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The Joy2MeU Journal is a publication I started in early 1999. . . . It turned into something . . . very intimately personal.  Starting in 1999 and continuing through the end of 2004 I shared in this Journal a personal journal where I was processing through my fear of intimacy issues.  That very painful process resulted in getting me to a place where I am in a relationship and don't have time to write any more.;-)

This Journal turned into is (as I describe it on my siteindex page):  "a body of work in a password protected part of the site where Robert is publishing the story of his Spiritual Path (11 part), a ongoing personal recovery journal (58 installments), and portions of his Trilogy (14 Chapters of a Magical, Mystical, Spiritual Fable) and Attack on America (11 Chapters) books not available on regular Joy2MeU site."
Information Page and Table of Contents
Dancing in Light
The content that I have chosen to make a part of this Dancing in Light component of the site, is some of the most sophisticated of my writings - dealing with very advanced levels of recovery and some revolutionary and controversial perspectives on metaphysics, spirituality, and enlightenment. Includes two online books:
Codependency Recovery: Wounded Souls Dancing in The Light
Book 2:  A Dysfunctional Relationship with Life (15 Chapters)
Attack on America - A Spiritual Healing Perspective and Call for Higher Consciousness (11 Chapters)
It also includes articles from a series of 6 articles on: The True Nature of Love and a special article entitled:  My Spiritual Belief System and the New Millennium - also The Law of Attraction - Misunderstood & Misinterpreted & The Metaphysics of Emotions - emotional energy is real
Information & Table of Contents
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Announcing that a new audio version of Codependence The Dance of Wounded Souls A Cosmic Perspective of Codependence and the Human Condition is now available on audible.comnew audio cover

This is a literal audio book with another narrator - not the audio that I did myself which was slightly abridged.  I think that the narrator did a good job - but of course it doesn't have the passion and the points of emphasis that the one I did has.  As one person's feedback stated:

"The audio version is absolutely a mind-blowing audio spiritual experience! You rock, man!! It's one thing to read the articles on the clinically electric computer screen and completely another level of involvement hearing the man himself utter his own words of wisdom and spiritual alchemy. One can tell that you aren't just mumbling through a book you've written; while listening it becomes certain that the message truly is your spiritual truth and not just some neatly packaged intellectual mind job disguising itself in spiritual language. An enormous THANK YOU for sharing your story and perspective for all the world to see, I truly appreciate it, man!"  

This audio book can be synched with the eBook from Amazon Kindle Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls

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"I freely share so much information on my site because - as I say in the article below - I believe it is my Karmic Mission in this lifetime.  I want to share the Joyous message and the precious information that I have discovered - and it is what I need to do for my Recovery and Spiritual Path.  It is not such a great strategy when it comes to finances however.;-)  So Donations to the Cause / Love Offerings / Spiritual Tithes are always appreciated if you feel my sharing has helped you in your Healing / Recovery process and on your Spiritual Path." - Metaphysical Law: Giving and Receiving ~ Donations / Love Offerings 

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