Training for Counselors / Therapists / Coaches  / Healers in Robert Burney's Inner Healing Formula

"One very exciting new development I have to announce in this Update is the launching of a Training program to train Counselors / Therapists / Coaches / Healers / Mentors in how to teach other people to apply the healing formula for Spiritual Integration and Emotional Balance / inner child healing / internal boundaries that I pioneered - in their own practices.  This is something that I have been thinking of for awhile - and have mentioned in other Updates.  It is an idea whose time has come." - Joy2MeU Update Newsletter December 2007
In early 2001 I posted a page to help people with the process of choosing a therapist or counselor with discernment.  On that page I shared that I get inquiries all the time from people who are looking for a counselor in their local area that facilitates the kind of inner child healing work that I describe on my site.  Below is the essence of my response, which is still the reality almost 7 years later.
"I get at least a couple of e-mails every week from people who are trying to find counselors and therapists in their local area who do the type of inner child healing / codependency recovery work that I talk about in my book and on my web site. . . . . .

. . . . . . The reality is that inner child healing and codependency recovery are still pretty new - and many very well meaning professionals out there do not know a lot about this work.  My approach to the work is unique and pioneering, and no one out there is doing exactly what I do and describe. You will find very few counselors and therapist who define codependence in as large a context as I do; many who do not see it as a Spiritual disease; many who have not done their own emotional work.

I do not know of anyone who combines developing internal boundaries with doing the grief work as part of building an ongoing relationship with different ages of the child within - the framework that I developed for integrating knowledge of healthy behavior and Spiritual Truth into one's emotional relationship with life.  That is the most powerfully life changing and transformational aspect of my approach to the work.  Your chances of finding someone who does exactly that kind of work are almost nil." Choosing a therapist or counselor with discernment

In August of 2001 I noted on my Referral Page - to Local Therapists / Counselors / Healers that I hoped to some day set up a program to teach others how to apply the approach I discovered and developed.
"As I say in the quote just above, no one out there is doing exactly the work I do, because there are not yet any therapists or counselors who have studied my method so that they can help others to learn it.  My approach to the work is unique, powerful, and very effective - and has been accurately described as "taking inner child healing to a new level."  One of the reasons that Co-Dependents Anonymous attendance declined during the mid to late nineties is because people did not know how to take the healing to the next level. . . . . The inner child healing paradigm that I have developed is that next level of recovery from codependency that so many people have been seeking.  Hopefully, one of these days I will be able to offer training to other healers so that they can learn it for themselves - and be able to teach it to others." - Referral Page - to Local Therapists / Counselors / Healers
All these years later there is still no one who has specifically trained in how to teach my approach - so it truly is an idea whose time has come.  I still get requests from people all the time for referrals - and I get counselors, coaches, and other healers e-mailing to say how much they value my work and how they are planning to incorporate it in what they do.  There have in fact, been a number counselors, coaches, psychotherapists, psychologists, etc., who have already done phone counseling with me - but with the focus being on their own personal process, not specifically on how to teach others to do the work.  Teaching others how to do the work is a quite different perspective from just focusing on doing the work.

In order to teach others how to do the work, it is necessary for a person to be doing the work themselves however.  I mention in my book how it is not possible to be a guide for others unless one knows the way themselves.

"It is also a vital part of the process to learn discernment. To learn to ask for help and guidance from people who are trustworthy, that means people who will not betray, abandon, shame, and abuse you.  That means friends who will not abuse and betray you.  That means counselors and therapists who will not judge and shame you and project their issues onto you. . . . .

Someone who has not done her/his own emotionally healing grief work cannot guide you through yours.  Or as John Bradshaw put it in his excellent PBS series on reclaiming the inner child, "No one can lead you somewhere that they haven't been."" - Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls

Because of this, any training to facilitate the work will also include doing the work as part of the process.  I am sure that anyone who signs up for this program will have done a lot of their own work already, so the emphasis will be on applying the formula I teach to their own process as they learn to teach it themselves.

One of the reasons that telephone counseling has been so successful in helping me to refine and evolve my approach, is that I can work with each individual on their own level - which is something I will help those I train to be able to do.  This is something I talk about on my bio page while sharing how my approach to the work has evolved.

"The telephone counseling has proven to be an excellent way in which to teach people how to apply my approach to their inner child healing and codependency recovery in a way that aligns with how each individual's personal process is unfolding.  One of the gifts I have had in my counseling work since I started it in recovery, is the ability to meet a person wherever they are at in their process and help them to open up to the next level of growth for them.
"There were two interrelated things that I had to get clear about when I started working as a therapist:  One is that I am powerless over other people - over the pace of their progress, over whether they hear what I am saying to them, over where their path leads.  I watched a good friend die of Alcoholism (which is in a column in the Alcoholism section) and saw how clearly he helped other alcoholics stay sober because he couldn't - he did more to keep more people sober than many of the sober people I know.  I can't know what someone else's' path is - therefore I can't tell them what is right and wrong.  What I can do is help them see themselves clearer (especially as to understanding how their childhood experiences have dictated their lives), see their choices and the possible consequences clearer, and know that we are Spiritual Beings going to boarding school not taking a test we can fail.

Which brings me to the second thing, which I believe is a Spiritual Truth - I teach best what I need most to learn.  I teach people how to Love themselves because I am trying to learn how to Love myself.  I learned to always listen to what I was saying because, though I have no control whether anyone else hears me, I do have the power to choose to hear myself - and there is always something in what I am saying that applies to me and my process in that moment. . . . .  I am in process just as my clients are - just as we all are.  There is no hierarchy as far as I am concerned - just one wounded person / Magnificent Spiritual Being sharing what has worked for me with another wounded person / Magnificent Spiritual Being.  I am doing what I need to do for myself, to heal myself - it doesn't have to do with anyone else - that it helps other people is just a bonus (and an opportunity to settle Karma)." - Joy to You & Me Newsletter I - July 1,1998 quoted in Choosing a therapist or counselor with discernment

It has always been a challenge in workshops or groups to discern what levels and facets of the process to focus upon - because people can be at very different stages of recovery, quite different levels of consciousness.  The telephone counseling has proven a wonderful venue for being able to help individuals to see where they are at on their own personal path with some clarity and compassion - from people who are just starting recovery to people who have been on a healing, spiritual path for many years." - Biographical information
At the foundation of my work is the belief that everyone is right where they are supposed to be on their own personal spiritual path / healing journey / recovery - and that my job is to help them to the next level of their process.  There is never any shame or judgment about where a person is at - no expectations or projections of where they "should" be.  I help them see where they are at more clearly, so they can start seeing their choices more clearly and become empowered to follow their own internal guidance on their recovery journey.  A huge part of the process involves helping people to stop shaming and judging themselves, so that they can start to understand the cause and effect in their lives (both in terms of cause in childhood and effects on adult life, and in terms of internal cause and effect - their own personal internal dynamic that is manifesting their patterns and reactions) - so that they can start changing the things they have the power to change and learning to trust their own inner guidance while learning to relate more Lovingly to themselves.  This is a perspective I will be helping people in the training program to bring to their own process and their work with others.

I will be listing anyone who completes the program on my referral page and referring people to them (and probably come up with some kind of diploma like document.)  The program itself will be a work in progress as I explore and evolve the process for teaching (what I just decided to call) The Wounded Souls Dancing in Light Approach / Formula.  (Okay, so maybe that is a bit cumbersome - more will be revealed.;-)  Because of that, I have set the rates at what I believe is a really reasonable price level - and will maintain these prices for at least 6 months as we get this training program up and running.  I am considering giving those who enroll access to the subscription areas of my site, as well as determining what other literature might be helpful in the process.  As I mention below in the sign up information for the program, it would be optimal if the participants would be able to attend an Intensive Training Day during the course of the program - and it is possible with enough participation that I will eventually be able to set up weekend Intensives just for people who want to learn how to teach the process.  I very much want to share knowledge of this approach so that as many people as possible can have access to it.  I Truly believe that the more people who learn how to apply this formula to do the internal work, the more it is going to speed up the healing of the human condition.  I want to spread the knowledge so that I am not the only one who can teach this approach - and hope this training program will prove to be a way to facilitate spreading the word. ~ Robert 12/7/07

The goal in this Age of Healing and Joy is integration and balance.  To integrate the Spiritual Truth into our physical experience so that we can fill the hole inside and find wholeness within.  As we integrate our True Spiritual nature into our relationship with our physical being we can begin to achieve some balance and harmony with and between all of the parts of our being.

This age is a time for growing and learning, a time to become conscious of the True nature of the Source Energy, a time of Spiritual Awakening.  We have been given the wonder-full gift of having the ability and the tools to start integrating the Truth of a Loving Universal Force into our day-to-day experience of life.  We now have the knowledge and guidance that we need to start bringing some balance to our relationships - with ourselves and our God/Goddess, with other people and the planet - so that we can live in a way that allows us to experience some Peace and Love on our life path.

We can heal our wounded souls enough to change the dance of life from a dance of endurance and suffering to a dance that celebrates living.  We now have access to the power to transform the dance of Codependence to a dance of healing and Joy.

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Training for Counselors / Therapists / Coaches / Healers in Robert Burney's Inner Healing Formula

I am updating this page in August 2011 because of two factors.  One is that I now have a downloadable mp3 recording of my Intensive Training workshop available - and the second is that I actually have someone taking the training for counselors at the present time.  In the years since I first announced this program, I did have several people sign up - but they ended up just doing phone counseling because they weren't qualified or ready to do the work with others.  Now that I actually am in the process of training someone, I am seeing how it works best.  (Updating October 2016 - I have had several more people go through the training in last 5 years.)

The first step for anyone who is considering doing the training would be to either do the the initial 3 1/2 hours (1 1/2 hour phone session + 2 hour follow up phone session) that I use in the telephone counseling (and it is possible to use Skype from anywhere in the world for free) to explain my inner healing formula - or to attend one of my Intensive Training Day workshops.  That would be followed up with 3 hour long phone / Skype sessions in which we would focus on your personal history and recovery - and integrating the perspectives of my approach into your own personal process.   After that the actual training would involve 10 hour long phone / Skype sessions.  It is recommended that the person also get the recording of my workshop either sometime during the training or after to have for reference.

So, Part 1 is 3 1/2 hours on phone or Intensive Training workshop in person.  Then Part 2 is 3 hours on phone focused on your personal process.  And the Part 3, 10 hours of Training in teaching the approach to others.  Anyone who wants to do an hour phone/ Skype consultation just to explore if this is something that will work for you can purchase a 1 hour session on the phone counseling page.

For people who is geographically unable to attend the workshop the process would be the same, 3 1/2 hours on the phone to begin even if they purchase the MP3 download of the workshop (The information about the recording and a link to purchase for $59.95 is on this page) because the ability to talk directly and ask questions will be an important part of the initial stage of the process.  But I would recommend they get the recording sometime early in the process.  

It would also be advisable to get copies of both of my books Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls + Codependency Recovery: Wounded Souls Dancing in The Light - and it wouldn't hurt to get all 3 of my books.  I have a page that includes offers for all three books.  They can also be purchased in eBook or audioBook format:  Amazon Kindle, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble Nook and Kobo ereader.

Since there are a number of counselors, coaches, psychotherapists, psychologists, etc., who have already done phone counseling with me, those individuals have already learned to apply the knowledge in their own process.  For individuals who qualify in that way, I am offering a 8 session course focused on how to apply the approach in working with others.  (It is possible someone could qualify for this but not have attended the Intensive or had the initial since I started doing the Intensive in 2006 - in that case, I would want them to do the Initial or Intensive.)

Ongoing supervision will be available after completing the course of consultations - either on an as needed basis for $50 per hour, or on a regularly scheduled basis for hourly rates less than that.

You can sign up using the PayPal links below for either PayPal or secure credit card processing. 
(Of you can send a check or money order to Robert Burney, PO Box 1028, Cambria CA 93428.  For more info you can e-mail or call 805-203-5875 - (as of 7/12/21 805-900-5237)

Initial Three Hours and 30 Minutes on phone for $157.50 ($45 per hour)
or Intensive Training Day: (upcoming Intensive dates July 28th or Sept. 1st 2018)

Three hour long follow up sessions after Initial or Intensive $150
Initial 3 and 1/2 hours (or Intensive) + 3 hour long sessions $276.25 
($42.50 per hour)
Initial 3 and 1/2 hours (or Intensive) + 3 hour long sessions + download workshop Recording $325
Ten hour counselor Training Program $425

For those who know how much they resonate with my work and are sure they can use it in their work - here are a few options to purchase whole package.
(Anyone purchasing one of these packages will also get their first 3 follow up check in/supervision sessions for free.)
Initial/Intensive + 3 hour follow up sessions + 10 hour  Counselor Training
(less than $40.00 per hour)
Initial 3 1/2 + 3 + Recording + 3 Books + 10 hour Training program $720 + shipping.
Priority Mail US ($7.25)
16.5hrs +3 Books + MP3 US: $727.50
Global Priority Canada ($24.95)
16.5hrs +3 Books + MP3 Canada: $744.95
Global Priority rest of the World ($34.95)
16.5hrs +3 Books + MP3 US: $754.95

For individuals who have already done personal phone counseling for a period of time 8 hour counselor Training $360.00

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