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Special offers for the MP3 downloads of Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls "An Audio Spiritual Experience"
and/or the recording of Robert Burney's Spiritual Integration Workshop

Either one is an audio Spiritual Experience that can Empower you to Change your Life for the Better

I have decided to extend these offers indefinitely.
cassette Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls "An Audio Spiritual Experience"

A four hour slightly abridged version of the book spoken by the author.

This is an audio recording of the book Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls by Robert Burney.  Spoken by the author and originally released as cassette tape set: Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls "An Audio Spiritual Experience" 
This MP3 download is a digitally remastered version of the original recording.

Normal Retail Price: $37.00

"I have devoured your website quite thoroughly in little over a year, that I've been on the strenuous but, oh, so rewarding path of recovery.  The book that has had such an impact on me and had created such shivering resonance in my Soul. The audio version is absolutely a mind-blowing audio spiritual experience! You rock, man!! It's one thing to read the articles on the clinically electric computer screen and completely another level of involvement hearing the man himself utter his own words of wisdom and spiritual alchemy. One can tell that you aren't just mumbling through a book you've written; while listening it becomes certain that the message truly is your spiritual truth and not just some neatly packaged intellectual mind job disguising itself in spiritual language. An enormous THANK YOU for sharing your story and perspective for all the world to see, I truly appreciate it, man!"
Four Hour MP3 download of A Day Long Intensive Training in Robert Burney's Spiritual Integration Formula for Inner Healing

This MP3 download is a recording of my Intensive Training Day Workshop that we made in February 2011.  It is a raw unedited live recording but the sound quality is very good and I am glad to have recorded version of it. There is also a downloadable 42 page PDF Companion Guide that is not a workbook - but it does contain assignments and suggestions, examples and descriptions, designed to help people to learn to apply my pioneering formula for spiritual integration and emotional balance into their lives.
Normal Retail Price:  $77.00

"Robert Burney's training day was so inspirational and enlightening.  He was loving and warm and presented profound life changing material in a very not intimidating way.  Magical!"

"My life has been much better since I went to your seminar."

"Brilliant.  Liberating.  So profound it is sometimes ! hilarious  I feel you completely get the dynamics of the human experience and the truth you teach can set people free."
The Dance "Audio Spiritual Experience" normally $37 special offer $29.95
Intensive Workshop Recording normally $77 special offer $59.95
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The Dance "Audio Spiritual Experience" + Intensive Audio special offer $85.95
Testimonials for the "Audio Spiritual Experience"

"What she wanted to reiterate to me, was how important my tapes had been to her husband while he was dying.  She had bought the tapes for him because he had a terminal illness.  She told me again how important those tapes were to him, and how he had listened to them over and over again in the last months of his life.   She said they were the only thing he wanted to listen to - and again expressed her gratitude to me for how much my words had helped her husband find peace and serenity while he was in the process of dying." *longer quote below

"I stumbled upon your website by chance some years ago. I ordered the book and then the tapes. I listened to the tapes so many times that your voice put me to sleep night after night after night. I wore the tapes out.  Your work is remarkable and can help many people if they were aware of it."

"We've listened and loved your audio version, and now want the book to go along with it. We are both very active AA members."

"It is not unusual for me to drive 200 to 400 miles a day.  Needless-to-say, I listened to your audio version in 2 days. What a wonderful experience!!!!"

"I listen to your audio version every morning and evening, as I take the NYC subways to and from work. It is helping to change my life immensely. God bless you for putting out this beautiful, so desperately-needed work."

"WOW!!!  Your book and tapes arrived, and I literally can not stop listening to them, as I drive my car, and lay down to rest.  It has struck as Truth with me, and just affirms all that I have come to accept as my path, in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous.   I am sure you are used to receiving emails of this nature, but I would me amiss if I did not thank you for your words.  They have assisted in transforming me to another level of living.  I was yearning for a boost in my program, and this was it.  I work with many young women and this has given me new information that I feel is most helpful, for many. Thank you for sharing."

"I received your audio version a couple of days ago, and I am remembering my Truth in listening to your words.  The audio is invaluable to me."

"I am recently blessed by the high vibration and accuracy of your audio version."

"Thank you Robert.  I am in receipt of your audio version.  They are in alignment with my beliefs and a wonderful tool for assisting in reprogramming negative patterns.  You are extremely articulate here and I will recommend your audio/book to my clients and Yoga students."

"A friend of mind shared the her audio version with me.  There was so many words and ideas that resonated with me that I decided to have my own copy plus the book so I can go at my own pace to digest all the concepts that validate what I have been thinking for many years.  You have a gifted way of presenting that material. Thank-you for sharing your gift with those of us who need to hear the message."

In most of these testimonials I have substituted the term audio version for CDs because I don't have the CDs available right now** - and these testimonials were actually about a "work in progress" version that was not as good a quality as the digitally remastered version that is available in the MP3 download.
Testimonials for the Intensive Workshop

"Robert is a very compassionate, intuitive, and intelligent soul who shares his insights to you in such a clear, fun, and poignant way that your life will be forever changed."

"I found this session to be very useful in seeing the what & the why of "my" reality.  The understanding I have gained gives me hope in my future.  This has been the greatest gift I have ever given myself."

I believe you've assembled all of the major pieces of "the puzzle of Recovery" with your work (in a way that has never been done before)."

"Robert, Your seminar on codependence was awesome. Your practical techniques for dealing with this disease are incredibly simple and incredibly effective."

"This training is not only a clear nuts and bolts approach to recovery, but likely a key insight into the next revolutionary model of recovery.  I feel as if I have a much clearer map."

"Exceptionally understandable; very clear.  This was LIFE Changing - I am so thankful.  I would Absolutely recommend it."

"It was very empowering, uplifting and gave me new hope.  The information was invaluable."

"Very insightful information that provides "working tools" for the individual.  This will help accelerate the process - better, faster, more.  I would definitely recommend this Training."

"Robert is a living testimony of a successful recovery and a vibrant being despite a history of co-dependency.  He speaks and teaches from his heart - communicating directly with our hearts and souls, inspiring them to be vulnerable and strong at the same time."

"Robert Burney's Intensive Training Day in San Diego was the kindest thing I did for both my inner child and adult in a long long time. I needed it more than I knew and I thank my higher power for leading me to this gentle healer. I recommend the seminar with all my heart and soul. Robert is the most articulate teacher in codependency healing I have ever heard. Thank you from my soul!"

Today at Robert Burney's Intensive Seminar I got validation for some life long beliefs and values.  His message gave me new hope of light, change, joy, beauty and acceptance.  He answered most of my souls questions.  I shall sleep good tonight.  Thank you Robert from my soul - which is light years healthier today because of your gift!"

"Robert carries an amazing message of healing for the entire human race.  Anyone who is ready to face their issues would benefit tremendously from this simple recipe.  Thank you Robert!  You made a huge impact on my recovery & my concept of a Higher Power."

"This workshop is a must for anyone seeking a happier, more satisfying and fulfilling life."

"By attending this workshop I have a clear road map to move forward."
Dance "I just read your wonderful book, thank you for writing it. I have been a spiritual teacher since childhood, however, your book let me organize my thoughts a new way, a new perspective. I now have a much deeper understanding and am still learning from it. Dance, is one of the truly transformational works of our time."

"When I found your book, I found myself."

"I am a 52 year old psychotherapist and have struggled with codependency all my life.  Up until tonight I have been disappointed in the literature and treatment of codependency.  Your work is brilliant!  I can't find words to express my appreciation with the depth I am feeling."

"I truly believe that I have made more progress on a personal level in the few weeks I have had Robert's book and tapes than in the preceding eight plus years when I first found out what codependency was."

"Robert, you are a metaphysical Stephen Hawking. Thank you."
"The approach that I discovered in my personal recovery - and developed in my work with others - is the missing integration formula that people in recovery, on a healing / spiritual path, have been seeking for years.  We can have lots of intellectual knowledge of what constitutes healthy behavior, and multiple spiritual experiences, but until we can integrate knowing / Knowing into our emotional relationship with self and life it is not possible to fundamentally change our behavior patterns - especially, and most importantly, our behavior patterns in intimate relationships.

There are many teachers, books, etc., these days that will tell you that the goal is to learn to Love your self - but no one really tells you how to do that. That is what the approach to inner healing - that I have been gifted with developing - facilitates. . . . . .

 . . . . This work can empower you to not only to find inner peace / stop the war within - to learn to "be" present for your life journey today with the capacity to be happy, Joyous, and free in the moment - but is also the key to healing your fear of intimacy enough to learn how to open up to Love and be healthier in a romantic relationship." - Joy2MeU Update Newsletter March 2006

I also have pages with special Holiday Offers available for my books and telephone counseling.
And of course, the reason I am offering these special deals is because I need money - especially during the Holiday Season.  If someone isn't interested in making a purchase but could make a donation to the cause it would be greatly appreciated.:-)  **I would really love to find someone who could partner with me in being able to afford to produce CDs from these downloads.
"I freely share so much information on my site because - as I say in the article below - I believe it is my Karmic Mission in this lifetime.  I want to share the Joyous message and the precious information that I have discovered - and it is what I need to do for my Recovery and Spiritual Path.  It is not such a great strategy when it comes to finances however.;-)  So Donations to the Cause / Love Offerings / Spiritual Tithes are always appreciated if you feel my sharing has helped you in your Healing / Recovery process and on your Spiritual Path." - Metaphysical Law: Giving and Receiving ~ Donations / Love Offerings

*I have received thousands of beautiful and touching testimonials over the years about how my book, tapes, CDs, and website have changed peoples lives for the better but I think that the one that moved me the most is this one about the tape set that I shared in my Update Newsletter in October 2000 - it still brings me to tears to read it.
"On Sunday, before the reward of reminding people of Truth and Love in the workshop, I got a couple extra gifts.  One had to do with someone I had never met . . .

The person I had never met, was a man who passed on a couple of years ago.  The woman who had been married to him came to my workshop.  I knew her because she contacted me several years ago to get a copy of the audio tape set of my book - and had later come to a workshop or two.  It has probably been a year or so since I had seen her last.   She made a point of telling me several times something that she had told me previously - something that obviously meant a great deal to her.

What she wanted to reiterate to me, was how important my tapes had been to her husband while he was dying.  She had bought the tapes for him because he had a terminal illness.  She told me again how important those tapes were to him, and how he had listened to them over and over again in the last months of his life.   She said they were the only thing he wanted to listen to - and again expressed her gratitude to me for how much my words had helped her husband find peace and serenity while he was in the process of dying.

What a gift!  What an affirmation!  What Joy to be able to be of that kind of service to another human being and his Loved ones.

She had told me this previously, as I mentioned - and in many ways I had felt the same reaction to her words as I did on Sunday.   I was profoundly grateful for the gift of such positively affirming feedback.  I felt a deep and awesome humility for the gift I have been given of being able to be a channel of Truth and an instrument of Love that can so profoundly touch the lives of other human beings.  I felt a great pride in the fact that I have been willing to do the work and follow my path in such a way as to be available for this kind of service.  I also felt a great deal of Joy.

My reaction to her gratitude was also different in some interesting and subtle ways.  Perhaps because of my growth over the last few years, or maybe because of the intensity and passion with which she conveyed her gratitude, I was conscious in a whole new way, on a much deeper level, of the gift those tapes had been to her.

Watching a Loved one go through any intense experience - and dying certainly qualifies as an intense experience - can in many ways be harder for the one who is observing, than for the person actually going through the experience.  I had not really been fully conscious previously, of how great a gift it must have been for her to have her husband accept and relax into his dying process.  How that must have helped her to flow with the process with a degree of serenity and peace.  I had always previously accepted that she was telling me what a gift my tapes were to her husband - I had never been fully conscious of what she was saying about what a gift they were to her." Joy2MeU Update Newsletter October 2000

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