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This is the Newsletter of the Joy2MeU web site of codependency therapist, inner child healing pioneer, Spiritual teacher Robert Burney - who is the author of the Joyously inspirational book of Spirituality: Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls.
These Update Newsletters are posted online 2 or 3 times a year at about 4 or 5 month intervals.  A short announcement e-mail is sent out notifying people - who sign up for the Joy2MeU e-mailing list - when a new Update is posted.
Joy to You & Me and Joy2MeU Update
Hello Magnificent Radiantly Beautiful Spiritual Being,

Susan and I are getting married on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I am feeling such Joy and gratitude and amazement right this moment.  (1/12/11 3:49 am)  Here is what I wrote on the page linked about Wedding Gifts:

In honor of my marriage to Susan, I am making a page Wedding Gifts Gratefully Accepted available for anyone who wishes to be a channel for the expression of Divine Love by sending some green energy our way as a wedding gift.  I am also posting a page with some special wedding offers for those who would like to show their support by purchasing some product or service.  (I will be offering to send some Love energy back your way for any gift you choose to send our way - see lower part of the page.)
Susan & Robert We first met in person on Jan. 23rd 2005 and have been living together since June 15th 2005 - a record for longest relationship for both of us (by 2 years for Susan and 3 years for Robert.)  We have been able to accomplish this - despite huge fear of intimacy issues for both of them - because we are committed to living our relationship in a Recovery / Spiritual / Transformational context.  We have survived and transformed issues that would have destroyed most relationships because we are actively recovering from our codependency.  We are going to be celebrating the gift that is our relationship on a honeymoon cruise of the caribbean which we would love to have you join us on.  Two people in Codependence recovery working through their issues can have a successful adventure in intimacy and Love - and I am so blessed to have Susan in my life.
We are getting married in San Luis Obispo California on January 14th 2011.
"The more you do your healing and follow your Spiritual path the more moments of each day you will have the choice to Truly be present the moment.

And in the moment you can make a choice to embrace and feel the Joy fully and completely and with Gusto.

In any specific moment you will have the power to make a choice to feel the Love in that moment as if you have never been hurt and as if the Love will never go away.

Completely absolutely unconditionally with fearless abandon you can embrace the Love and Joy in the moment." - A Wedding Prayer / Meditation on Romantic Commitment

We are driving up to San Luis Obispo early tomorrow morning so we can get our marriage license at 4:30 pm - and then are going to get married in a simple civil ceremony in the county clerks office at 10:30 on Friday.  We will just have one friend as a witness and Darien as our ring bearer.

Then we will spend 3 days in Cambria.  This is where we have been given an incredible gift - a miracle.  A friend in Cambria who works on the Cambria Pines Lodge has gotten us a "Friends & Family" rate that will have us paying $69.95 a night for a suite that would have cost over $300 a night.  It is going to be so wonderful to spend a few full days in Cambria in the time of the year when it is all green and the whales are migrating.  I do miss it so much.  (I did some processing about what Cambria means to me and how I was lead to be there in my October 2005 Update.)

We are going to be having a little Celebration / kind of reception at the Lodge on Saturday evening for friends from Cambria (if you are in the area stop by, starting at about 8 pm) - and then are going to have some kind of party to celebrate our marriage down here in this area at some later time.

There seems to be a pattern forming about these Update Newsletters as this one is 9 months since the last one which was 9 months since the one before.  I send out more frequent updates to my Yahoo mailing list - and lately that has been kind of replaced by the announcements and information I share on Facebook.  In the right hand column are some of the additions and new things that have been added to Joy2MeU since the last Update - and below I will be sharing the messages that I sent to my Yahoo mailing list interspersed in chronological order with things that I share on Facebook.

I just celebrated my 27th Sobriety Birthday on the 3rd - and last Friday Susan and I actually got to go dancing together.  Because one of us needs to be with Darien, we have seldom in the last 5 and a half years got to do many things just as a couple - but now that he is getting bigger we are going to do much more of that.  I haven't had the time to update his (Dariens) page lately and don't know when I will have time.  One thing I have to do this month is figure out my sales tax for last year, so that will take some time.

One of the exciting developments that I just realized I hadn't shared about any place below, is an addition that we made to what will be happening on the cruise. Here is a description of our vision for an offering in addition to my Intensive Training.

Stage Two / Advanced Relationship Group Process Experience

Susan and Robert, who first met in person on Jan. 23rd 2005, have been living together since June 15th 2005 - a record for longest relationship for both of them (by 2 years for Susan and 3 years for Robert.)  They have been able to accomplish this - despite huge fear of intimacy issues for both of them - because Susan has integrated Robert's inner child healing practice into her recovery (and helped him to apply the formula he developed in practice instead of just understanding it in theory.)  In addition Susan has brought tools, perspectives, and knowledge she acquired in her involvement with Landmark Education into the relationship to facilitate breakthroughs and transformation for both of them.  (Susan will be offering a free Introduction to Landmark Education separately for anyone interested.)   In this group experience, for the first time ever, Robert and Susan will be sharing their experiences to help others achieve breakthrough and transformation in their relationships.  If you are in a relationship now, this experience can help you start seeing immediate transformation because it will facilitate both seeing your self and your partner more clearly and learning vital tools and perspectives to help you communicate and work through issues. (It can be magical for a couple to do this work together.)  If you are not in a relationship now, this experience can help you gain the courage, faith, and willingness to create the possibility of a relationship in your future.  Romantic relationships are the greatest arena for spiritual and emotional growth available to us.

Robert's Intensive Training will cover 6 hours on the first day at sea - plus an additional session one evening during the cruise and a 2 hour session on the final day at sea.  The Group experience will begin with an hour and half session on Tuesday morning before docking at Costa Maya, two evening sessions and a 2 hour session on the final day at sea.

Susan has found the Landmark work to be very powerful in her recovery process.   As part of the latest seminar she has been involved in she has been organizing fund raisers to raise money to give music and art lessons to homeless children.  The Landmark work helps people to break free of old patterns and create dynamic new possibilities in their lives.  Susan has been encouraging me to get more involved in it to help me in spreading the word about the information that I have to share with people - at the same time she has been saying that Landmark needs the work I teach people on how to process the past because that is the piece Landmark is missing.  It has seemed inevitable for awhile that we would somehow merge the two approaches.  I am still not sure how that will happen, but hopefully the experience on the cruise will be a step towards doing that.  (Unfortunately, due to developments this week that I share in my latest update at the bottom of the page - plus the fact that very few people have signed up for the cruise so far - unless several thousand dollars manifests in the next 10 days or so, we might now even be able to go on the cruise.)

This past Monday I started a  Landmark Education seminar on transforming one's relationship with money.  I realized that I have lots of very valuable resources in all the writing I have done over the years - but I have been limited in being able to share it because of not having the money it takes to convert it into cash flow. So, I made a commitment to bring out 10 new products before the end of the seminar in April.   I definitely want to do a DVD and CD of my Intensive Training (the information in it is so powerful and transformation - and I say many things in ways different from anything I have written - that it is vital to get a record of it.)
Also I want to make audio CDs of some of my articles, my online book, perhaps some e-books - and whatever else I can do to help me share all the valuable Life Changing information I have learned over the years.  I would really love it if someone out there was interested in becoming my partner and producing these recordings with me!

So, below is a chronological unfolding of what has been happening since the last Update - told in my messages to the Yahoo mailing list with inserts from what I have shared on Facebook.

Additions to the web site since the May 2010 Update include:

I am now posting quotes regularly on my Facebook page

I had a breakthrough in my relationship with my father and added some processing to an article I wrote 5 years ago: God the Father, and my father

Announced an Intensive on A 7-Day Exotic Western Caribbean Cruise

Updated my special offers page and made separate pages for offers for phone counseling and for my Intensive Training Day workshop

Update on the Joy2MeU Adventure - asking for help

On the anniversary of a major milestone on my Spiritual Path I posted links to two pages which recount some of the miracles that have been part of my recovery journey.  The first is part of the Joy2MeU Update Newsletter for October 2005 simply title Miracles - and the second is the story of writing and publishing Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls Leap of Faith ~ Publishing The Dance

Announced that Intensive Training Days are scheduled for San Diego on February 20th, April 23rd, & May 29th.

I have created a new special offer page that makes available a combination of a subscription to Dancing in Light (which includes 2 online books) and 3 copies of my Joyously inspirational Spiritual book Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls

In addition:

Two new batches of wonderful Testimonials for the book, tapes, and web site.

 Some new testimonials added to the Telephone counseling testimonial page

I also added new links to the recommended Links page

Graphic of two hearts with an arrow through them - signifying both Love and heartbreak.
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My Yahoo mailing list is something that I started in September 2007 for people who were interested in more frequent updates than my periodic Update Newsletters.  In them I share the latest news about my web sites, work, and life.  It was working out that I have sent out at least one every month since I started this group - but since I have started posting information on Facebook regularly there have actually been a few months that I missed.   Below are the messages that I sent out since my last Update Newsletter in May 2010.  And interspersed with the messages to my Yahoo mailing list is news, information, and events that I posted on Facebook - those will have a pure white background (In those boxes I will use this color when I am describing what happened or making comments and blue in quotes when it is an actual quote that I posted on Facebook.  You can Click here to join Joy_2_Me_U to join that Yahoo mailing list.  Here is my Facebook page.
Fifth anniversary - in several ways   Tue. Jun 15, 2010 8:56 pm

Hello Magnificent Spiritual Being on my Yahoo mailing list,

Yesterday I had a breakthrough about my relationship with my father that should help me open up to Love in a whole new way.  I am sharing the processing I did yesterday with you here, but I also added it to an article I wrote 5 years ago: God the Father, and my father

5 years later - grieving for my father who DID LOVE ME!!!

Today would have been my Father's birthday.  June 14th.  Flag day.  He used to tell us they put the flags up because it was his birthday.

It never felt to me like my father loved me.  He was never able to say "I love you" to me directly in his life.  On his death bed I said "I love you" to him - and the best that he could do was say, "Same here."

I have said for years - and said again at a CoDA meeting last night - that I think I have more shame because my father was there the whole time I was growing up.  If he would have abandoned us physically and not been there - then I could have made up stories about him loving me.  But he was there every day - and it never felt like he loved me.

Thanks to the beautiful, courageously recovering woman I am in relationship with, I realized last fall that it was my father that I got sober for.  It had never occurred to me to think that.  And also, thanks to being in a relationship with someone who is in recovery, I got in touch with pain from when I was an infant about what felt like my father's abandonment and betrayal.   What felt like was his rejection because I wasn't good enough - because I wasn't lovable.  I always have said that I never felt loved by my father, but what I realized last fall was that there was a time when I felt like he loved me - when I was a baby.  His first son.  Then my parents left the college town where my father was going on the GI bill - he always said he had to quit college because of me - and moved on to the farm I grew up on when I was about 6 month old.  That was the start of my father working very hard to support a family that eventually included 6 kids.  My next brother was born 15 months after me - and I was no longer the center of attention - but by then, I had already lost much of my father's attention because he was working to support his growing family.

I did get in touch with this infant wounding last fall, but I hadn't really worked through it yet - which was causing me to react - out of that wordless pain and terror of an infant who feels rejected and betrayed by his father - to my partner.  That happened yesterday - and again today.  The part of me that is convinced that I am so unlovable that even someone who seems to love me completely will leave me - as it felt like I lost my father as a baby.

When I reacted yesterday, and my partner was able to respond out of her recovery instead of out of her old wounded defensive behavioral reaction, I was not able to get through it - I just turned it back in on myself and judged myself for my reaction.  Today when it happened and she again was able to respond out of recovery, I was able to bring the focus back to myself in a healthy way - and that led to my breakthrough.

I have been saying to people for years that my mother taught me how to rationalize abusive behavior - both with her role modeling and with direct messages like: "Your father really loves you, he just doesn't know how to show it."  And I did learn to rationalize from statements like that.  What was different today, was that for the first time ever, I got it on a gut level that what she was saying was also the Truth (with a capital T.)

My father did love me - and was incapable of showing it.  My father did love me!!!!!!

My father died in May 2005 - just a bit over 5 years ago.  I didn't grieve for my father then.  I said that I had been grieving for not having a loving father for years - and that was the truth. But I did not ever really grieve for my father.  Today I am grieving for my father.  My father who did love me, but was incapable of showing me.  Maybe it is not too late to be a different kind of father to my son.

Owning that my father did love me is hopefully going to let me finally open up to receive the love from my partner that I haven't been trusting because deep down inside I didn't feel like I was lovable.

6/14/10 12:56 pm.  I finished writing this and sent a copy to my partner Susan at 12:16 - 40 minutes ago.  We got off the phone talking about it - and crying - only a few minutes ago.  The miraculous, incredible gift that is a result of us both being in recovery, is that me getting on a gut level that my father really did love me, helped her for the first time to get on a gut level that her mother really did love her.  Huge paradigm shift for both of us!!!!!!!!!

I am going to be expanding on this processing in the coming days, and hopefully by Father's Day I will have been able to process through it in more depth and breadth and post it on my site.  Right now, I am sobbing and crying because this is a huge piece - for both of us. 

As long as at the core of my relationship with myself, was the belief / feeling that my father had rejected and betrayed me as an infant, there is no way that I could open up to receive love unconditionally from another person.  There was no way that I could truly be more Loving to myself in how I treat myself, in how I live my life.  As I say in the article above, I have made huge progress over the years - but this shame and terror of rejection was at the core of my relationship with myself.  Opening my heart to Susan brought it to the surface for me.  Now maybe I can really open up my heart to my self. 

My father really did love me!!!!!  ~ Robert 6/14/10 1:13 pm

Pretty huge breakthrough for me.  Will be interesting to see what happens now.  Not sure when I am going to find the time to do more writing - well I do, it will have to be in the middle of the night.  Hopefully between now and Fathers Day I will find the time.

I posted a page with some special offers for Phone counseling that are available until July 4th.  And I posted the latest batch of testimonials from people whose lives have been changed by my book, tapes, CDs, and website to the Testimonial page. Things are still very tight financially- haven't paid any rent for June yet.  We have been paying it in 2 installments and need to come up with the first half pretty soon.  Donations to the cause are always appreciated. 
Donation/  Love Offering  

5 years ago today I not only committed to a relationship by moving in with Susan - but got a whole family in the process.  Tonight is the 5th anniversary for Susan and I - a record for both of us.  It is a big day.  My son Abe got 6 months today - and Darien has his school play (he is the star of course.;-)  
By the way, I posted a recent picture of Abe, and an old picture of Darien and I, on the New and news page recently.  I will be posting a special offer for upcoming Intensives tonight for people on Facebook and on this Yahoo mailing list.

The adventure continues.  Fertilizer leads to growth.  There is Joy in some moments every day.

I hope you are able to find some Joy in your adventure today.

Rob Burney heat shot from acting days From Facebook

Two significant things happened in June that I documented on Facebook and not in these mailings.  The first was being contacted on Facebook by someone I had been in acting school with 30 years ago.  It was a trip to reconnect with those days.  They have an alumni page on Facebook, and though most of the people that are on it were people who came after me, or were just starting there when I was almost done there, there was someone who had some pictures of a play I was in.  On this page I am the one holding the hat with the mustache - and on the right is one of my head shots from those days.  The picture (with the hat) is from a play in early 1983 - at the beginning of my last year of drinking when I really hit bottom.
"In the meantime, in the late summer of 1986, I had gone to work in an Chemical Dependence Treatment Center.  I had been pursuing an acting career in Hollywood since 1975 and had been very good at being a suffering artist.  It was a perfect path for both my codependence (suffering I learned real well from the church that taught me I was a sinner who was here to do penance for being born a sinful, shameful human) and my alcoholism (everyone knows that artists need to drink a lot and do drugs).  As a result of doing Positive Affirmations and consciously trying to reprogram my subconscious beliefs I surrendered to going to work in a treatment center and giving up the suffering artist types of jobs that I had done for years." -The Story of "Joy to You & Me" 
The other significant thing happened on June 24th.  Susan called me late at night on her way home from an all day Landmark Education seminar she was attending.  She called to say that she was ready to make a commitment to being with me exclusively for the rest of her life.  This was a huge breakthrough for her because a major issue for her has always been her idea of Freedom.  Since she escaped from  juvenilehall at 13 and lived on the streets for months, she has resisted being "controlled" by anyone - and especially a man. To her making a commitment was the same as being controlled - being someone's property - and meant the loss of freedom.  So, the willingness to consider making such a ccommitmentwas a huge breakthrough for her.  It wasn't that she was acting on not being committed, it was that she wasn't willing to commit to not having a choice - that to her was too much of a loss of freedom.  So, that night we got engaged.

The Adventure Continues and keeps getting different    Thu Jul 15, 2010 9:55 pm

Hello Radiantly Beautiful Spiritual Being,
This is just a quick note to share something I added to one of my pages yesterday - a kind of update on current happenings in my adventure (the reference to "another milestone" relates to the fact that I posted this page originally in January at the time of my sobriety birthday.)
"7/14/10 Another milestone approaching, my 62nd birthday on July 23rd.  Sigh.  And as of today I am not sure if I can keep the utilities all on by then, let alone do anything to celebrate.  As I mentioned in my last Update, things got different and more complicated in our lives recently.
"Of course, it seems like sometimes the Universe gives me more because it is about to give me more need - if you know what I mean. (I used to think that it was taking away what it just gave - but have changed that perspective.;-)  Susan's 21 year old daughter and my 20 year old son both got kicked out of after care programs this week - so now we are going to have 2 more people living with us in this house that is too small for just the 3 of us.  Two more people without jobs of course.  Ah yes, more opportunities for growth.;-)" - Joy2MeU Update Newsletter May 2010
My son is doing very well - has over 6 months clean and sober now.  And was recently he won his appeal for Social Security Disability (for the chronic pain and hip replacement surgery he is going to need as I talked about in that last Update) - but not sure when the bureaucracy is going to get around to paying his benefits (which will allow him to pay rent now).  He would have been dead now I am sure if we hadn't taken him in, but it has been costing us around $750 a month extra to have him here.  We have been afraid that Susan's daughter might not make it, but she may have finally hit the bottom she needed to start getting into recovery for real.  She started a methadone maintenance outpatient program this week - good news that she was willing but of course more cost to us and she is back living with us again for a period of time. (It is crowded in our little house with just Susan Darien and I - adding two more complicates things greatly.)

One of our cars got repossessed the 2nd of this month, but I think we are going to buy Susan's son's girlfriends car - if we can come up with  the $300 for the old junker.  Anyway, the time has come again when I need to put out a message to the Universe that I need help.  I hate that I once again have an opportunity to practice surrender and faith and acceptance and demonstrate my willingness to do whatever it takes - obviously I have some very gnarly Karma that I am settling.  Any help that anyone can send my way will be greatly appreciated. ~ RB 9:13 am 7/14/10" - Working the Third Step
I posted it on my Facebook page yesterday as a way of broadcasting it out to the Universe - and sent it out to a hand full people who have been angels & eskimos for me in the past.  I am not sure yet if I am going to send out an appeal to my mailing list - I so hate doing that - but will if I need to.  Tonight I decided to share it with this list.  I have to get off the computer now so Darien can play a little before bed time.

Love to you all,

Update on the Joy2MeU Adventure - asking for help, for Love offering    Tue Aug 17, 2010 5:31 pm

Hello Radiantly Beautiful Spiritual Being, I just posted this page: Update on the Joy2MeU Adventure - asking for help, for Love offerings or sales You can read it here or online.

Hello Magnificent Spiritual Being,
I did a lot of crying today. Very emotional.  Things are really desperate financially again. I hate having to ask for help - but my Higher Power obviously thinks I need to once again be willing to surrender to working the Third Step and taking the action of asking for help. I start sobbing and crying again as I sit here. 

I am so sick of this economic recession (something I am sure you are also.)  I recently posted a link to one of my Update Newsletters where I shared an excerpt of one of my Joy2MeU Journal articles about some of the incredible Miracles in my recovery - and that same Update was where I was processing about my feelings about needing to consider moving from Cambria where I had loved living because it was too hard to make a living there and support a family.

After we moved down here to San Diego in September 2006 things improved greatly - still tight but closer to manageable.  Then in September 2008 the printer who was printing the latest printing of Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls messed up and printed a larger print run that I could really afford at the time.

"The article that I had forgotten I had made as a separate web page, is a part of that same series of articles and is the story of me writing and later publishing the Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls. It is called Leap of Faith ~ Publishing The Dance - and I do have a link to it on my site index page, but it is a small link in the Journal section of that page.  It is a slightly abridged version of the two part article that appears in the Joy2MeU Journal.  Reading it again just now was quite a trip.  It is really quite amazing how much recovery I cram into some of these articles about my path -as well as my Update Newsletters - and by that I mean sharing actual examples of recovery in action.  Examples of letting go and surrender, of taking action despite the fear and how I have worked to change my old programming. It has been so wonderful over the years to have the opportunity to share my recovery - and then be able to reread it to remind myself of the miracles and intuitive guidance that helped me to learn the lessons and follow my path.  It has been one incredible adventure - this recovery journey for me.  I am profoundly grateful for it.

Rediscovering that article also reminded me of how the financial situation we are in got to be such a mess.  I posted that article as part of sending out a request for donations to help keep my book in print one more time.  The combination of not getting nearly as many donations as I had hoped, and the printing company printing a large print run without getting my final approval, put us in a real hard financial place last September.  Then the bottom fell out of the economy shortly after that.  I was thinking it was just the recession. . . . that was impacting us without remembering how the printing of the book had started our own personal recession several months earlier."-  Newsletter May 2010

On January 3rd 2010, I posted a page asking for help in honor of my 26th sobriety anniversary.  Last month (and again earlier this month) I added an update to that page to share what was happening in our life now.

"7/14/10 Another milestone approaching, my 62nd birthday on July 23rd.  Sigh.  And as of today I am not sure if I can keep the utilities all on by then, let alone do anything to celebrate.  As I mentioned in my last Update, things got different and more complicated in our lives recently.
"Of course, it seems like sometimes the Universe gives me more because it is about to give me more need - if you know what I mean. (I used to think that it was taking away what it just gave - but have changed that perspective.;-)  Susan's 21 year old daughter and my 20 year old son both got kicked out of after care programs this week- so now we are going to have 2 more people living with us in this house that is too small for just the 3 of us.  Two more people without jobs of course.  Ah yes, more opportunities for growth.;-)" - Joy2MeU Update Newsletter May 2010
My son is doing very well - has over 6 months clean and sober now.  And was recently he won his appeal for Social Security Disability (for the chronic pain and hip replacement surgery he is going to need as I talked about in that last Update) - but not sure when the bureaucracy is going to get around to paying his benefits (which will allow him to start paying rent).  He would have been dead now I am sure, if we hadn't taken him in, but it has been costing us around $750 a month extra to have him here.  We have been afraid that Susan's daughter might not make it, but she may have finally hit the bottom she needed to start getting into recovery for real.  She started a methadone maintenance outpatient program this week - good news that she was willing but of course more cost to us and she is back living with us again for a period of time. (It is crowded in our little house with just Susan Darien and I - adding two more complicates things greatly.)

One of our cars got repossessed the 2nd of this month, but I think we are going to buy Susan's son's girlfriends car - if we can come up with the $300 for the old junker.  Anyway, the time has come again when I need to put out a message to the Universe that I need help.  I hate that I once again have an opportunity to practice surrender and faith and acceptance and demonstrate my willingness to do whatever it takes - obviously I have some very gnarly Karma that I am settling.  Any help that anyone can send my way will be greatly appreciated. ~ RB 9:13 am 7/14/10

8/10/10 We were able to get another car for less than $400.  Still paying rent in two installments - paid the last part of July on the 31st, and not sure when I will be able to pay any on August.  The Adventure continues.  And I still find many moments of Joy in my life every day - and have never had more Love from intimate relationships with other human beings in my life than I do today.   More will be revealed about what the Divine Plan is -I don't need to know today. ;-) RB" - Working the Third Step - ASKing for Help - Opening to Abundance
The car we got for under $400 is acting like it is about to die.  The other car has the transmission going out.  Still do not have any rent to pay for August.  Abe just got 8 months and is doing great (although kind of touchy while working on his fourth step.) Susan's daughter (Darien's mom) is in a recovery home and doing very well.  Her best friend who lived around the corner from us died of an OD in the back seat of a broken down car down the block last week- he was 20.  Hopefully the people that knew him will get the message that alcoholism / addiction is not child's play - it is a fatal disease.

Abe's SSI disability started but doesn't cover what it costs us to have him here.  I continue to have phone clients tell me they want to continue but can't because of finances.  In the later part of September my social security will start (one of those good news bad news situations - egad how did I ever get this old!!!) - so that will help. And the first of October Abe's SSI will increase because he is now paying us rent. Darien's father is also working on getting more support for him from the army.  I can actually start to see a light at the end of the tunnel in about a month.  It will especially help I think, if I am able to get a DVD made of my Intensive - something I would very much like to do on September 5th when I have the next one.

Part of the reason today was such an emotional day is that we took Darien for his first day in kindergarten in public school.  The place was overrun with parents and kids - we had to park blocks away.  There are over 80 kindergarten kids and none of the 20 in his room was anyone he knew.  Darien got really upset and started crying.  Susan and I also got really emotional.  We had been hoping to put him in a Montessori School like his preschool.  In fact Susan found one in Carlsbad that goes through 6th grade that she fell in love with.  She took Darien to visit it last week and he really loved it.  The director and one of the teachers spent almost an hour with Susan and Darien.  When it was time to leave Darien thanked them for spending so much time with him and expressed his beautiful self so wonderfully that both of them - as well as Susan - got all choked up and teary eyed.  He is such a beautiful, sweet soul.  He told me the other day that he wants to learn everything and that is why he asks so many questions.  (Like "What do we need plants for?"  "Where did animals come from?" "How do you get to be a father?"  "Do boy birds sing?" - this last was coming home from school one day when he started in with one of his trains of thought that went something like this:  "Wouldn't it be cool to be a bird!  I could fly up in the sky and it would feel so wonderful!  And sing beautiful songs.  Do boy birds sing?  Then I could sing beautiful songs and make the whole world happy."  He is really big on wanting to make the whole world happy and keeping the planet clean and beautiful.)

In February, the last time things got so desperate that I had to send out an appeal to my whole e-mailing list, I mentioned that one of the things we needed to do was keep Darien in his Montessori school.

"The response was overwhelmingly positive.  Most people weren't able to send anything, but did send good wishes and prayers - as well as thanks for having the courage to ask for help.  There were a few people who responded very negatively and asked to be taken of the mailing list.  There were also 3 or 4 people who wrote to say we should take Darien out of the Montessori School - that it was a luxury not a necessity.  That couldn't be further from the truth.

We originally put him in that school because it was cheaper than regular day care.  And it has been a great experience for him - he is so much more confident in socializing with other kids now, it is really great.  The main reason to put him in the school however was to give me some time to work.  I have almost no time to do any writing these days (witness the need to do it in the early am) - and find it impossible to do any kind of focused work that takes some concentration when his enthusiastic, exuberant little self is around.

"During the time he is in school - basically 9 until 3 - is the time I have to get things done.  Then and early in the morning or late at night.  (Last night - with the help of a tooth ache - I stayed up until about 2 working on this.)  My mornings are centered around getting him dressed and ready and off to school - and once he gets home in the afternoon it is hard to do anything that takes very much concentration and focus because he wants attention and help with various things.  Or he wants to be on my computer playing games - which means I can't be on my computer.  The other day he changed the screen saver on my computer - 4 years old, and he is finding things on my computer that I didn't know were there.  I used to have more time in the afternoon or evening to get some things done before Susan started this job - but now she isn't here near as much and is often pretty tired when she is." - Feb. 5, 2009 message to Yahoo Mailing list quoted in April 2009 Update Newsletter

It is between 9 and 3 on weekdays that I try to do most of my telephone counseling appointments, get to the post office to mail off orders, do the grocery shopping, etc., etc.  He is a Joy and a blessing, but it is challenging to get any work done when he is around.  So, having some time to myself is very important to me and keeping him in school was not a luxury." - Joy2MeU Update Newsletter May 2010

This time of course, the Montessori School would be a luxury, because he can go to kindergarten in the public school for free.  We really don't want to send him there. The one time a few weeks ago that we went over there to check it out, there were older kids - maybe 3rd or 4th graders - running around, cussing and generally acting in ways we really don't want him exposed to at this age.  After that visit, we started searching frantically for other options.  Most of the private schools are too expensive, and some of the them are not that great.  But then Susan found this one in Carlsbad - which is about 10 miles away, but in the same vicinity as Susan's office.  It isn't as expensive as most of the private schools - but still not in the realm of possibility when we can't even pay the rent.

The Montessori School doesn't start until September 1st - while public schools started today, August 16th. (I am actually finishing this on the 17th.)  We realized that no matter what we wanted, the Universe might have different plans.  And that it could be best in the Cosmic Scheme of things for him to go to public school.  Also, realistically, if we didn't start him in public school and the end of the month comes without enough financial resources to send him to the other school we would be in a really bad position - perhaps having to start him in public school several weeks late.  We certainly didn't want to put him in that kind of position.

In any case, what happened is that Susan became very upset and gestured for us to go.  As we were leaving we ran into 3 of his friends from his preschool, but we were already leaving and he was so upset. When we got home I was an emotional wreck for a couple of hours.  Just kept bursting in tears and sobs.  It took me awhile to process through what was happening and realize I was reacting out of an inner child place on one hand.

"By the time I was 4 or 5 I felt overwhelming shame.  I felt like I was inadequate and defective because I was unable to protect my mother from my father." - Union Within - healing the inner child

And also reacting out of the old tapes that tell me I am a loser and a failure because I am not making enough money and able to support and protect my family.  The old tapes that tell me that nothing I ever do is good enough because I am inherently flawed and defective - inherently unlovable and unworthy.  When thinking about sending out this appeal during that time, it was going to start with something like, "My heart is so broken."

As I said, it took me a couple of hours to work through that - to set some internal boundaries with the critical parent voice and with the inner child places within me that feel so broken and damaged.  Shortly after I had gotten to a place of more balance Darien came in to talk to me.  He proceeded to tell me that he was so upset because there were so many people there - and that I should remember that it takes him awhile to get used to someplace new.  He then said he wanted to go to school tomorrow (today) and "I promise that I will be really brave."

So, this morning I took the brave little man to school.  It seemed like there were hundreds less people there and we were able to park right in front. Of course, we went early and his room was still locked.  But then we connected with his teacher and she was really cool with him.  She had to go into the office for a bit and Darien started dancing - doing what I think of as his Irish jig kind of a dance.  By the time, she had shown him around the room and explained a few things to us, a few of the kids he knew from his old school had shown up.  Last I saw of  him, hewas waving good bye as he ran to the playground to play before school started.  So, more will be revealed about how this all works out - but as of today he has started kindergarten in the public school.

By the time he came into tell me that he was going to be brave, I had worked through the reactions I had and remembered the Truth about asking for help.

"Learning to have the humility and courage to ask for help was a vital component for me in learning to live life sober.  I understand now that asking for help is an act of Love for my self, is part of taking responsibility for myself because I cannot do it alone - I was never meant to do it alone." - Donations to the Cause / Love Offerings / Spiritual Tithes

So, I am getting ready to publish this page now to demonstrate a willingness to be Loving to me.  I have made up some pages with special offices on the products I have and on phone counseling.  There is a list of those along with links to the offers pages just below the donation links.  As far as the donations go, I have always sent energy back when anyone has been moved to send some green energy my way.

"The Metaphysical Law of Karma - of cause and effect / giving and receiving / what you sow you reap - is what governs this life experience we are having.   Giving and receiving are two parts of one dynamic - like breathing.  As a friend of mine who is a New Thought minister says, "to say giving is more Blessed than receiving is like saying exhaling is more Blessed than inhaling." Just as breath needs to flow in and out, so too does energy need to flow- on all levels, including emotional energy.  Blocking the flow of any energy, whether it is money energy or emotional energy, is dysfunctional."  - Metaphysical Law: Giving and Receiving ~ Donations / Love Offering
This time in addition to what I have sent back in the past, I am also going to offer a free download of the digitally remastered MP3 download of Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls "An audio Spiritual Experience" and also of the e-book version of Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls.

I know there is a perfect Divine Plan unfolding and that everything will work out for the best in the long run.  What that is going to look like I can't know - More Will Be Revealed.  The reality of my life right now is I have never had such an abundance of Love in my life. Things between Susan and I are better than they have ever been (she asked me last week if we could just get married in Cambria soon) - and Darien continues to amaze us and bring so much Joy into our lives. Bringing my son Abe out here was the absolutely right thing to do and we are very glad we did it.  We also did the right thing with Susan's daughter Rose from all the evidence at this point - and hopefully after 6 months in the recovery program she will come out able to be more responsible and mature.

[While I was writing this the guy who does the cruises called to see if we were still wanting to get married on a cruise of the Caribbean in late February as Susan had been wanting to do a month or so ago.  I told him that we had pretty much decided to just get married in a simple way sooner and then maybe do a celebration of it later - perhaps on the cruise.  (We found out that you can't get married legally in international waters for one thing - and of course, there is no way right now we can make any kind of financial commitment to take a cruise in 6 months.)  I gave him Susan's phone number to check with her on what she had going in regards to organizing a group of people for the cruise.  About 15 minutes later she called me - she had already talked to him - to ask what I thought of getting married in Cambria next month.  So, that is the plan at the moment.]

How the rent and utilities will be paid I don't know.  I know that any time I have put out a blatant cry for help (as opposed to hinting that I need help to avoid having to ask out right - like I did last month;-) the Universe has answered - often in the form of people on my mailing list donating or buying at the time I need it most. I will be very grateful if you are moved to respond in any way this time.  One of the things I am hoping is that I will be in a position to film / record my next Intensive. I sent an appeal to several people that I thought might have the means to help with that.
"I was wondering if you would consider a loan of $2000 that I could pay back with interest out of proceeds from sale of a DVD of my Intensive.  I very much want to get the Intensive recorded for posterity - and know there is a market out there for it as people are inquiring all the time.  I have also come to realize that there are many things I say in my Intensive that are different from ways I have written in the past - and really want to get all that on record also.  So, I would use a portion of the money to get the recording done.  I really am quite desperate and so hate having to ask - but there must be some reason in the cosmic scheme of things that this is necessary."
If there is anyone that would be open to this kind of arrangement, please give me a call. (760-230-1821)

So, this is where I am at in my recovery adventure / spiritual path on August 17th 2010.  Once again surrendering to the need to ask for help and reaching out to the Magnificent Spiritual Beings that have found some help in my work over the years.  I am hoping that this is the last time I will need to do this, but I will keep surrendering to, and accepting, whatever is presented to me on my path by my Higher Power because my Higher Power's Plan for things has turned out pretty wonderful so far.  Love and Joy & Peace and Abundance 2 You & Me ~ Robert 8/17/10
"I freely share so much information on my site because . . . I believe it is my Karmic Mission in this lifetime.  I want to share the Joyous message and the precious information that I have discovered - and it is what I need to do for my Recovery and Spiritual Path.  It is not such a great strategy when it comes to finances however.;-)  So Donations to the Cause / Love Offerings / Spiritual Tithes are always appreciated if you feel my sharing has helped you in your Healing / Recovery process and on your Spiritual Path. If my writing has helped you remember Truth that brings you some Joy and inner peace, and your Spirit moves you to send some Love back my way . . . . - Metaphysical Law: Giving and Receiving - Donations to the Cause / Love Offerings / Spiritual Tithes
You are invited to our Wedding Reception   Mon Sep 6, 2010 9:43 pm
Hello Magnificent & Powerful Spiritual Being,
This is a quick note to let you know that you are invited to our wedding reception on a cruise of the Caribbean in late February: http://joy2meu.com/seminar_cruise.html We are actually going to get married on Saturday in Cambria.  Just a little ceremony for the two of us after getting a marriage license in San Luis Obispo on Friday.  I am planning to do an Update Newsletter later this month to tell you about it.

I added two updates to the request for help I sent out back on August 17th - will include them here and then a short summary of what happened after that.  I have a ton of things to do to get the word out on the cruise but wanted to get a message off to this list before anything else.

"Update August 22, 2010: Some donations have been coming in, and some sales, enough that I told the landlady's lawyer son on Friday that I should be able to pay the first half of the August rent by Tuesday or Wednesday.  Today our best car broke down.  If we are lucky it will just be a water pump and cost less than $600 - but doesn't look like I will get the rent paid when I told him.  Hopefully there are some more people who are going to take advantage of the great deals on phone counseling or the upcoming workshop or some more donations are on the way.  The Adventure continues and More Will Be Revealed. Meanwhile Darien's aunt and uncle took him to LegoLand on Friday and after riding the rides they went to the Waterpark- "the Greatest Day Ever!" according to the amazing little man.  I got to watch him surf yesterday and was blown away.  He goes boldly out into the waves with his boogie board - the man who doesn't like to get his face in the water - and rides them in.  Very cool!  (A little scary for Papa to watch.;-)  And he is loving the public school so far.  He is obviously way ahead of where they are starting at, but I guess we don't have to start worrying about him preparing for college just yet.  I should have an announcement about the cruise in February later this week. We will get married next month but have a celebration on the cruise. Hard to have moments of Joy when waiting for the tow truck to come take the car to the shop - but not impossible. ;-) I know there is a Divine Plan unfolding here somehow. ~ Robert 8/22/10 6:22 pm

Update August 27, 2010: Have gotten first half of August rent paid and all the major utilities covered - so that is very good news!  The junker car we took on a month ago had some major problems but we found someone who wanted just that kind of car and sold it today - seemed like that car was going to be far more hassle than it was worth (it had a broken motor mount so I was having to drive very carefully.) Got the water pump on other car fixed for under $350 - it has some transmission problems going on but hopefully is good for awhile.  We rented a car for a week while all this was going on but will have to give that back Monday (Susan mentioned on her Facebook page that it was a cool hybrid.)  Having only one car will cause some major logistical problems but if we have to go that way for awhile we can work it out I am sure.  Susan is going to see about buying a car on credit with perhaps a cosigner to try to get workable payments.  We went to open house at Darien's public school last night - and afterward Susan cried.  We are not happy about his teacher or the situation.  This afternoon Susan got an e-mail from the Montessori school saying they might be able to work with us.  We both want so much to be able to send him there - but are willing to accept the Divine Plan if that doesn't work out. Doesn't look like I will be able to afford to record my Intensive a week from Sunday. We are very grateful to everyone who helped out or sent good wishes.  Would be grateful to anyone else who wants to send some help our way.  Hopefully a few people will take advantage of the special offers I have available before Saturday night when they expire.  I am not sure we are going to be able to make the trip up to Cambria to get married as we planned in a couple of weeks - or that we will have a car that we feel confident enough in to make the trip. If we have to postpone it a few weeks, we can.  We are just going to have a very simple ceremony with a few people up there and then have our real celebration on the cruise hopefully. (And hopefully, I will get some time this weekend to work on the page with information about the cruise.)

I hope and pray this is the last time I have to ask for help in this way.  I just got all emotional writing that.  I really don't like doing this at all, but accepting and surrendering and willingness to take action for me and my recovery have been the key to turning my life into an Adventure worth living instead of an endurance contest of suffering.  This will be the last update to this page - I will probably do an Update Newsletter in September.  I am going to close this with a quote from my book about acceptance and surrender and all those spiritual principles that are so vital to making life worth living - so vital to making it possible for me to still be celebrating life as a dance with many, many moments of Joy & Love in it no matter what is happening with the external circumstances.  ~ Robert8/27/10 5:42 pm" -  http://joy2meu.com/Help_2010.html

Two days in a row Darien came home with a "bad" slip (saying that he had to put his dog bone under a tree instead of at his doghouse like when he has a good day - where do they come up with these things) and an attitude.  The second day he was the only one in the class of kindergartners who didn't follow directions - like Abe said, excuse me, 17 5 years olds and he is the only one who doesn't follow directions. The teacher had been teaching 6th grade for 17 years and at the open house said she would get through everything fast so we could get home and have a glass of wine. He was acting like an arrogant smart aleck and I could see him taking on a defensive attitude to survive in a hostile environment.  The next day we started him in the Montessori School.  They agreed to a lower price until his father is able to get more support through the army at which time we will pay them more.  I was so emotional about being able to send him there - didn't realize how much the other place was bothering me. Sometimes I practice acceptance so hard I end up stuffing feelings in the process.  Am so grateful I had made and received enough by then to make it happen.

That was last Wednesday.  On Thursday Susan's Dad bought her a new car - one that she will have to make payments to him for - it is a 2008 Hyundai with only 30,000 miles on it.  So, that is great.  Things are definitely better now and we are so grateful to everyone who sent some Love our way. The request I made triggered money coming in from places that had nothing to do with me asking for help - or nothing to do directly, but metaphysically it was all about putting it out there and having it come back from somewhere. I don't know how things are going to unfold in the coming months because we are still running close to the edge but we got through a crisis period and are very GRATEFULL!!!!!!!

Love and Joy 2 all of us,
From Facebook
September 5th
"Yesterday out of the blue, I got a call from an old friend I hadn't talked to in probably 10 years - though we had reconnected here on Facebook a couple of months ago. We had been in a men's group together in Santa Barbara back in the late 90s. He offered to come down to film my Intensive Training Day workshop today.... Hurrah! Hopefully the quality will be good enough to produce a DVD. More Will Be Revealed"

September 6th
"Yesterday's near miss with being able to film one of my workshops got me to thinking that perhaps it would be better to stage a shoot in a studio or someplace rather than shoot an actual workshop. So, that is the seed I am planting now - the possibility I am creating and putting out to the Universe. I want to be able... to get my workshop material on film within the next couple of weeks so that I can produce a DVD and CD of the information I share in it. My friend in Santa Barbara has the equipment and expertise - and has in fact been making DVDs and youtube videos for a group in SB. He has transportation issues however so am thinking I might do it up in Santa Barbara if we can find an appropriate setting. More Will Be Revealed.

Unfortunately the friend who was coming down to film my workshop had car problems and didn't make it. All a perfect part of the Divine Plan somehow. sigh"

I would Love to find someone to partner with me in being able to record and film my Intensive - either in a studio or a live one.  Anyone interested give me a call: 760-230-1821.

September 10th
It turned out that the only time of day they give out marriage licenses in San Luis Obispo is 4:30 pm and the time they do the marriage ceremonies is 11:30 am. In order to reach San Luis by 4:30 on Thursday we would need to leave here by 6 am or earlier because we would hit rush hour traffic in both Orange County and ...L.A. We decided we were not in that much of a rush to do the legal part of it, so are just going to do a ceremony between the two of us in Cambria this weekend and take care of the legal part later. Susan is thinking Feb. 14, 2011. Since the Wedding reception is going to be on the cruise in February, there wasn't really any rush.

Latest update  Tue Nov 2, 2010 12:02 pm

Hello Magnificent Spiritual Being, Sorry I haven't been in touch lately. Things are hectic and mostly good - but some not so good. I just posted this on the page I posted in August Help_2010 page I had already told this list in my last message about some of the developments, but hadn't updated that page.
Update November 1, 2010:
Now it is November and I still haven't gotten the Update Newsletter written - or been able to update Darien's page, the little man who is going to be 6 next week.  Susan's Dad helped her buy a new used car - very good news.  The bad news part of that is he has been taking payments out of her monthly bonuses - so less income the last couple of months.  We decided to do the marriage thing on Valentine's Day - though we did make the trip to Cambria as part of our own private commitment ceremony.  The light at the end of the tunnel financially still seems to be about a month away.  Susan is getting back into doing some refinancing loans for some people, and hopefully when that very slow unfolding process is finished we will be able to get caught up so that we are not two months behind on utilities and paying the rent in two installments.  I am paying the second half of October rent today - than God for a patient landlord.  

With sales through my website, there are sometimes days in a row with nothing happening - and then a lot of money can come in in a few days.  Unfortunately right now is a time when there have been almost no sales for 5 days and I don't know how we are going to be eating by the end of the week - let alone how we are going to afford to celebrate Darien's birthday.  It makes me very, very, very sad that it is so hard financially these days - and I do have to fight against that critical parent voice telling me what a loser and failure I am.  I feel really betrayed by my Higher Power in some moments - but still the level of serenity I have is amazing, as well as the ability to feel Joy in the moment for many moments every day.

There was a time on my spiritual path when I raged at my Higher Power and demanded $5000 to get caught up and complete a mission I had been intuitively led to undertake - and I got it almost immediately.  (Story in Leap of Faith ~ Publishing The Dance)  I have had too many miracles and too much abundance of Joy & Love manifested in my recovery experience in the years since then to rage at my HP any more.  That sort of thing doesn't work if I am faking it - but it sure would be wonderful if the Universe could manifest $5000 (or more;-) in my life right now to help me get out from under this financial pressure.  More will be revealed about how things are going to unfold.  I have great faith in my path - I just really, really, really tired of this having been such an issue in my life for so long.  Joy & Love & Abundance 2 You & Me - RB 11-1-10
PS: I did post some special offers today to try to generate some income.
From Facebook
Nov 30
"Yesterday after having to ask 6 people before I found someone who was willing to jump start my car which wouldn't start after stopping for gas while taking Darien to school, I went to the VA for a doctors appointment.  Beside the main entrance to the VA is a sign:  "It takes the courage and strength of a warrior to ask for help!""

Another message from my Higher Power that asking for help is working the third step."

There is something that I share with phone counseling clients and in my Intensive often that I believe I have written about some place, but can't find it - which may mean it is in one of the millions of words in one of my password protected sites (where I can't do a search to find things.)  It has to do with how at one point when I was living in Cambria I had a sprained ankle and couldn't take my daily walk on the bluffs that were such an important part of my physical, mental, emotional, spiritual nurturing and recharging of my internal batteries.  And for some reason while I was incapacitated with this ankle injury it occurred to me that I didn't ever think of my body parts unless they weren't working - unless there was something wrong with them.  Made me realize that I need to start being grateful every day that I can walk.  That I can see and hear and all the things that I take for granted until something goes wrong with my body.  So, my car starting was another one of those things that I take for granted until something goes wrong.  Remember to be grateful for your car and your body working today. ;-)

My car was not starting about every 4th or 5th time I tried to start it.  I was afraid it was the starter or wiring in the ignition - didn't think it was the battery.  But it turned out that is what it was.  So, another $150 that I really couldn't afford - but I am very grateful for having a car that starts every time now.

We are getting married in 2 days  Wed Jan 12, 2011 3:38 am

Hello Magnificent Radiantly Beautiful Spiritual Being on my Yahoo Mailing list.
I haven't sent out a message to you in over 2 months, sorry about that.  In part that is because I am now using Facebook quite a bit to make announcements and pass on information.  And yesterday I made this announcement that brings me great Joy and makes me very happy:  
Susan and I are getting married on Friday.

In honor of my marriage to Susan, I posted a page:
Wedding Gifts Gratefully Accepted for anyone who wishes to be a channel for the expression of Divine Love by sending some green energy our way as a wedding gift.  I am also posting a page with some special wedding offers for those who would like to show their support by purchasing some product or service.

Later today (it is now 3:12 am on Jan. 12th) I will be posting
a new Update Newsletter - it was almost 9 months between them again.  Here is the link: http://Joy2MeU.com/Update January_2011.html

I also just added the following update to my ASKing for 
Help_2010 page:
January 12, 2011
So, here it is 2 months later and I still need $5,000 to just to get back close to even.  I am finally getting my Update published anyway.  And I am very happy that Susan and I are going to be getting married in a couple of days.  Susan had the opportunity to take Darien up to Yosemite to play in the snow and stay with a friend of hers who has 2 kids that he loves to play with after Christmas.  And coming back from there she ended up spending a couple of days in San Luis Obispo.  It meant that I had to spend New Years Eve by myself without my buddy and my baby.  But it gave her a chance to do some processing and really get clear that she did want, and was ready, to get married.  She actually wanted me to come up there on the train on my 27th Sobriety Birthday Jan. 3rd - the day after doing my latest Intensive - so we could get our marriage license then, but when I went to buy the ticket in the evening the train to SLO was sold out.  So, we ended up planning the trip that is coming up.

We got through December in part by her taking out a loan on her new car that her Dad helped her buy. So, now we are paying back 2 loans on that one car.  And right now we are actually borrowing money from my son that he received as part of his back settlement for his SSI Disability.  The refinancing loan that Susan has been doing for someone, the income that was going to help us catch up when it finally went through, just fell apart this week.  It has been ridiculously dragged out by the bank which has been very deceptive in what they were doing and Susan and the woman decided this week that it was not a good loan to go ahead on.  So, now I don't know what is going to happen.  I desperately need a chunk of money to come in to be able to pay the utilities and rent this month, and don't know where it is coming from - let alone how we can possibly pay for the cruise or the air fare to get there.  But we are going to go ahead with the trip to Cambria and getting married and deal with wherever we are when we get back.  More will be revealed.  Any help anyone could send our way would be greatly, hugely appreciated. - RB 1-12-11
There just isn't the time to write about everything that has been happening - the individual miracles and disastrous events (like the week that someone had mailed me a check for phone counseling and I wrote a check based to Darien's school - which normally doesn't deposit them for days - based on that check arriving or one of two people who had promised to pay money they owed - and shortly after I gave the check to the school the guy called and said the letter with the check in it had been returned because the stamp had fallen off.  That one cost us $280 in overdrawn check charges.)  There is not time to do a lot of processing in writing either - but the process is going forward and our Spiritual Path is unfolding with a huge amount of Love and Joy on our journey.  It sure is great that I have gotten so good at letting go, because otherwise the fear of the unknown future would drive me insane.  Instead of insanity what I am feeling is huge gratitude for the Love and Joy that is present in my life on a daily basis - and real excitement about the next stage of this incredible journey that I am on with Susan and Darien.  I have faith that a Loving Plan is unfolding in my life and am going to hugely enJoy being in Cambria this coming weekend.  More will be revealed later.

Love and Joy and Peace and Abundance to U & Me,

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