanks for sharing your story.  Your observation of the ever-expanding 'self-help / new age' section of the bookstore is right on...and there seems to be a lot of misinformation."

"Today opened my mind to inner child healing.  Small, safe, group environment.  Timed well.  Good knowledge of codependence."

"This program's approach is easy to understand and implement."

"I highly recommend attending Robert's Intensive Training.  He's "walked the walk," and generously shares so many of his personal experiences to enhance his teaching.  What he says and teaches will really resonate with anyone wanting to heal any inner child issues or wounds from childhood.  Our parents did the best with what they had, but we need to nurture ourselves and work to progress in our own recovery."

"I found it very helpful on my path."


"Robert made realize that I need to set boundaries with my inner child.  He also, the first person in my life, who has told me that I have the right ot be angry at my parents."

"Robert has acute insight into what it means to be human, into the pain, hurt, fear, shame, and anger we all carry.  This is only gained through profound personal awareness accompanied be deep transcendant healing.  He is able to share his insights thoughtfully and eloquently and the the transmissions are essential to our growth as spiritual humans, healing, loving, joyfull, and present to the world, each other, and ourselves.  The profound emotional connection and healing work Robert teaches is mandatory for all humans shifting into our new age of consciousness, love, and connectedness."

"Information was presented in simple terms and he cited personal experiences.  The seminar was wonderful."

"Thank you for the Insightfull and Intuitive Wisdom that you share, it was Exactly what I Needed and Expected."

"Growth, Growth - Life changing!"

"I will be recommending this to a number of friends.  Very helpful to many of the things in my life I am working on today and supports what I have been working on for quite some time."

"A good overiew of what codependence is & how it is a life long process. Has given me more tools to work with."

"Robert really gets to the bottom line, boils it all down into a way we can internalize it.  Thank you so much!   This was exactly what I needed.  Talk about the Universe knows what you need."

"Robert's training program is enlightening and healing, reasuring us or our inherent worth and giving us th tools to give ourselves what we need.  It was a well developed workshop, excellent order of information, and easily understood."

"This helps me to define what I do for others / what I do for myself.  My selfish motives need to be acknowledged."

"It was really helpful to meet with others who had similar issues, some of whom related how much their life had improved after attending class and doing the recovery work."

"I came to this training without any expectations and was thoroughly impressed.  Thank you.  There was a lot of great info presented."

"Being good to your self is the foundation of recovery.  Be good to your self and spend a day with Robert."

"More focus needs to be made on each of us healing our inner child / self.  Robert provides the tools in his Intensive Training in a very understandable and honest format.  This experience helped me to affirm with myself that I am on the right path to my recovery and that I am not being selfish in focusing on healing myself."

"Workshop brought up many ideas I was not aware of.  What appeared to be an intriguing concept at first turned into a much more complex process.  Very interesting ideas and thoughts on topics you don't hear about in other places."

"Each time I come I've grown more so each workshop I have a new platform to grow on - my life continues to change into one of more peacefulness." (Person who was attending her 6th workshop.)

"I got a lot of new thoughts and ideas which will help me to recover.  Robert made me aware about my inner child and to accept it which allows me to grow as a person and accept my emotions."

"Robert Burney has brought together in one format what I've journied through many healers & workshops with our root causes - our inner child.  Every time I attend this Intensive I get a new perspective on some aspect of this process.  My recovery has blossomed in the last year that I have been applying Robert's work in my life."

"Very insightful information that provides "working tools" for the individual.  This will help accelerate the process - better, faster, more.  I would definitely recommend this Training."

"Robert is a living testimony of a successful recovery and a vibrant being despite a history of co-dependency.  He speaks and teaches from his heart - communicating directly with our hearts and souls, inspiring them to be vulnerable and strong at the same time."

"Robert is a wise soul and able to clearly teach about this work, healing, and recovery.  He reminds me of the Buddhist saying "The Lotus grows most beautiful from the deepest and thickest mud.""

"I will recommend this training to everyone I know."

"I shook my head in identification all day - I might have a neck ache tonight.  I understood every word, I connected with the message, Robert's message in it's entirity.

"Today at Robert Burney's Intensive Seminar I got validation for some life long beliefs and values.  His message gave me new hope of light, change, joy, beauty and acceptance.  He answered most of my souls questions.  I shall sleep good tonight.  Thank you Robert from my soul - which is light years healthier today because of your gift!"

"The family dynamics portion helped me understand it wasn't my fault - and also that I need to learn to love myself first before I can love another."

"I got insight and tools to assist in my recovery process."

"Today was my first workshop, after today I want to continue the recovery process and dig deeper, especially in the emotional recovery."

"This is the most helpful program I have done in my recovery."

"The Day Long Intensive put words to feelings I have had that I think will assist me in moving forward with my recovery.  Putting a voice to those feelings helps bring them out of hiding and closer to the surface."

"This was easy to understand.  It reinforces all the things I need to be focusing on.  I feel I am back on track - it helped me to remember my goals and put the focus back on me."

"The best part was about the observer and how being the detective is so important in our lives & the new & better ways to help us respond rather than react."

"This was a great experience!  I gained so much insight and I am looking forward to incorporating this new knowledge into my recovery process."

"This workshop is a great opportunity to go deeper in understanding the process of healing codependency."

"This workshop was helpful, I liked it."

"If you have any desire to heal your inner child this is an awesome start.  1 Lighten up.  2.  Progress not perfection.  3. This too shall pass."

"After reading Robert's Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls, I was compelled to look at his website.  I was thrilled to see an intensive workshop coming up in a week.  I almost never take advantage of seminars & workshops because I simply can't afford to.  Something about the clarity of purpose, the wisdom of having lived the harshness and pain of living and the road of recovery, combined with the spirituality necessary to put these experiences in a higher more meaningful light was invaluable.  Robert is deeply inspiring.  I look forward to putting the tools to work."

"I feel less anxious about saving the world.  There is a Higher Force (god) in charge.  Understanding life better is a healing.  Experiencing more trust and peace in life is worth a lot."

"Robert is a man who walks the walk.  He's been through the challenges of life & has become masterful.  He is incredibly knowledgeable of so many topics yet humble & approachable.  This combo makes for a dynamic experience as a teacher.  It was well worth every penny & the 3 hour drive.  I'm truly grateful my higher power & guidance had me here."

"Open & inviting environment for self exploration & discovery.  Robert is a person willing to express & risk in a time where it is not cool to express or feel as a man."

"I have 21 years of sobriety from alcohol.  I through those years have learned about CoDA and ACA.  I went to 8 years of therapy to find out why I did the things I did.  Robert touched one every singled issue that I dealt with.  I have been complacent in my emotional sobriety for the past 3 years.  Today was an aha moment.  I don't feel like I'm dammed up any longer - I have tools to go forward now.  I will continue to grow, whatever it takes.  I don't want to die of self.  Recovery will always be a way of my life going forward with no regrets.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!"

"This opened some doors for me.  The inner child are after lunch was awesome!"

"He explained it at my level - he has walked the walk and talked the talk.  A new door has been opened and I can now go forward.  He covered everything that I needed to hear."

"Great presentation, I'm glad to have attended. Realizing that my wounds are my choice to hold on to, is a window/door to possibly healing my soul."

"Thank you Robert for this enriching fun seminar.  I feel better than when I came in and feel more equipped to live my life and enjoy my journey."

"This training day helped open a door into how and why I act the way I do and gives me a path to follow as I work on integrating my various selves into a whole."

"It really resonated with me.  I am a bit overwhelmed at the work to do - but having a process to fall back on helps.  Lots of examples and explanations which helped illustrate points and ideas.  Very understandable."

"Robert does a wonderful job of integrating codependency teachings with spiritual guidance.  It is an uplifting and educational experience that resonated deeply with me."

"If you want to know the beginning start up process to face your childhood wounds, Robert Burney's stories and personal experiences provides the understanding that encourages the actually processing steps that leads to one true healing within.  Thank you for your insights for they are helping me own mine."

"I am finally able to identify with my inner child and I am understanding that some of the feelings and emotions I have experienced are from my unresolved issues with that inner child.  Thank you Robert for being clear, concise, and open in your explanations and descriptions enabling me to fully understand the struggles that have hounded me in my life.  Thank you so much!"

"Your points were right on.  You helped me laugh again from your shared humor and stories.  You confirmed that the tools I presently am applying today will help me to succeed."

"Robert, you opened my eyes to so many new ways to see the world with all it's dysfunction & not let it ruin my day.  You help me not take myself so serious & to give myself a break.  I wish more people would adopt your philosophy."

"This workshop is a must for anyone seeking a happier, more satisfying and fulfilling life."

"This has helped me understand so much about my co-dependence and what I need to do to start the healing process."

"Robert consolidated a fully packed day with a great combination of 12 step, CoDA, imago, and happiness.  In addition he was ready with answers to interesting & deep questions.  Good job Robert."

"After spending 7 years doing inner child individual therapy, I feel that Robert covers the entire process in his workshop and books.  His style of presentation is easy to understand and to integrate.  I am grateful for his contribution to us all with his approach to this material."

"I came here to learn more about myself.  I don't have an addiction, however I learned a lot that I can apply in my life."

"This was clear and easy to understand.  Great tools to apply - can totally transform someone's life."

"This day has led to a great understanding of where I have come from, focus on what is in front of me, and less energy about where I am going - which in reality I don't have control over.  It was straight forward and the personal anecdotes were very helpful.  I have a greater understanding of how I got here and of how to move forward with my life without focusing on the destination."

"The information that is given and what I learned today I could not have retained without being here.  The energy that comes from the speaker Robert is Honest, True w/ no bullshit.  I've read books over and over and I'd get so pissed thinking I know they all found freedom and me living AMAZING lives - but how do I get there . . .  Robert delivers messages like A Bridge we need to be cross to our next awareness.  He makes it clear and insightful while sharing personal story.  That bridge of knowledge that he delivers is what is missing in every other healing, training, book I've read.  His message let me cross over finally into understanding the How now to be free."

"During the training, I transported myself to my childhood and could see and feel how I was wounded.  Now I know why I have always had relationship problems and why I feel like a wallflower at times.  This training has really opened my mind and I'm able to understand myself and my reactions to certain triggers.  Awesome job Robert!"

"I feel enthusiastic and hopeful after attending this workshop.  It was very clear and to the point."

"Valuable insights - I came away with key paradigms to reframe my inner relationship with self and others.  I will feel free to look anew at intimacy and will value my healing and self worth more consciously as being unmovable by others."

"After blaming myself for so long for not being "fixed", I can finally accept I am exactly where I am supposed to be in my journey thorugh recovery."

"I am so glad that I listened to my intuition and took action to clear this day.  I've been awaiting it like a child at Christmas.  It left me feeling incredibly hopeful and empowered.  I can't wait to start this work - long overdue.  Thank you endlessly for the gift you share with so many Robert.  Thanks also for helping me to see the value of releasing fears and emotion for my first time ever."

"Very well presented, clear, concise, and good examples."

"It was absolutely easily understood.  So clear and spot on!  Just the right mix of theory and anecdotes.  Poignant.  I feel great hope (the last thing out of Pandora's Box.)  I realize I have a lot of work ahead but it doesn't have to be excruciating.  It is high time I start.  This covered so much of the really important nitty gritty.  I loved that no time was wasted.  It was all valuable and left me fulfilled - no gaps!

"I would absolutely recommend this training to others!  It was easily understood and provided practical day to day experiences to create an avenue for recovery and healing.  I  know I am not alone and am encouraged to continue moving forward and working on myself."

"I have researched and been through a short but eventful self - journey to self at this point in my life.  I've been working on the spiritual self, inner child, intellectual learning.  The information that I received today has been exactly what was hindering me through my journey.  I feel this information is pure genious!!  There are all the same kinds, styles, and ways of reacing a specific part of the self and healing, but what was shared today, what I learned, has opened all the doors to what was closed when I walked in this morning.  I feel that what I learned today was everything I needed to hear.  The perfect gift!  I wish everyone I love would attend this seminar."

"Everything that was spoken was in order of importance and easily understood.  The examples that were given made the concepts easier to grasp.  I feel more hopeful that I can have a better life and enjoy life and love myself and love my inner child."

"It was very much easily understood.  I feel hopeful now, that recovery is possible.  It was good to learn that you don't actually have to remember what wounded your inner child to be able to heal it."

"I came to the intensive by way of a painful breakup.  I learned that no one is to blame; that we are wounded souls reacting to old emotions.  It gives me hope that doing inner child work will help me make conscious choices in the future.  The intensive has helped me see I am capable of taking good care of myself."

"Robert you have brought what seemed complicated down to easy.  Doing your work since I signed up for this Intensive has helped me be much more at ease in my body."

"This was a good day to see where my past programming has worked to result in why I have been repeating certain dysfunctional behaviors in my relationship.  I feel more enlightened about causes and hopeful for recovery.  The day has left me inspired to take more loving actions in my life, for me and those I love.

"The information was very well presented and easy to follow.  It built upon the process of recovery.  It was very helpful - I have a better perspective on what recovery may look like for me."

"This workshop really gave me permission to be gentle with my child."

"I think that everything I've done in recovery has brought me to the point of willingness to do this work and take care of myself.  I feel good about that."

"I found Robert's Intensive Training valuable, in that he was able to put into words & explain clearly the concept of codependency.  I could relate to, & was better able to pinpoint my feelings, reactions, etc.  Also although this is a spiritual journey, Robert doesn't push that or the AA stuff.  He keeps it real and human - comfortable.  Also, Robert U his wife (Susan was there to film and record this Intensive) have a great sense of sharing - their stories are real life & eye-opening.  And I appreciated the humor."

"This workshop was laid out clearly and Robert gave examples that were easy to relate to.  I feel better - and better able to communicate in my relationship - after this experience."

"I feel that this is a good starting point for me personally.  It was a huge step for me to muster up the courage to be here.  Very helpful information."

"I found the part about comparing your self w/others very important.  I find myself comparing my life w/others & this training helped me understand how unhealthy that is.  I think this training will help me be more positive and honest w/ myself and my needs."

"A lot of good information.  Very wise and heartfelt.  He's been there - he's authentic!"

"A lot of information to absorb, but Robert did a good job of keeping me focused & on track.  The outline was helpful."

"Loved the way you personalize it.  Love the transparency!  I appreciate your delivery!  I appreciate you!!  There is hope!  Relieved that I am not alone in my thinking like I thought!  Seeing there is hope for recovery!  Would definitely recommend this to others!"

"Robert is able to summarize in one day what took me years to learn plus he added additional insights from all disciplines, spiritual, scientific, addictions, to my knowledge.
 He explains things very well and clearly.

"It was a wonderful presentation!  I liked how the 12 steps are implemented with the tools - I believe they are powerful and will help me on my recovery & spiritual path."

"I feel more empowered to continue on my journey and a new willingness to let go.  I have been to 33 hours of group therapy in the last 3 weeks and I learned more about myself and how to heal that I did in all those sessions.  This is a complete perspective.  Thank you."

"The information was very thought provoking. I feel at peace with my healing process.  Able to smile on this journey."  

"Robert helped me realize that I am not an alien - having a uniquely torturous experience.  It's okay not to be perfect!  It's ok to hurt - but move through it!  What glorious freedom awaits on the other side of the pain!!  And no reason to be afraid as Robert will be with you as you are on that dark path."

"I can finally start to love my inner child by using the tools I learned today.  What a wonderful training & I look forward to starting this inner child healing process through this presentation."

"Insightful, genuine, and to the point."

"Very good information and much knowledge that I hope to put in action."

"Very inspired.  A very good place to start.  Solid Foundation."

"Robert teaches in a way that gently opens up paths of thinking long shut down.  Energy starts moving and healing starts happening at a very basic level.  He loosens everything up for more healing to occur."

"This training has helped me to understand myself at a much deeper level.  I can't wait to implement my new learnings in my life."

"I would recommend this training to anyone who is looking for the tools to find their inner peace."

"I found the Training to be clear & concise & applicable to what is needed." 

"I would recommend this highly for anyone on a journey of discovery & willing to go thru the pain / grief to access Joy of recovery.  Mr. Burney puts his own story out clearly & helps to focus on the pertenent issues around spirituality."

"It is one thing to have information, its another to have instruction as to how to apply it. Robert gave that instruction."

"This was a defnite help. It gave me more tools to use towards recovery."

"This workshop was awesome!  it has open my eyes and helped me change patterns of co dependency i had no idea were running my life! i highly recommend this workshop."

"The training was very educational and made so much sense  and I get to change behavior rather than stay in the problem.  I see that my behavior is not isolated to me."

"I could totally relate to all the things that were mentioned.  I couldn't deal with what happened to me as a child.  This is why I acted out or did drugs to change the way I lived.   Everything I was taught as a child was and is not true.  But I relied on the things I was taught."

"I really feel that I will look back at today and know it was part of my spiritual plan in this life journey and know it was another step to living life not living for destination.   Thank you for your inspiration!"

"Doing this work has opened up my heart and head to emotional and spiritual growth.  I was brought to a new plateau on this journey of recovery."

"Although I am not in recovery, I found this workshop exceptional, so that I could help others and I was able to understand the cause of my own anxiety and fears which I became aware of being the critical parent voice.  Great workshop - Very eye opening!  Thank you."

"I found this training to be so helpful!  After reading the book, this just reinforced everything that I learned.  I know I am on the right path now and I am so thankful."

"Robert Burney did an excellent job of conveying the information and did so in a professional, concise, and helpful manner - and from personal experience."

"It was a good format, easy to follow and hit me in a lot of different areas.  I am glad to have more tools to continue on this journey and I am confident after today, that I can apply it in my life."

"Robert stayed on topic and engaged me throughout his workshop.  I feel clearer about certain issues & healing tools I can apply to my own life."

"This seminar is a very valuable experience.   In one way or another everyone has inner child issues that effect our relationships with people.  The seminar allows us to come to terms with inner child so we can heal.  It allows us to be more aware of our issues and change our beliefs.  It is very powerful."

"Robert's training was down-to-earth & easy to hear; a lot of this work can get heavy but Robert breaks it down so I felt that my issues are manageable & I don't have to take it all so personally, & enjoy life while healing!!"

"This was a well-packaged and presented explanation of "co dependence" with practical tools on how to heal myself.  Many mysteries were explained."

"The training day has really helped me learn more about the critical parent voice and what to do about it."

"This is my third time attending this workshop - I learn something new every time I take it.  This time I learned a lot about boundaries and how to set them."

"After attending this workshop I feel more forgiving of my self and more comfortable that I am on a path."

"This workshop was very enlightening.  I learned so much information about myself and codependency."

"This was easily understood.  It followed a logical path, education with experiences and insights we can relate to, progressing to deeper insights & new thoughts.  Many of these I had no previous awareness.  Thank you."

"I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop.  This workshop provided me with the necessary tools to change my mind and change my life."

"Robert's approach to spirituality and personal growth is innovative and powerful.  I cannot think of a single person that would not reap significant benefits from the book and seminar.  I bought 10 books to give to friends and family."

"If I were to try & learn a new skill, it is much more effective to have a qualified instructor.  Robert Burney is the ultimate educator, instructor & coach.  Heart felt thanks."

"I found this training day to be an excellent tool.  It made it clear as to what I need to start the process of recovery.  I have had a very difficult relationship with my daughter.  I hope to use today's lessons to eventually heal the relationship."

"I found this valuable to me to be able to stay conscious & focused in the present.  To be able to let go of what we have no control over.  To also be able to learn to love your inner-being.  Thank you for sharing your story so that I may move forward on my journey."

"I found this training day to be helpful for the shared experience with other people also participating.  There were a number of key things I needed to hear to understand and be clearer in my recovery."

"By attending this workshop I have a clear road map to move forward."

"This workshop was a continuation of my inner work already in progress with a few added reminders, insights, small boosts, added nuance worth it's weight in gold."

"I feel that I have been given tools to learn how to be able to communicate from a more loving place.  To look at the woundedness, so you can heal oneself."

"Robert communicated to us through many of his personal experiences that transformational process of his own recovery.  It was intensely revealing of the process of moving through the shame, grief, pain, & courage that comes when one is willing to start doing the healing process."

"My gratitude and Love go to you for the amazing lessons of patience, love, light, peace, & wisdom I have learned from you.  I would recommend Robert's book & workshop to anyone who may feel "a bit unbalanced" in your life."

"I learned so much about why I react the way I do & helpful information about how to "head off" or defuse powerful emotional "downs."  I also gained an understanding of other people's process & how to forgive my self & others on our parallels journeys.  Thank you!"

"Today has brought clarity about actually healing."

"Robert takes his experience, insight, and wisdom and helps people make sense of a world, the human condition, that appears not to make sense.  His passion and committment to teaching and helping others transform shines through."

"Thank you Robert for sharing your wisdom and experience with me.'

"You do a great job of comunicating casually & personally.  You are so passionate and courageous about sharing yourself and your experience.  Thank You!!!

"Robert was interesting & dynamic & passionate in the presentation.  I felt some cognitive shifts in some of my thinking.  A lot of enlightenment after he answered my co-dependency questions - am excited to start working on my self."

"Being part of this work makes me honor my inner child in so many ways.  I am glad to learn new skills to connect with myself on a new level."

"I finally understand what has been going on for 35 years and now I can move forward.  Thank you Robert, this is the answer to many prayers.  You are amazing."

"Robert creates a very comfortable healthy environment to continue my self awareness process.  His method of mentoring resonated with the healing needs I'm looking for.  I already have attended two workshops and hopefully continue on my wonderful journey."  (Someone who came from New York for the second time.)

"As a recovering co-dependent, I was able to see some of those sensitive blind spots I still need to work on and change my cognitive thinking.  He presented the information in a safe, interesting way in a beautiful setting.  Thanks Robert!"

"This is an energizing day to help me on my way to the emotional work that needs to be done.  It was presented in just the right way for my recovery process at this point in time."

"Your intensive was life changing for me. I can't say enough. I had the most beautiful conversation with my boyfriend, who gratefully is devoted to his own recovery. I felt so clear. I could totally see what was going on with me and with him and the dance we were doing in a way that was so pure and neutral and accountable. I shared it in a way he could see it too He loved the conversation and is very interested in your work. It brought us much closer in a really truthful and integrous way. I am so grateful.

You have such gifts in your insights. You are taking already evolved concepts to the next level entirely and have bridged it all into the human experience in its totality. I totally see it, get it, experience it. . . . Your class is really like a master class in recovery. It defined for me what recovery really means - recovering the lost wounded child and the bright spiritual self - which it seems are all wrapped up together - or like you say one is the gateway to the other.  It is true as I allow myself to feel the pain of the wounded child, my intuition has opened up in amazing ways and I have far more access to truth. It's beautiful.  Thank you again for the humble and sincere way in which you share the truth as you see it. It lives for me." (This is from an e-mail received the evening after the July 18th Intensive.)

"Robert Burney explains the dynamics of our wounded inner children with great lucidity and playful humor.  Very practical self-knowledge!"

"I learned that learning to face my fears doesn't have to be scary but if it is - BFD!!!"

"A tremendous amount of valuable information shared from a personal as well as academic experience.  A must jump start for healing the inner child and dealing with codependency."

"I feel you delivered what I was looking for - bridged the essential gaps between what I know Spiritually and how I feel emotionally.

"Brilliant.  Liberating.  So profound it is sometimes hilarous!  I feel you completely get the dynamics of the human experience and the truth you teach can set people free."

"It gave me a road map and a structure to do some of the work I need want to do."

"I think there was a lot there for people of differing levels and it was presented well."

"This workshop finally convinced me that the only place to look is inside of me."

"The one day intensive training session introduced me to my inner child where my real recovery needs to take place."

"I would say the tools are easy to follow & quite effective results.  The work however is hard and takes time - but I think I now have a few more useful tools."

"Robert brings a great deal of experience with both 12 step recovery and codependency to his teaching of inner child recovery which results in a deeper understanding of my own human journey."

"I liked the fact that you stated the steps - easy to write down/follow."

"Thanks so much, Robert. I really got alot out of the intensive and was writing like crazy on the plane about a couple of things that hit me right between the eyes. It was well worth the trip (the ocean wasn't too shabby either!). You have a gift." (This was message in e-mail two days later from someone who came from upstate New York.)

"I felt the love and spiritual connection potential I can grow into by doing the recovery work.  I felt the love and compassion I can have for myself and my inner child.  I felt the connection with God potential, of letting his Love come into me and letting His Love in.

"You are the bravest guy I know.  Bless you Robert my friend." (This person is from Arizona and was attending his 4th Intensive.)

"Robert is so generous in sharing his experiences and his feelings - he is truly courageous and an inspiration to continue the work of recovery."

"You made it clear that we are "okay" and we can live a full and happy life - the proces of healing is painful but rewarding.  Thank you Robert for teaching us and giving us the tools to begin our healthy journey."

"I didn't know I needed to be kinder and gentler with myself to heal.  The action tools are loving and useful in moving forward.

"This will definitely help me to move along my path.  Recovery is attainable to me."

"This workshop immediatly showed me some of the reasons my current relationship was in trouble, and how we both are wounded in similar ways but react differently.  I am so excited to try some new ways of reacting to situations and learning more about myself so I can be enjoying life more."

"It's hard to heal without knowing the inner dynamics - awareness needs signposts as reference points in order to move through stuck energy.  Robert gives us those signposts and more.  I highly recommend this workshop if you have trouble being your self."

"I came here so hurt and wounded, but I now have new tools to help myself.  I've learned that I am OK.  I feel much better.  It was very helpful."

"For many years I've been studying personal growth and inner child work.  This seminar answers questions I knew I had and didn't know how to ask. I would absolutely recommend it to others."

"The information was very well organized to "sock it to me" so I knew I was in the right seminar.  I am excited about applying the steps to my life to see the changes that will occur in my relationships and the new emotions I will get to have and feel."

"Robert, it was a very worthwhile day for me.  The day was quite helpful i believe .. certainly opened my eyes to many things. I will provide more thorough feedback tomorrow. I did want you to know i was thankful for the day and the opportunity to spend it with you and the others. thank you."

"This was a clear, nurturing, validating, and informative workshop.  It presented proof that you can't just forget the past and move on but you can heal the past and move on."

"I was given tremendous insights and tools to work on myself & relationships.  I appreciated how we were able to ask questions & get confirmation and definitions along the way.  I feel hopefull that I'll change and improve for the better to live a more fulfilling and spiritual life."

"I found the breakdown of inner child, critical parent, ego and observer to be very helpful."

"Your training day made me realize I'm on the right path in recovery and gave me new tools to use to "build" joy in my life.  You are a shinging star!"

"When you feel you have had it and want to flee or freeze, come and experience the true cause and effect.  More importantly learn how to change and improve your life immeasurably."

"This workshop has validated my core spiritual & recovery beliefs - more importantly, I feel that my work as a therapist has been enhanced."

"I didn't think I needed to keep saying affirmations but now I intend to do that again.  This tied together the alcoholic dysfunction and enabled me to see why I have difficulty making decisions and why I get "enmeshed" so easily."

"This was absolutely informative!  I appreciate Robert sharing personal experiences & "snapshot" moments.  I can relate those things to my own journey."

"I feel like I have more work to do contrinuing to heal & learn (no surprise there!)  I feel I have new tools to use & new freinds to work with now."

"I feel energized.  I feel more prepared / comfortable in moving forward in my recovery & eager to put to use."

"This gave me hope to know I don't have to live with the sadness and hurt forever.  I can relish in knowing I am growing and learning and being here gets me one step further in he growing-up and respecting myself, my feelings, and my intuition."

"It was an excellent - woven in a fabric of Truth, experience, and realistic solutions."

"I am increasingly aware of my inner child and her effect on me now.  I know I need to peel an (or more) onion layer and this is helping to kick start that process."

"Thanks, Robert for the great one day intensive training! Your practical and honest approach to inner healing was fantastic!"

"I feel like I have a much better idea of how to go about working on self love.  I would definitely recommend it.  Robert "feels" very real."

"I am excited.  This was easily understood, up front, clear, & from the heart."

"It was very clear, organized, and easy to follow.  I feel like I am well on my way towards starting to recover and am thankful I got to experience it at such a young age." (This person was 20 years old.  Her mother attended an Intensive several months ago and was planning on coming again to this one when her daughter unexpectedly expressed some interest.  She thought it would be a problem if they came together so allowed her daughter to come alone.  This is what she wrote in an e-mail to me 2 days later: "thank you so much for sharing your message with my daughter, Robert. She took 20 pages (full!) of notes. She really liked some of the buzz words, and I think it will be so helpful to her as it continues to sink in. For something that an extremely co-dependent mother (who's made her share of mistakes raising 2 girls) suggested to a very stubborn and often resentful (but so very lovable!) daughter, I was a bit apprehensive as to whether she would accept any of it -- much less admit to me that she did. She did both, and I am so grateful to you! She said you are REALLY smart . . .")

"Robert Burney's book "The Dance of Wounded Souls" and his accompanying workshop are life-changing!  I would recommend it to anyone & everyone dealing with the issues of co-dependency."

"This experience is so valuable in that you don't feel are so alone.  You have the knowledge to move forward.  It's your story - enjoy it."

"I found this to be a very interesting and thought provoking day.  I look forward to reading the book in order to get a deeper understanding of the topics discussed.  I would definitely recommend it."

"I found this to be an extremely powerful and uplifting experience that left me with feelings of self-love, self-power, and knowing that that I will reach goals of releasing pain, fear, etc. & being full of love, foregiveness, gratitude.  Thank you Robert for teaching us how to love by sharing your experiencs and knowledge with us and all others on this planet earth."

"Thank you Robert, It was a truly wonderful, spiritual, experience for me."

"Robert is a very compassoinate, intuitive, and intelligent soul who shares his insights to you in such a clear, fun, and poignant way that your life will be forever changed."

"Robert has made this experience of seeking emotional connectedness with the cause and effect more understandable so that I am now willing to go forward and do my child within work.  I've been wanting to do that but was afraid to even get started."

"This is an integrated approach to inner child work made simple and easy.  It was clear, organized, articulate - personal experience and stories were helpful and just right to help me make emotional connections."

"You were such a terrific charismatic speaker who was clear, informative, and compassionate."

"The experience of this one day workshop opened to my inner child & how to better take care of myself in life."

"I could relate very well to the issues that were discussed especially about anger.  The seminar provides the tools to break free from childhood wounds."

"I have gained profound insight into my addiction today."

"I have already begun to talk to my inner child and ask her for her help and cooperation.  What Robert shared has encouraged me to do more of it.  You have re-affirmed that I'm on the right path.  I have a new surge of hopefullness."

"Enlightening experience - I think it will help me get in touch with my feelings / emotions which I have denied for years."

"Robert's experiences and his journey to recovery are extremely insightful and provided me with suggestions on how to become less codependent & heal my own inner wounds."

"With insights into his life, the concepts of self love & self respect & growth & recovery took a personal & real form.  A very human and touching experience."

"The Intensive was from the heart & very clear.  Much of this I've read on your site, but learning from your experiences is helpful.

"Robert was wonderful.  Clear, open hearted sharing by someone who practices the principles he teaches."

"Easy to understand.  Easy to relate to.  Your personal examples made the material real and come to life. I feel excited about my recovery now.  I have new information to take me to the next step in my recovery."

"I feel that Robert explained everything wonderfully and it was clearly outlined and understood.  He touched on a lot and made recovery seem attainable and easily accomplished.  I love how real he is and truthful."

"This was the most helpful information I have ever received to make positive changes in my life & relationships.  Robert is a gifted teacher."

"Excellent information with personal stories interspersed.  I feel much encouraged and affirmed."

"Having the ability in this workshop to ask questions and elaborate and collaborate on the shared fears and experiences of the participants was incredibly valuable."

"The personal experiences helped to clarify the concepts and encouraged me to see how they would help me.  I feel I gained concrete tools I can use to overcome the issues I struggle with."

"Attending this training and learning about inner child will be a good guide in parenting and getting in touch with the unidentified pain experienced in childhood & learn thru application not to do the same thing in raising our own kids."

"Robert saved my life with this work years ago. (early 90s) Today has reminded me of a joyful life I can have now."

"I found Robert's Training Day to be very healing.  There is a critical parent voice in all of us that is making it hard for us to be real.  I found it helpful when he taught me to be compassionate and loving to my inner child.  Everything he is teaching makes sense and is important knowledge in raising my own children."

"Robert's honesty is refreshing.  Hearing his story is so life-affirming to know how coda he was & that he recovered a large part of himself.  Good info - tools - to use in daily life."

"The message that Robert has and his way of presenting it is just awesome.  The information is offered in a way that I will be able to begin integrating into my life immediately, so I can start healing and find Joy, happiness, and peace that I have been longing for.  Thank you Robert."

"This day has been transformational for me - it made me want to further my personal work.  Robert presents his material in a straight forward way - it simplifies the complicated."

"This training day has been invaluable to me.  I was overwhelmed initially as I began to learn about codependency, afraid of what I might find out about myself, but Robert spoke in a language I could understand and relate to.  I'm eager to begin my process of recovery - and am not in denial.  I know it will be painful, but the joy I know I'll feel will be worth all that I have been though and will go through.  I have more tools to guide me in the process of recovery, and I have more hope now than I did before."

"I never knew that this monster inside my head was just my critical parent voice.  Now that I know what it is, and it's not part of my true self, it won't have so much power over me.  I think the information presented in this workshop is critical to change my life in a positive way."

"The Intensive was far more than I expected and I expected it to be really helpful.  Robert is in one word: real!  He is compassionate, genuine and has walked his talk.  I could not have gotten to where I am without his book and my day at the Intensive.  It will change your life - It changed mine."

I received a long testimonial from someone who attended the April 5th Intensive in an e-mail on Wednesday April 9th - and since it was quite long created a page for it by itself because it fit in perfectly with the announcement I was making in my April 2008 Update Newsletter about offering my Intensive on a cruise of the Caribbean in December 2008.  Since that time I have received some more testimonials sent by people after the workshop - and have added those to the page also.  Click on this link see that testimonial page.
"I feel afraid but at least I can now identify what my issues are and start to work on them.  I love that is was interactive."

"Unlike philosophical sessions, this session was presented with "street openness" & "I was there so I know how you feel" approach.  Much more effective and beneficial."

"This was a wonderful experience and the whole group was terrific.  I looked forward to attending the group even though I live rather far away.  I was pleasantly surprised by the warmth and comfort of the entire group.  Everyone had pertinent thoughts to contribute."

"I hit "rock bottom" in my last relationship - in terms of codependent behavior.  I feel like I have had an awakening.  I have the tools I need to start my journey to loving myself."

"I love the way Robert brought in real life we can all relate to.  No one is perfect.  I am ready to proceed to a better life with a better understanding of how to do it."

"I feel inspired.  I feel I got an energy transfusion.  Fired up.  This was absolutely invaluable!

"I really felt the material communicated to me on a deeper level even than your great book by hearing it personally from you in your clear, concise, and totally relatable way."

"The content delivered in the Training Day was excellent!  It was complete, yet concise, there were invaluable gems of insight and recovery strategies.  I especially appreciated Robert's sharing his personal growth path and spiritual journey."

"This day expanded Robert's ideas for me by giving real life examples - more depth than is in the book and website and a chance for feedback / expansion."

"I did 4 one on one sessions over the phone before coming to the Training.  My thought was how much more can I learn.  Well, I have to say it was so worth it.  To interact with the guy who figured this all out when no one else could or had.  It is amazing how easily understandable it was."

"I have more confidence that I will be able to continue the process & have "let go" of some of my fears of relapse due to the tools presented today.  I especially understand my inner child in a more thorough way and have learned how to communicate with her again, with tools not rhetoric."

"It was very empowering, uplifting and gave me new hope.  The information was invaluable."

"It was a well spent day, learning about the causes of some of my anger issues."

"It was very easy to follow.  Now I know that I need to take control over telling that critical parent voice to stop the insanity!  You need to know where to start before you can create a plan."

"This really helped me understand how to prevent my past from continuing to hurt me, now and in the future."

"I feel much more optimistic after attending this workshop, that I'm "Ok" and that I can get on top of my wounds and heal them - at least to the point they will not be damaging to my relationships."

"The information was presented in a very practical format.  I feel like I got a lot out of this workshop without having to go through the sort of gut-wrenching or emotionally evocative experience.  I feel much better and calmer about the way things are and whatever may come."

"Robert Burney's book is a great "quick fix" - meaning when you feel lost, desperate, inconsolable, it is a great to to have for immediate clarity. But the seminar gives you nuggets to take with you for the rest of your life.  Treat yourself to both - as I told myself, "I'm worth it.""

"I found most of what Robert spoke of to resonate profoundly!  Easy to listen to and relate to in my own life."

"Robert's down to earth presentation feels like a testimonial, but his breadth of knowledge and familiarity with the subject are impressive. He's found a great way to share is wisdom with the world."

"The workshop got me in touch with some more old wounds after 19 years of recovery that were uncovered.  I am always a beginner in recovery and the workshop opened me up to more of my process.  Thank you Robert for being committed to stand up and share this most important information."

"Robert is a very engaging, clear speaker. The messages really comes through.  "I actually had a little realization - or maybe a big one - during this workshop.  My commitment to my own recovery is strengthened, & my appreciation for where I am now."

"It reminded me that I am on the right path, and that I've come further in my recovery than I had thought."

"It is clear that Robert has a passion for these presentations.  It was very accessible, like talking to a friend, and felt very informal and down to earth."

"Robert has a unique ability to be truly emotionally honest.  That energy of his honesty creates an opportunity for tear formation if one is open to really looking inside themselves.  Also he is funny.":-)

"A great day I gave myself and my inner child - a gift to meIN2MEC  I really enoyed the workshop.  Robert, you have a gift in giving the CoDA info in a very clear down to earth, loving, non-judgemental way.  Thank you."

"For three months in San Diego, I have taken a break from the fast paced professional world to try to go inside, to heal childhood wounds, and more importantly the more recent hurts that continue to subject me to past ones over and over again like clockwork.  I have read books, gone to life coaches, and seen some of the city's best medical specialists.  But I didn't really feel like I was "jump started" into recovery from codependency or into healing that 13 year old orphan within - until today.  Robert was willing to share all that he knew - as much as he could - all his cards on the table for us - as much as we were willing to ask, to absorb, & to recieve.  He didn't see himself as "the professional" and all the rest of us as the "sick ones", or himself as the teacher and us as the students.  There was no boundary of superiority between us.  Instead we were all just kindred souls (perhaps ones that were bruised long ago) but linked together somewhere along the path of this lifelong spiritual journey toward self love, love of our higher power, & healthy love for others.  Thank you  Robert."

"I found this session to be very useful in seeing the what & the why of "my" reality.  The understanding I have gained gives me hope in my future.  This has been the greatest gift I have ever given myself."

"This is a comprehensive class on how codependence & inner child work fits into our lives.  It is practical & profound - give yourself the opportunity to open your heart to change."

"No matter where you are in your personal growth work or personal development, Robert's seminar is the most fundamental tool for everyone who seeks relationships w/others & oneself, to make significant change to live the life to you want to - it's about creating change and trying your best to live now."

"I like the fluidity and spontanaity of the presentation.  It helped me to know I'm on the right path, on the right track, & doing recovery well & lovingly."

"Robert has put co-dependent recovery & inner child work together in a compassionate, spiritual, and practical way.  I heard that I can be loving to myself & release myself from shame at any time in my recovery.  I don't have to get it all done to give myself permission to live & enjoy my life as it is today."

"I enjoyed the presentation very much.  Learned more about codependence.  I would not only recommend it, but I hope to come back again.'

"I would absolutely recommend this Training Day to others.  Very imformative and well illustrated.  This has shed light on an area of life I will pursue."

"Robert Burney's training day was so inspirational and enlightening.  He was loving and warm and presented profound life changing material in a very not intimidating way.  Magical!"

"I've done a lot of recovery work, but I know I'm on a life long journey to overcome the default programming of my childhood.  The simple reminder of my being a spiritual being having a human experience is one I need to hear over & over.  The reminder of my need to practice faith in an all powerful higher power is invaluable.  The discussion of ego strength vs true self worth was very helpful.  the topic of ego strength being based on impermance was also very helpful to me."

"Robert's spiritual & inner childwork Intensive Training Day has been nothing short of magical!  What I learned will help me build a strong and realistic foundation of how to love myself unconditionally!  Robert's work is a gift which keeps on giving the more and more I practice it!"

"I feel like the workshop has given me a jumpstart to recovery."

"I came with ____ (granddaughter), but learned I am not responsible for everyone in my family."

"I just discovered the name behind my actions and thoughts which is codependency.  I read the book Dance of Wounded Souls and read the website and I stil had a feel of okay what do I do now.  The Intensive helped me pull everything together and I was able to meet and speak with people who are walking on the same journey of recovery.'

"I have been able to see more clearly the areas I need to focus on.  I need to go to a deeper level and I was shown how to do that today."

"I want to thank you for one of the best days I've had in a long time.  The training was amazing, and you're right - we had a great group of people."

"This is the first seminar I have attended that I enjoyed and got so much out of - as well as it was the least expensive marriage counseling I have ever had.  I do not judge an individual by the amount of money they have, how much power or how big their company is.  I evaluate a person by how much they have contributed to helping other people find comfort, peace, and love.  Robert Burney is a successful man."

"I see now that my recovery is a never ending process.  I used to feel like "once I take care of X, I'll be able to do Y."  But now I know that as a spiritual being the whole point of my being here is to experience this human condition.  I can't put off doing stuff until - I have to live my experience."

"I felt my recovery process was greatly enhanced after attending this workshop."

"I know that I am going to have some phenomenal recovery with Robert's book and seminar.  I understand him and his life - I feel it parallels my own."

"You work is more brilliant in person than I could have imagined."

"Robert's work is profoundly authentic and healing and allows both to take place in the heart and soul of the participants in this workshop."

"There is always some kind of peace in knowing that you are not the Lone Ranger.  Just knowing that pretty much everyone needs healing is comforting.  Robert's presentation was easily received by the lay person - his down-to-earth presentation was enjoyable."

"I now feel okay with the fact that I can let my family know that I need some time away from them if they do not respect my boundaries."

"Robert is an amazing person.  I have been so blessed since I've discovered him.  He teaches everything I've been looking for my entire life.  I am determined to stop the cycle from the next generation, and all of his information has helped."

"Robert has a great technique for mixing information with his personal experience, which is so helpful."

"Robert is so helpful & I relate to him in so many ways, it makes me hopeful in my recovery."

"Robert's teachings deal with all of the four levels of the human experience (physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual.)  He doesn't just give you part of the whole picture.  His stories are very relatable and helpful in processing some pretty abstract ideas.  I feel blessed to have found him."

"I felt that Robert read my mind.  With codependency you doubt yourself and your feelings - it felt so good to have Robert confirm that I wasn't crazy."

"It is a lifetime packed in a workshop."

"My experience of Robert's work and sharing is that he merges the emotional, mental, & spiritual in a way that feels grounded and complete.  Many people / facilitators do not share personal experiences and participants feel "less than" the facilitator.  Robert's sharing allows one to let go of shame or negativity and comparisons - hierarchies between teacher and student.  We learn to teach and teach to learn. Bravo Robert."

"I recommend this training for anyone who searching for more of a Spiritual awareness and Truth in dealing with the dysfunction of the human condition."

"I feel enlightened, hopeful, empowered, and more connected to myself and my Higher Power."

"Robert Burney helped me clarify many issues in my life that I had no answers for solving.  I have spent too much time worrying about the past and not living in the Right Now."

"I learned a lot from Robert's own personal that he shared with the class.  Using analogies was very helpful."

"This training workshop gave me more concrete "tools" to help me distinguish between the wounded inner child being in control or my healthy adult. I have more hope than ever before in my life, of being able to access more of my truth and be more loving to myself and others.  This information resonated with my truth and feels very healing."

"Robert is certainly someone who has really done the work which qualifies him to talk about the wound and the inner child.  His delivery points out the areas that need to be worked on."

"I found Robert's seminar to be beneficial to me because it has started the process of taking all the intellectual points of what constitutes 'healthy" vs "unhealthy' when it comes to myself (self esteem) and in relationships - and applying it and understanding the 'why' and the 'how" it fits in my life."

"Robert shares from his heart, his truth, he obviously has walked the walk.  His talk leads those of us just beginning this very personal journey of healing, gently to embody courage, lightness, and faith.  He lets us know that we will be okay - we are ok."

"Robert's approach to healing is very informative, easy going, and real.  I felt at peace knowing that no particular religion would be preached yet a sense of spirituality would be recognized."

"After taking Robert's course I know for sure that I am exactly where I should be in my life.   This work is a big part of my fantastic journey."

"Robert carries an amazing message of healing for the entire human race.  Anyone who is ready to face their issues would benefit tremendously from this simple recipe.  Thank you Robert!  You made a huge impact on my recovery & my concept of a Higher Power."

"I found plenty of affirmation of the spiritual ideas I have been exploring in the last four years.  I still have to take my own journey through life but knowing that others have gone the way before is very enlightening."

"Everyone in America should attend this seminar.  Instead of walking around wounded and in pain, Robert can show you how to be free.  And how to live a life of joy, bliss, and LOVE."

"Robert's formula for spiritual integration and emotional balance was presented in a way that I look forward to applying in everyday life.  His personal anecdotes shared during the training day went beyond his book and attest to his intensive journey to recovery.  I enjoyed the informational style presentation.  Felt at ease with no pressure to participate - so felt, comfortable asking questions because of this."

"This training session was full of so much education on how I "work."  I have not heard anyone else so clearly explain my inner child and make me feel okay about it.'

"The Intensive Training of last Sunday marked a turning point in my life. The works you've done is long waited. The switch of life perspective, the self worth defined from within, not external, and emotion dishonest to honest are all pointed to the roots of my outer, external dependence. I feel so relieved, and finally I'm started to walk out from this prison of codependence."

"I have a guideline now.  I feel I came to the right place. My recovery process will be way more effective after attending this workshop."

"Having time in another recovery program, I could not understand why I kept getting stuck.  Robert's work gave me the "How" to get to the deeper level I needed to explore."

"I have been searching to liberate myself from codependent fear for thirty years.  This program gets me to my root cause.  My fears to life, to relationships lifted away."

"Reading the book explained codependency.  The workshop is putting the book into life, seeing how inner child work can better your relationships and see the process working in Robert's life.  I know it can work in my life."

"I really like  Robert's Higher Power and his idea that there is already a plan and no matter what I do I cannot screw it up.  So, I need to relax and enjoy the journey."

"Robert has a special talent for consolidating emotional wisdom into the practical realm."

"A perfect message for me at the absolutely perfect time in my recovery.  It could be called Emotional Wisdom for Aspiring Adults." (This from a 78 year young man who flew in from Mazatlan.)

"Robert your freedom to emote whether Joy, sadness, hurt, playfullness - is a picture worth more than 1000s of words - though your words spoken and written are worth 1000s of pictures."

"The seminar is a yet an extension of the facilitator.  Robert's energy s felt not only through the words but through his genuiness."

"I have heard so many times to be loved, first "love yourself."  As a wounded child, it is difficult if not impossible to understand what that might even mean, let alone feel.  Robert gave me not only the understanding but also an action plan.  I can now learn to be more gentle with myself and others."

"It was incredibly understandable!  Following through an outline helps tremendously.  It was an amazing opportunity and valuable gift for my mission in both my personal and professional development."

"The Training Day was a great experience. To hear Robert talk so honestly and candidly was both humbling and inspiring.  He is the real article, a person who is living it.  He's an inspiration to all of us that would like to stop existing and start living."

"It was easy to understand.  I feel validated and motivated to continue in recovery because of coming.  I am more aware that I need to stop shaming myself and how that burden runs my show."

"An inspired (and realistic) synthesis of Taoist, Buddhist, Hindu, and Native American spirituality in a context for clarifying codependence and the life style of recovery."

"I finally understand why the counselors couldn't help me.  I had never attended an inner child workshop before.  Everything that had been brought up was what I was suffering from and have been for years.  It's a blessing to know other people carry the same burdens and there is hope."

"It was absolutely easily understood!  Using personal intimate narration of your own experiences is very powerful (and useful for a seminar of this type.)"

"I felt like the material Robert shared provided both spiritual and practical applications to beginning to understand how our childhood and the resulting wounded inner child can be healed so we can live our lives with happiness."

"I feel that you've given me more insight on how to proceed.  I'd gotten stuck and listening to your presentation was helpful. "Fuck the fear" really resonated with me."

"I appreciated the candid examples that you gave.  It helped clarify the points in your talk/website.  I also appreciated the way you answered our questions and gave ways to incorporate healing in our lives.  I'm glad you made the point that recovery is ongoing."

"Your training reminded me to not only own, but to forgive my inner child and wounds."

"Information that cannot be easily understood was presented in the best possible format for people to understand.  After months of doing phone counseling with Robert the Training Day was a wonderful way to realize all I have learned, how much I have grown, and what I still need to work on.  This training day has helped me to live a more liberated and happy life."

"I found Robert's workshop very healing.  Being loved unconditionally is what I have been missing.  I know what is right intellectually but never could change what I feel.  I feel I can now.  Thank you for your wonderful insight."

"It is so much better hearing Robert in person and interacting with him and other people in a nice, serene setting.  It was definitely worth it!"

"I have some new tools to work with.  It was an excellent presentation.  Keep telling people that they are loved because of their being not their acts."

"I feel hope and that I can work on myself.  There is no judgment involved and you are in the right place at any given moment . . but always trying to be aware of the growth that is available to you.  Thanks I had a great time."

"It is a powerful tool to remove the shame and judgment from our lives that keep us stuck in the insanity.  I feel refueled.  I knew the concepts just haven't been putting them in action for awhile."

"You did a great job of explaining things, and I especially liked your examples and analogies.  I feel relief.  I need to stop being so hard on myself and lighten up."

"I found Robert's personal experience to be like my own.  His recovery was explained in practical ways that I can easily relate to.  Thanks, this makes me hopeful about my recovery."

"I found this experience so helpful to my mind, body, & spirit.  Robert gave me the knowledge, compassion, and energy to not be afraid to find my true self.  Onward & Upward!!!!!!  I recommend this experience to everyone."

"Exceptionally understandable; very clear.  This was LIFEChanging - I am so thankful.  I would Absolutely recommend it."

"Robert presents and shares his hope, recovery, and wisdom in a down-to-earth fashion.  I could easily relate to what he shared and enjoyed the feeling of safety and acceptance to ask questions and share."

"It was very clear and very insightful.  I have a greater & deeper awarness, more clarity about how to handle issues."

"I would absolutely recommend this training. Robert's approach to Co-Dependence is very integral & expansive bringing great awareness to many levels of this issue, ergo facilitating the healing."

"Very easily understood.  I enjoyed your presentation.  Relating the journey to yourself was wonderful. It really helped your workshop."

"I could really relate to what was said today.  I have felt many of the same things and thought in the same ways at times, and it is really nice to have a new way of dealing with those feelings and thoughts."

"Your training day was very enlightening and really helps define living in the moment through establishing internal and external boundaries & enjoying the journey."

"I'm 26 and a young man.  My father passed away when I was two (drug overdose), my mother was an alcohol/drug addict.  I watched my sister and mother experience physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.  Every relationship (w/ a woman) has ended the same way.  I would reject them, then they would reject me.  I was such an emotional wreck after each relationship.  I am codependent. Wow!  Praise God! I feel God had this workshop just for me.  Thank God for this.  This was Great!!!  Thank You!"

"Being in transition, it opened my eyes to the many things that I had buried and not dealt with - it gives me power to hope for the future."

"I had read your book multiple times & read your web site, was eager for more.  There are times I felt like I was outside watching someone else drive my life, a passenger not the drive, out of control. With great relief and understanding I am learning to be the driver.  I'm finding my voice, forgiving myself.  1st time finding answers.  Thank you. I would recommend this to others 100%."

"I understood clearly.  The information was structured well.  I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.  This is my first workshop dealing with my "jacked-up" self.  I think this was Great!!!  Thank you!"

"You can intellectually understand key points by reading his book, but the training allowed me to really internalize it.  It's like the difference between learning how to fly an airplane by reading a book vs. actually getting in the plane."

"I would recommend this training to others because it made me see there is a way to find peace within myself."

"Excellent!  It was the most rewarding and honest session I have ever attended.  I felt an honest trust towards Robert since he has been thru so much.  I trust his talk since he has walked the walk.  He has lived what we feel and because of that we trust."

"If you have ever felt empty inside.  If you feel there is more to life.  If things don't ever seem to be working in your life.  If you can't understand why you have certain strong reactions to events, people, & relationships.  If you have lost or never experienced Joy & Love in your life. . . . . . I would suggest you attend Robert's Training workshop. . . . and find out why. . . . and how to create more Joy & Love in your life. . . .and let's not forget . . . . inner peace."

"I just want to thank you once again, I had a wonderful time understanding that I am not a sorry cause with no hope...  Thank you for taking on the mission to "Save Lives", and you do it so smoothly, also your humble attitude is divine.  I know what I am telling you.   You made me and everyone there feel very loved, Thank You!!!  Very happy I went to your seminar"

"To say that Robert Burney has a gift is an understatement, the man is a Prophet!!!  He has a Star Shining over his head, and thank God for sending him to me.  His energy pulls you in and makes you feel Awesome!!"

"This is the first time in my life that I understood "there is nothing defective about me" - it is what happened in my childhood.  So, as of today I am on the road to recovery."

"This is an intelligent, spiritual message that everyone needs to hear."

"Robert combines all aspects of emotional healing & psychological understanding in a way no one else does!  He offers one-stop shopping in terms of a therapeutic approach to healing."

"Just a note to say thank you very much for what you shared with us this day."

"Since it is a complex subject, I will repeatedly review my notes and handouts.  I appreciated Robert's personal stories.  His stories helped to really "get" a point I understood intellectually but didn't "get" all the way until he related it to himself."

"The intensive was great. I sat there quietly nodding in approval. You are a personable speaker and your talk was well organized and delivered. I enjoyed the tangents as well." (The "tangents" are the personal stories that Robert tells in explaining the dynamics of the process and how he learned the things he shares.)

"The training reminded me to "remember" this is an ongoing process . . . .  never ending . . . constantly changing - life is the journey, no the destination."

"I am much more optimistic about my recovery process now.  I realize it is & will be a difficult process, but I feel confident that I learned and can take action with the new tools I received."

"This training is not only a clear nuts and bolts approach to recovery, but likely a key insight into the next revolutionary model of recovery.  I feel as if I have a much clearer map."

"Robert's workshop helped me recognize certain aspects of my codependency & healthy ways of addressing it, that gives me new hope that recovery is possible.  It gives me inspiration to keep working."

"It was very easy to follow along & understand what Robert was sharing.  We are all walking wounded - this subject can change the way humanity coexists if they learn how to heal themselves and their inner child."

"I feel better prepared now.  I am so thankful knowing that I am a spiritual being having a human experience.  That's huge!"

"I could relate to the feelings and issues you have with parents and relationships.  It was helpful to know that other people feel the same way.  The examples were very helpful in showing me how to apply it to my own situation."

"It was very informative and a valuable experience because it helped me to see I could really get better, there is a way out and he gave me the tools to go forward."

"I did benefit from the lecture, especially getting the emotional aspect of Mr. Burney's information.  Sobering! is what a day with Robert Burney is - I have greater clarity.  I feel reinforced in the concepts."

"I need to continue to lighten up, accept self, take action, accept where I am, love my self with more compassion, relax - overall I feel good and quieter about Self.  Thank you!"

"More positive than I thought it would be - and very useful.  Thank you!"

"I have done extensive inner child work in the past.  This workshop has allowed me to see how my inner child's magical thinking has taken control of my life in the past.  There is no such thing as Prince Charming, but my inner child doesn't know that.  I am the only one who will never leave me providing I do the necessary footwork for maintenance.  Finding a professional that could facilitate this kind of work has been difficult at best.  I plan on using the follow up phone sessions to get back on track to being true to myself.  I realized that what I want to do isn't necessarily what I need to do."

"Robert shared on an informal level and with his own personal stories - that made it easy to relate to.  I would absolutely recommend this training to others!"

"I've been reading about inner child healing on Robert's website and knew this was an area of growth in my life that needed work.  I was compelled to attend his intensive training to learn more about "How" to start the process.  I found a great deal of ways to work on several areas and would recommend it to everyone that is searching for inner child work and how to get started."

"Robert has helped me to discover that I am an evergreen tree who can stand tall and live joyfully regardless of the season.  Some of the storms may knock off a few needles from my branches but new stronger and more vibrant ones will take their place.  I used to be a deciduous tree who lived life for the spring, and was dead for most of the year. Thank you for helping me find my path!"

"The information was easy to follow and the outline kept me on topic.  I feel like I am right where I need to be at this time - and I will be recommending this to others!"

"The concept that Robert touched on, of "we are works in progress and we are not the artist" was huge for me to hear today!"

"Very good presentation!  Absolutely will recommend it to others."

"I arrived home on Tuesday after a nice 3 day ride, meditating and reviewing Saturday all the way,,,, I am re-reading all of the material and I am trying to work this into my life now, you will be hearing from me again with questions, progress, etc.,,,,  My wife plans to catch an intensive as soon as she can, if not the one in October then maybe the November session. Your book and the intensive training day has changed everything for me, it is all so sudden and overwhelming, I am going slow with it right now just trying to take it all in and figure things out . . . . thanks again for everything." (This person road 950 miles on a motorcycle from La Paz Mexico to attend the Intensive.)

Update October 2006
Here is an update on where we are with the evolution of these presentations.

On August 30th I posted this announcement on my Intensive Training Day page.

 "We are moving to San Diego by the middle of September.  One of the reasons for doing this is to make it possible to offer follow up sessions to these Intensive Training Days that will allow people to take the knowledge and information shared to the next level by being able to do grief processing in a safe environment.  I am envisioning weekly or biweekly 3 to 4 hour grief groups for people within driving range - and monthly groups spanning several days for people from a distance.  These would be small groups - probably limited to 4 or 5 for the local groups, and 6 to 8 for the groups over several days.  I am also hoping to set up some groups for training other counselors, therapist, coaches, etc., in the approach to inner healing that I have developed.

All the details and complications of moving combined with slow sign ups for the Las Vegas Intensive (all the people who had signed up so far were from San Diego - one of those perfect Cosmic "Coincidences") have led me to decide to postpone the Las Vegas Intensive for a month and schedule one for San Diego at the end of September.  The location of the San Diego one is yet to be determined - but will not be a hotel near an airport as the other Intensives have been so far.  That lowers my overhead and allows me to offer the Intensives in San Diego for a lower price.  The plan is to offer an Intensive in San Diego about once every 6 weeks - and periodically offer them in other locations that are near airports for the convenience of people that are traveling a distance to attend.  I will be sending an announcement to my e-mailing list about this change - and starting a special e-mailing list just for those who want to be kept informed on new developments in relationship to these Intensives and the follow up sessions." ~  Robert

We did move to San Diego in mid September - and had a successful Intensive on September 30th.  One of the participants rode a motorcycle 950 miles from La Paz Mexico - and was very glad he did.  It turned out that I found the best deal - both cost wise, and for a very pleasant location, at a Hotel.  My assumption that renting space at other locations, or getting an office with a conference room to use, would be more cost effective turned out to be untrue.  So we are going to continue to hold the Intensives in San Diego at the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center - which is in a section of San Diego called Mission Valley, and is on a street called Hotel Circle. (which tells you there are plenty of choices for hotels in the immediate vicinity - and as can be seen on the map on the Intensive Page, is close to many of the Attractions that San Diego has to offer.)

Although this is not a location near an airport that makes it super convenient for people from out of town to attend (we have had people from Canada and Mexico, from Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Washington, and Oregon so far - since then have added Virginia, Delaware, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Nevada) - it is a hotel that it is not difficult to get to from the airport, so hopefully some out of town people will still be able to attend.  I have found that a smaller group - from 8 to 15 - and am going to limit future Intensives in San Diego to 15 people.

As I write this on October 8th, I am planning on canceling the scheduled Intensive in Las Vegas because we do not have enough people signed up to cover the expenses of the trip.  Whether we will be able to do future Intensives in other locations - or I would like to think, when - is up in the air right now.  I spoke of this in my August Update (with up to date comments added in this color):

"Given the situation now, it looks like the only way that it will be possible to do any Intensive at a distance for the rest of this year will be if I have some other appearance in the area that pays a fee and travel expenses to get to that part of the country.  Possibilities of this type have been raised by an organization in Oregon that has inquired about bringing me up to speak for them (has not panned out)- and by a person in Jamaica that is trying to organize some appearances there (postponed for now).  If the trip to Jamaica materializes (that would be wonderful;-), it would probably be possible to set up an Intensive experience on the East Coast in whatever city it is necessary to make a plane change - either on the way there or returning.  I just got an e-mail from a New Thought minister in Canada who proposed organizing a tour for me of New Thought centers there (no news on this yet) - but I doubt that could happen very soon, and am not sure about the viability of doing a tour of Canada in the winter.  There is still talk of me returning to Ibiza to work further with the people who attended the two day retreat I did there in April of 2005 - which if it happens might allow for setting up some Intensive dates in England on the way there or returning - but the earliest that might happen would be February of 2007 (no further word on this yet), and probably not even that soon.  I have hopes that a company that has offices in Florida and New England will be wanting to fly me back there to do some trainings for it's employees - but that is just a seed / idea I have sent out into the Universe right now, not something that discussion has even begun about. (no discussions yet)" - August 2006 Joy2MeU Update
I am announcing when I post this, that the next Intensive in San Diego will be on November 18th.  Between now and then, I am going to be working on getting the follow up grief process groups organized and started going here in San Diego.  Hopefully as we get settled in, and more starts being revealed - we will be scheduling some more out of town, and out of state, Intensives for 2007.  More will be revealed as usual.  I plan on doing an Update in early November - so will have the latest news then. - Robert posted10/9/06

Update January 21, 2007

After successfull Intensives in November, December, and January - I am now scheduling the Intensives once every 5 to 6 weeks here in San Diego.  It is possible that I will be scheduling some in other places this year - but there is nothing actually planned at this point for any place but here in San Diego.  I am still looking for an appropriate office space to hold the follow up grief groups - and hope to get that pinned down in the coming week or so - so that I can get at least one group started in the early part of February. - Robert posted 1/21/07
A space has been found, and the inner child healing grief groups are now available to anyone who has attended an Intensive. - Robert posted 2/6/07
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The first Intensive Training Day with Robert on April 23rd in San Francisco was very successful. 17 people attended, coming from as far as Pennsylvania - and including 4 Native women who flew down from Winnipeg Canada. Expenses ran a little higher than expected, which will result in the price being a little higher for some future venues - but other than that we were very happy with the experience. 

We will be adding some visual aids and enhancing the handouts as this format evolves and becomes more refined, but this first one was a very gratifying experience - and definitely a success.  Every single person that attended said they would recommend it to others - and many said they wanted to return for future Intensives (either by themselves, or with significant others.) 

Those attending filled out a brief questionnaire at the end of the day - and were asked to e-mail testimonials when they had had a few days to process the experience.  Immediately below are some of the comments - the first section being the immediate feedback, and the second being the testimonials that people took a few days to write.  We will be adding more as they come in - and including ones for future Intensives to this page in the future. 

Feedback (in writing on the questionnaire - the verbal feedback was overwhelmingly positive)

"Thanks again for sharing your truth at your Day Long Intensive Training in San Francisco.  It was excellent.  It was a Blessing to me, just as the vast majority of your work and insight have been.  I believe you've assembled all of the major pieces of "the puzzle of Recovery" with your work (in a way that has never been done before).  I would not be where I am today if I had not found it, not even close.  "The Universe" led me to your work exactly when I needed it most." 

"The class was wonderful and an eye opening experience. My plans are to start doing inner child and intimacy work. I have been putting it off to long. Thank you for sharing your Truth." 

"Thank you with all my heart for your courage and honesty and ability to freely express your emotions - it is rare indeed to find some one who can truly express and even more rare for that someone to be in a male body." 

"I was much impressed with the content of the seminar and with Robert's emotional honesty & openness.  Robert's approach was quite understandable." 

"Robert Burney did a great job of informing me of a part of codependency that I was unaware of." 

"This training has greatly assisted me in my process." 

"For sure!!  I would definitely recommend this training to others.  I want to come back for the next workshop." 

"Thank you for having the courage to speak out loud for those of us who do not have the courage to do it." 

"Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Satanists, Atheists, Agnostics, Catholics, Mormons, Pagans, Wiccans, Rastafarians, Taoists, Scientologists, Baha'is, etc., can ALL benefit greatly from your message.  It's really a message that every human being on earth sorely needs. . . .Don't give the world any opportunity to brand you as something you are NOT, some kind of new age, hocus pocus guru.  The Truths you have assembled and pieced perfectly together are Universal.  Dogmatic folks need to hear and consider them too (possibly even more so than others)." 

"LOVED your training session!" 


"It was a blessing, a pleasure, and a privilege for me to attend Robert's first Day Long Intensive Training in San Francisco.  Robert is a pioneer.  His message breaks through to the core of my own personal human condition over, and over, and over again.  I found Robert's message at a time in my life when I was supposed to find it, and needed it the most.  "The Universe" directed me to Robert Burney's message when I was hanging at the end of my rope (by sheer willpower) in my personal life.  It put some very big pieces of my personal puzzle(ment) together for me in a single resource.  His message gave me practical hope and began to establish a new and deeper perspective of my daily life.  He is not a "guru."  He is an emotionally honest man who is conveying his truth without pretense.  I believe he's been given the gift of assembling some very important Truths into one practical spiritual message that addresses the human condition.  Anyone, regardless of any particular belief system, who considers his message will walk away better equipped to Live.  I recommend his books, his website and his Day Long Intensive Training without hesitation." -- Charles Toy, Portland, OR  USA 

The person who attended from Pennsylvania sent several versions of his Testimonial - along with some other comments - and we are including several of the versions and some of the comments. (An editor, as well as a former English teacher, he offered variations in tone as well as versions in 2nd and 3rd person alternatives.) 

(Semi-detached, semi-formal tone) 
Robert Burney's intense training seminar on Codependence was everything I expected it to be and a whole lot more.  His emotional honesty touched me and his practical steps for healing the inner child struck a chord in me that is still vibrating. I consider his teaching an integral part of my recovery work.  Right on, Robert. ~ J. Sullivan, Phila. Pa. 

(Personal, chummy tone) 
Robert, Your seminar on codependence was awesome. Your practical techniques for dealing with this disease are incredibly simple and incredibly effective. I work everyday on practicing the principles you've taught me for nurturing my inner child. Why? Because they work for me. Let me know when you're having another seminar. I'd like to do it again.  Joe Sullivan, Philadelphia 

Joe went on to say: 
"I honestly feel a debt of  gratitude to you as a professional, and after reading a lot (not all) of your writing, and actually applying your principles over the last eight or so months to my own crazy life, I have attained a positive attitude and a progressive recovery approach. One of my new resolutions is to value those who share with me and be grateful for them in my life. I was reading you for free long before I signed up for the seminar, and I had already begun in earnest to benefit from your ideas, as I told you when I sent you the gift to help you publish the book.  Now, after having met you and heard you and watched you be as earnest and committed about your recovery in person as you sounded in your writing, I feel only gratitude that my higher power put me in your path. . . . . 

. . . And one of the most important things I have ever learned, and I believe I did not begin to learn it until I started reading you, is that I have a choice in how I want to see myself and feel about myself without worrying about the approval of others. When you talk about life lessons, Robert, they don't get much bigger." 

Hearts with arrow through them symbolizing both love and heartbreak.
Click here for the dates of upcoming Intensive Training Day

Some e-mail feedback from people who have attended Intensives
A person who flew from Pennsylvania to attend the first Intensive in San Francisco ordered 3 more copies of my book and wrote:
"I'll be giving them as gifts, and I am not sure exactly who all the recipients will be yet. The one I am certain of is my 20 year old daughter with whom I am developing an open and honest relationship where I can talk about my addiction and she can share with me the real issues in her life. It has been phenomenal, and had I not been doing the recovery work ala Burney the last year, I am sure I wouldn't be having such a wonderful time discovering both myself and others. The other two books I will be giving, but I have to decide whether to give them to the people I know who could use them most or to those that I know who will read them. Anyway, I am rereading Wounded Souls and really focusing on developing the internal boundaries. Reading that section this time has really made a big, big impact."
A person who flew in from North Carolina for the first Intensive in San Diego, and then later followed up with some phone counseling wrote this when informed my phone counseling prices were going to be going up at the end of October:
"Your talents and counseling I think is worth a lot more than you ask, as well as the seminars. You have so much experience and you have walked the walk to back up the talk, so its only fitting that you be paid accordingly. Like I said not that I push to pay more, but I think you deserve more and can and should get it."
"Thank you, Robert. I have already felt a huge sense of peace.  You have set something in motion in me. I can't tell you how good it feels."

"I have to thank- you once again for the powerful information you shared in your Seminar, a lot of light bulbs went off, greater awareness of what has been going on inside me is taking shape, and so this is just the beginning for me of a new and endless journey. . . . one more clearer thanks to you."

"My life has been much better since I went to your seminar.  Thank you."

"I will send you $100 to tithe you for spiritually feeding me thru your workshop intensive last Sept.  You truly helped my friend & I be more honest in our communication with each other, especially at a time when I wasn't so sure I was up for it."*

"I hope my contribution helps.  I only wish I could afford more.  As I have told you before, your work helped guide me to an amazing path.  I am happy I can reciprocate...even if only a little."*

*Over a half dozen people who have attended Intensives made contributions of $100 or more to the reprinting of my book.

If you would care to read more about it, Robert announced this exciting training program in his Joy2MeU Update Newsletter of March 2006.

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