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Joy2MeU is the web site of Robert Burney and his self publishing company Joy to You & Me Enterprises.  Robert is a counselor and therapist who was guided to develop a pioneering approach to inner child healing / codependence recovery in his own codependency recovery of 20 years.  His work has been compared to John Bradshaw's "except much more spiritual" and portrayed as "taking inner child healing to a new level."  He is a Spiritual teacher and guide who has been described as "a metaphysical Stephen Hawking."  Robert Burney is the author of the Joyously inspirational Spiritual book Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls
This page offers information about a division of the Joy2MeU web site which includes two online books:

Codependency Recovery: Wounded Souls Dancing in The Light
Book 2:  A Dysfunctional Relationship with Life
Attack on America - A Spiritual Healing Perspective and Call for Higher Consciousness

It also includes articles from a series on: The True Nature of Love
and a special article entitled:  My Spiritual Belief System and the New Millennium
added in January & February 2013 The Law of Attraction - Misunderstood & Misinterpreted & The Metaphysics of Emotions - emotional energy is real

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Robert is the author of the Joyously inspirational book

The Dance of Wounded Souls
Joyously inspirational Spiritual book - Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls
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Dancing in Light

In early September 2005, I am inaugurating a new component of my Joy2MeU site - which I am calling Dancing in Light.  It is a portion of the site that it is necessary to pay to view.  This is action that I am taking to deal with the financial reality facing me in my life right now - which I spoke of in my June 2005 Update Newsletter.
"Making part of the site a pay per view kind of section is just one of the actions that I am needing to consider at the present time.  I would rather not do this - and if enough donations to the cause come in, or money manifests in some other way, won't have to - but it is an option.  It has been my privilege and honor to provide so much information for free here on the internet - and even if I do decide to charge for some of the content, it will only be perhaps a couple of dozen pages.   There have now been 10s of thousands of people who have been helped by my pages - and only a small percentage of those people have even bought my book.  That is something I am okay with however.  As I say on the Donations page, I am settling Karma and getting the opportunity to be of service, and that is a wonderful gift." - June 2005 Update
There are actually now 28 pages that were formerly on Joy2MeU.com that are now exclusively in this password protected section of the site.  8 of those pages (from the online book Attack on America) have not been a part of the regular site for 3 1/2 years but were (and are) available to subscribers to the Joy2MeU Journal.  There are still over 250 web pages of content - probably more than 2 million words in articles on the regular Joy2MeU site.  All of that content is freely shared with anyone who has access to a computer.

The content that I have chosen to make a part of this Dancing in Light component of the site, is some of the most sophisticated of my writings - dealing with very advanced levels of recovery and some revolutionary and controversial perspectives on metaphysics, spirituality, and enlightenment.  Included is an online book: Codependency Recovery: Wounded Souls Dancing in The Light  Book 2: A Dysfunctional Relationship with Life - and the online book: Attack on America - A Spiritual Healing Perspective and Call for Higher Consciousness.  Additionally the final 4 articles of the series of articles on The True Nature of Love, and one article - My Spiritual Belief System and the New Millennium - specifically focused upon my mystical, metaphysical perspective of life.  Although I haven't done an actual word count, I would conservatively estimate that Dancing in Light consists of about a quarter of a million words of content.  I believe it is well worth the price I have chosen to charge for it.

You can subscribe to this section - a permanent subscription as long as Joy2MeU.com is in existence - for $24.95.

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Added in 2013: The Law of Attraction - Misunderstood & Misinterpreted New 1/13 and The Metaphysics of Emotions - emotional energy is real New 2/13

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Table of Contents of Dancing in Light

The pages that are still available on the regular site are active links in this table of contents list.  Below the table of contents are introductory descriptions of each of the 4 different works that make up Dancing in the Light.  The pages that are exclusively available in Dancing in Light will be accompanied by a quote or quotes from the page - and in some cases section headings from that page.  Skeleton pages of the chapters and articles moved to this division of Joy2MeU still exist on the regular site - and are linked on the site index and other pages - but only a few quotes from those pages and the section headings are included on those regular web site pages.
Codependency Recovery: 
Wounded Souls Dancing in the Light
Book 2 A Dysfunctional Relationship with Life

Codependency Recovery: Author's Foreword

ChapterThe codependency movement is NOT ruining marriages!

ChapterLove & Romance, Marriage and Divorce

Chapter 3  Emotional Honesty 

Chapter 4  false self image 

Chapter 5  Codependency = conditioned programming

Chapter 6  ego strength and self worth

Chapter 7  Multiple levels of selfishness

Chapter 8  Codependents as Emotional Vampires

Chapter 9  Codependency = Emotional Anorexia

Chapter 10  Normal Families are Dysfunctional

Chapter 11  Codependent Counselors Therapists 

Chapter 12  Codependency in New Age Movement

Chapter 13  The Music of Love is not shaming

Chapter 14  Spiritual Manifesto 

Chapter 15  Masculine and Feminine

My Spiritual Belief System and the New Millennium

The Law of Attraction - Misunderstood & Misinterpreted New 1/13

The Metaphysics of Emotions - emotional energy is real New 2/13
September 11, 2001 ~ Attack on America
A Spiritual Healing Perspective & Call for Higher Consciousness 

Attack on America - Chapter 1

Attack on America - Chapter 2

Attack on America - Chapter 3

Attack on America - Chapter 4

Attack on America - Chapter 5

Attack on America - Chapter 6

Attack on America - Chapter 7

Attack on America - Chapter 8

Attack on America - Chapter 9

Attack on America - Chapter 10

Attack on America - Chapter 11

The True Nature of Love series 

Part 1, what Love is not

Part 2, Love as Freedom

Part 3, Love as a Vibrational Frequency

Part 4, Energetic Clarity

Part 5, Romantic Relationships 

Part 6, Twin Souls, Souls Mates, Kindred Spirits

Codependency Recovery: Wounded Souls Dancing in The  Light

Empowerment, Freedom, and Inner Peace through Inner Child Healing

Codependency Recovery: Wounded Souls Dancing in The Light

Book 2:  A Dysfunctional Relationship with Life

In the spring of 2002 I was inspired to write a rebuttal to an article on the internet which I found to be quite ignorant and offensive.  That rebuttal article The codependency movement is NOT ruining marriages! sparked what turned into an online book Codependency Recovery: Wounded Souls Dancing in the Light Book 2: A Dysfunctional Relationship with Life.  The work turned into a process level book focused on the dynamics of codependency and recovery from the condition of codependency.  Here is what I wrote about that online book in May of 2003.
When I was writing the first draft of my process level - how to - book about the inner child healing approach that I developed in my recovery, I thought that the actual explanation of the process would be the second part of the book.  I believed that part 1 would be an explanation of the dynamics of codependency in terms of cause and effect.  That is, how and why the wounding takes place, and the dynamics of the dis-ease of codependency - the ego's emotional / behavioral defense system - which creates a continuing vicious cycle of cause and effect in a person's relationships.  Learning how to relate to self, life, and other people in early childhood from people who were wounded in their childhood, traps us in an ongoing cycle of shame, blame, and self abuse.  That is what makes doing the inner child healing work so vital to changing the quality of our life experience. 

Now in May 2003, because of the chapters I have written for the The codependency movement is NOT ruining marriages!, I am seeing the structure of the book reversed.  In other words, the explanation of how to do the work will come first and the chapters looking at different levels and manifestations of codependency will be what I am here calling Book 2.  I don't know at this time whether this will actually be a separate book, or just part 2 of one book.  One of those more will be revealed things.

So, the online book I ended up calling: Codependency Recovery: Wounded Souls Dancing in The Light  Book 2: A Dysfunctional Relationship with Life.  The book grew to 15 chapters so far - and as such will most likely need be a separate book when and if I can get it published in book form.

Book 1 - about the process of setting internal boundaries that is the key to my inner child healing approach I developed - I am calling: Codependency Recovery: Wounded Souls Dancing in The Light Empowerment, Freedom, and Inner Peace through Inner Child Healing That book is contained in essence in the pages of my site that are focused on inner child healing - and the articles that will form the core of it are available in E-book form from Suite 101 for $19.95. (E-Book on inner child work)

Codependency Recovery: Wounded Souls Dancing in the Light
Book 2 A Dysfunctional Relationship with Life

"The work grew to something quite a bit beyond what I envisioned - and includes 15 chapters as of May 2003.  I very happy with, and proud of, the chapters that grew out of this initial source.  It has since grown into an in depth look at the phenomena of codependency on multiple levels - which in my opinion, is really much larger and more important than just a response to the silly article by Dr. Harley.  So, in early May 2003 I am separating this article from most of the chapters that grew out of it - as I spoke of doing in my February 2003 Update Newsletter.

"I have mentioned in previous Updates that this online book pounced upon me when I wasn't expecting it - and turned into something quite different than the article it started out to be.  It has turned into quite a wonderful work in my opinion - and is so much larger and more important in my view than just a response to the internet article that sparked the writing.  One of the things I am going to change is the title - which I really dislike.

What I am thinking now, is that the chapters I have published will be part two (or book 2 perhaps) of the process level book I started to write several years ago:  Codependency Recovery: Wounded Souls Dancing in The Light.  Part 1, or the prequel, or whatever it is, will be focused on how to do the inner child healing / spiritual integration work." - Joy2MeU Update February 2003

I am going to leave this article as it is presently named, as a two part web article, this page and the next one.  I am changing the subtitle of part 2 slightly, but otherwise am not making any changes to either of these pages.  There are some places in these two pages where I use some quite harsh language in reference to Dr. Harley and his beliefs - and I am going to leave that language as I wrote it.  It doesn't have anything to do with Dr. Harley personally, but rather with the type of ignorant and arrogant white male attitudes that he represents to me.  Over a year later, and farther along in my recovery process, I probably would tone down that language some if I wrote these two pages today - not because my beliefs and views have changed, but because I wouldn't be quite so reactive out of my own personal wounds.  Sometimes it takes some harsh language to make a point however, and at this time I do not feel compelled to change the language as I originally published it. ~ Robert Burney May 2003 Chapter 1
Codependency Recovery:  Author's Foreword
"In this online book . . . . , I am finding myself exploring new levels and perspectives - both dissecting the dynamics of codependency and recovery on more sophisticated and subtle levels (both psychologically and historically) and discussing different facets of the phenomena in more concrete, practical, and hopefully understandable, terms.  This latest writing adventure has turned into quite an exciting adventure in itself." 
Section headings
Process Level Book
Codependency Recovery: Wounded Souls Dancing in The Light
A Higher Power of My Own Understanding
Evolution of Book 2: A Dysfunctional Relationship with Life
Author's Foreword

 Chapter 1 The codependency movement is NOT ruining marriages! - (on Joy2MeU.com)

 Chapter 2 Codependency Movement 2  Love & Romance, Marriage and Divorce - (on Joy2MeU.com)

Codependency Recovery Chapter 3 Emotional Honesty
"The specific area that opened me up to a new perspective on my insanity, was starting to understand what my part was in the road rage I was experiencing driving on the streets and freeways of Los Angeles.  Looking at the cause and effect relationship between my expectations and the rage I was feeling at all the stupid blankety blank drivers in Southern California greatly accelerated my process of becoming emotionally honest with myself - and opening up my mind to a Spiritual Awakening, a paradigm shift in consciousness." 
Section headings
Emotional honesty
Insane Expectations - Road Rage 
Twisted and Distorted is the Dance of the Emotional Cripple 
Control and fear - thinking to avoid feeling

Codependency Recovery Chapter 4 false self image
"This is part of what makes codependency such a ridiculous, dysfunctional, tragicomedy.  The character I was playing, my false self image, was not really false.  It contained a great deal more Truth in relationship to who I really am - to my personality, my essential character in this lifetime - than falsehood.  But I was incapable of seeing that because I was focused externally to keep from having to look at myself and admit how defective and shameful I felt." 
Section headings
False Self Image 
codependency = a ridiculous, dysfunctional, tragicomedy 
Opening our hearts

Codependency Recovery Chapter 5 Codependency = conditioned programming
"A dog who was abused as a puppy will cringe and shrink back (somewhat similar to internal feeling which causes the classic codependent form of codependency) or snarl and bite (one of the counterdependent flavors of codependency) when anyone attempts to touch it.  This is a conditioned reflex.  This can be seen as the result of emotional abuse, but it is not the result of the animal having a damaged self image.

"A dog who was abused as a puppy can unlearn their conditioned reflexes by spending enough time in a safe and loving environment.  Although a safe and loving environment can be very valuable to a human being who is healing from their childhood wounding - the emotional trauma they experienced because of behavior modification experiences in early childhood - love from external sources is not enough to heal a person's relationship with self.

Section headings
Pavlov's Dog 
Codependency = conditioned reactive programming 
Awakening from the bondage of ego programming 
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder / Brainwashing / Behavior Modification / Conditioned Reflex 
relationships horizontal and vertical 
Animals are trained - Human Beings are emotionally traumatized 
Ego - consciousness of self

Codependency Recovery Chapter 6 ego strength and self worth
"Humility means to stop judging and shaming ourselves for being imperfect humans.  Humility means to own the inherent dignity and worth we have because we are children of God / extensions of the Goddess.  Humility means being open to being teachable, being willing to surrender any ego definitions or dysfunctional beliefs that are blocking us from being able to open up to the possibility that we are Lovable and worthy." 
Section headings
 True Self Worth 
Consciousness of Self 
Humility - essential to growth 
The Blessed Gift of Alcoholism

Codependency Recovery Chapter 7 Multiple levels of selfishness
"I needed to get honest with myself in order to see the selfish motives.  Then I could start to see that the reason that I was being nice to someone was not just because I didn't want to hurt their feelings - it was much more about protecting myself.  It was what I learned to do in childhood to:  avoid confrontation;  keep someone from getting angry with me;  keep from being abandoned;  try to earn love;  etc.  My defense system was set up to protect me from doing things that I thought would cause me pain - like:  setting boundaries;  speaking my Truth;  asking for help;  being vulnerable;  etc.  So, there was a level of my motives that was about caring for others - but there were more levels that were selfish, were part of the survival programing my ego had adapted in childhood.  My behavior patterns were being driven by the emotional wounds and programming of childhood but I had to rationalize my behavior as only being about the level where I did care about others." 
Section headings
unhealthy selfish vs healthy selfish 
Levels of Motivation

 Codependency Recovery Chapter 8 Codependents as Emotional Vampires
"If a vampire came up to you and told you that he would die if you didn't allow him to drink your blood, most likely you wouldn't have any problem telling him no.  In our codependency however, when we do not know how to say no to other people, how to have healthy boundaries, we are set up to react to - and swing between - the extremes of the black and white, 1 or 10 spectrum of codependent behavior.  Those extremes are:  to build huge walls against connecting with other people - which sets us up to be emotional anorexics;  or to offer ourselves up as sacrificial lambs to the type of codependents that are overt emotional vampires. 

I say overt because all codependents are emotional vampires to one degree or another as long as we are looking outside of ourselves for self definition and self worth." 

Section headings
Mad Dogs and Skunks 
Emotional Vampires and Sacrificial Lambs 
Vicim Martyr, Emotional Vampire 
self pity 
A note to people with an aging parent (s) 
Death is a transition

Codependency Recovery Chapter 9 Codependency = Emotional Anorexia
"Growing up in dysfunctional, codependent cultures programmed us to compare ourselves to others.  As long as we are looking outside for self definition and self worth we are condemned to do it in comparison. 

It doesn't matter what criteria we are using:  looks;  intelligence;  success;  popularity;  righteousness (includes religious fanatics, bigots and racists, rebels and outcasts, health fanatics, etc.);  etc.; we are taking our feelings of worth from looking down on others.  When we are taking our feelings of worth from some arbitrarily defined external criteria - including healthier than, more spiritual than, kinder than, etc. - we are in our codependency.  We are nurturing ourselves emotionally by seeing ourselves as "better than" - we are sucking emotional sustenance from our perspective of other people.  We are being emotional vampires. 

As long as we are looking outside to define ourselves and determine our worth we are set up to be emotional vampires - which sets us up to be emotional anorexics." 

Section headings
Stopping emotional enmeshment 
separate emotionally - not Spiritually 
Emotional Responsibility

Codependency Recovery Chapter 10  Normal Families are Dysfunctional
"It is only in recent history that human beings have acquired the ability, the knowledge, and access to Spiritual guidance, that is allowing us to change the human condition.  We are no more than a generation or two removed from societal beliefs that allowed children - and women - to be treated as property.  Most of us grew up in societies that did not include such things as:  healthy parenting classes;  wide spread knowledge and information about alcoholism and child abuse;  the concept of personal boundaries and information about the grief process;  etc., etc.  Most of us grew up in societies where we were taught that the choices are between right and wrong, and wrong is shameful. 

Our parents were trapped in the beliefs they grew up with.  They were doing the best they knew how with the tools and knowledge they had.  They did not have the choice - when we were children - to live their lives differently.  We do have choices." 

Section headings
Normal is Codependent 
Cause and Effect 
Dysfunctional Concept of Family 
The Baby Otter: A Mother's Day Story 

Codependency Recovery Chapter 11  Codependent Counselors Therapists
"Anyone - counselor, therapist, sponsor, parent, friend, whatever - whose perspective is based upon a black and white / right and wrong belief system, will project judgment and shame onto the people they interact with / work with / give advice to / counsel.  Because they believe they know what is right and what is wrong, they will see their purpose as getting you to do things "right."  If they are successful at manipulating / bullying / shaming / "guiding" you to do things their way, they will take ego credit and see it as proof of their worth.  If you do not do it their way, they will blame, shame, and be abusive to you. 

This is simply a manifestation of how codependency works." 

Section headings
Emotionally Dysfunctional Cultures 
Emotionally Challenged Counselors and Therapists 
Grief work vital as part of integration process 
Emotional Vampires & Black and White Thinking

Codependency Recovery Chapter 12 Codependency in New Age Movement
"New Age and alternative healers, Spiritual Teachers, self help gurus, etc., who have not done their emotional healing and enlarged their subconscious intellectual paradigm enough to consciously stop empowering polarity and shame emotionally as well as intellectually, are set up to be trapped in their codependency just as traditional mental health practitioners are limited by the emotionally dishonest beliefs of dysfunctional civilization." 
Section headings
An Age of Healing and Joy 
Unhealthy Healers and Shaming Teachers in the New Age Movement 
Higher Consciousness = larger paradigm 
Abusive therapists, healers, and teachers 
Enlarging the New Age Paradigm 
Discussion response

Codependency Recovery Chapter 13  The Music of Love is not shaming
"We need to change the music we are dancing to - and in order to do that we need to change the subconscious intellectual paradigm that is dictating our emotional reactions.  And we cannot do that without doing the deep emotional healing. . . . . . We have been dancing through life in disharmony and imbalance - in dis-ease.  It is by clearing up our relationship with our own internal process - so that we can change our core relationship with self and life - that we can start to dance with some balance and harmony to the music of the ultimate Truth of Love and Joy." 
Section headings
Dance, Dance, wherever you may be 
Codependent, shaming New Agers, Twelve Steppers, Spiritual Seekers, Health Fanatics 
Moment of Clarity 
curing cancer / manifesting abundance 
Dance of Karma 
Comparison = empowering belief in separation

Codependency Recovery Chapter 14  Spiritual Manifesto
"I have gotten to a point in my writing (and I feel obligated because of what I believe is happening in the Spiritual evolutionary process of human beings on this planet) where I am not going to put in a lot of qualifiers and explanations to try to soften my words for people who are not open minded.  There is a saying that I heard some years ago, that I include at the bottom of some of my pages, that:  Religion is for people who are scared of hell - spirituality is for people who have been there.  If you have experienced what a hell life can be like living according to dysfunctional belief systems, then the most Loving thing you can do for yourself is open up to considering some new perspectives." 
Section headings
Mystical Magical Spiritual Fable 
Mixing my metaphors 
Spiritual Manifesto 
Expanding the Paradigm - A Cosmic Perspective

Codependency Recovery Chapter 15  Masculine and Feminine
"All human beings are the creation of the perfect interaction of the Masculine and Feminine Principles - and all individuals have both masculine and feminine energy as part of their make up as human beings.  Our perspective of masculine and feminine has been very twisted and distorted due to the planetary conditions that caused the dysfunction in the human experience. . . . . The terms male and female refer to the genders that are representations of masculine and feminine energy - and reflections of the Masculine and Feminine Principles.  Many of the characteristic attributes and behaviors that society identifies as male and female are in fact bloated, distorted, polarized magnifications of masculine and feminine qualities."
Section headings
Masculine ~ Feminine / masculine ~ feminine / male ~ female
Feminine and Masculine Principles of Creation
The core of the dysfunction in human civilization
men and women ~ Adam and Eve
Women's Movement

Attack on America - A Spiritual Healing Perspective and  A Call for Higher Consciousness

Here is a quote from the author's foreword of the online book described above (I am using italics within this quote to call attention to the part of it that relates to the second online book that is now available in Dancing in Light section of Joy2MeU.com):
"In May of 2002, I started Chapter 4 of The codependency movement is NOT ruining marriages! with this note (which I have now removed from that chapter since I am including it here.)
A Personal Note from Robert Burney

This piece of writing has turned into another online book that I am publishing as it is written.  I am feeling compelled to make another attempt to write what feels like a definitive exposition of my work and my beliefs from a different perspective than the online book about the terrorist attack of September 11th that I wrote last fall and early winter.  That book turned into a very personally revealing work that also included what could be interpreted as by certain fanatical elements of at least 3 major religious groups as blasphemy, and by some secular groups as very controversial political opinions - which in part, was why I decided to move the bulk of that book to my Joy2MeU Journal." - Codependency Recovery: Wounded Souls Dancing in The Light  Book 2: A Dysfunctional Relationship with Life Author's Foreword

As I say in this quote, the online book Attack on America - A Spiritual Healing Perspective and  A Call for Higher Consciousness turned into a very personally intimate and controversial work - and I did move the last 8 chapters of Attack on America to my Joy2MeU Journal in March 2002.  I originally left Chapters 2 and 3 on the regular site - but have now moved them to this Dancing in Light division of Joy2MeU.

Here is what I wrote about this online book in my January 2002 Update.

"I felt compelled by my intuitive guidance to write Attack on America: A Spiritual Healing Perspective & Call for Higher Consciousness.
I started writing this online book on September 14th of this incredible year of 2001.  On September 11th, I was going through my morning routine of checking my e-mail and went to one of the home pages I use to see what was happening in the world.  There was a headline about some attack in New York City.  I switched on the television and watched the smoke billowing out of the World Trade Center Towers - and knew that life had just changed in some irrevocable way.

I also knew that the reason I had been blocked from doing any writing for the several weeks prior to the terrorist attack, was because it had not yet been revealed to me what I was going to be writing about.  As has happened so often in my path, I got to let go of my expectations - my picture - of how I saw the immediate future unfolding (I no longer waste too much energy on trying to see beyond the next few weeks.)  I knew that I was going to be writing about the events taking place, and their impact upon all of us watching in horror and shocked disbelief as our perspective of life as we know it shattered and collapsed in dust along with those towers.

After a few days of watching events unfold while observing the many thoughts and ideas that were boiling and leaping to the surface in the churning, effervescent river of words and images flowing through my mind - and watching the fission and fusion of those mental images with each other, and with the emotional energy created by, connected to, spawning them;  I sat down to start writing on the morning of the 14th.

I sat down with some apprehension because I knew momentous events were unfolding - and that I was being called upon to take some risks.  As soon as I saw where this writing was heading, I got scared.  - Chapter 7 - Attack on America:  A Call for Higher Consciousness

When I started writing on September 14th, I thought that I was writing perhaps a 2 or 3 part article.  The writing took on a life of it's own however, and turned into an online book of over 100,000 words.  I still do not know all of the levels of reasons for this piece of writing, or understand all of the levels that I do see.

I think it is pretty good.  I think it is important.  And I knew from the beginning that it's importance would probably not be reflected in how many people read it.  It has been a little disappointing that very few people have actually read it - but on other levels it has been kind of a relief.  I talk about some pretty advanced perspectives of recovery in this online book - and share some very advanced interpretations of the metaphysical levels of this process.  I also disclose some things on a personal level to a degree that I have heretofore reserved for my Joy2MeU Journal in it's password protected web site.  And some of the opinions and interpretations that I share are controversial - to say the least.

For all of these reasons, I am strongly considering transferring the bulk of the online book to my Joy2MeU Journal.  I have tons of information on my web site already, and I am afraid that this online book might confuse new visitors - and distract, or block them, from getting the benefit of the more basic information on the site.  My writing - both in style and length - is kind of an acquired taste I think, and this online book fits more easily into my Journal site for reading by the people who resonate strongly with my message and like my style of writing." - January 2002 Update Newsletter 2

Now, in September 2005, the last 8 Chapters of this book are available someplace other than just the Joy2MeU Journal.
Attack on America - A Spiritual Healing Perspective - (on Joy2MeU.com) Published September 23 2001 

The Attack on America - A Call for Higher Consciousness  Chapter 2
"The behavior of the hijackers who participated in the Attack on America, was indeed shameful behavior.  It was morally wrong from any sane person's perspective.  That does not make them shameful beings.  It does not make them subhuman.  Because a person commits a monstrous act does not mean they are a monster.  Their behavior was a reaction to their emotional wounds and twisted distorted mental perspectives.  They were Spiritual beings - a perfect part of the ONENESS that is ALL THAT IS.  Their beings, their essence, was/is Divine - an extension of the Source Energy.

Their behavior was insane and monstrous.  It was evil.  Their views of Islam were twisted and perverted."

"The twisted, distorted beliefs of the Old Testament - with it's angry, judgmental, vengeful male vision of God - are at the foundation of the beliefs, the intellectual paradigm, that humans in Western Civilization have used to define reality." 

Section headings
Toxic Shame at the Core - The Cosmic Perspective 
Codependency: A Dance of Black and White Thinking and Toxic Shame 
Recovery - aligning with Love instead of shame 
Working the steps, applying the principles in our lives
So, what can we do about this?

The Attack on America - A Call for Higher Consciousness  Chapter 3
"The United States of America has a long history of supporting right-wing Fascist dictatorships that slaughter, impoverish, and starve their own citizens.  Muslims did not just arbitrarily decide to designate the US as the enemy.  It is their experience they are reacting to - their wounding and emotional trauma.  The US set itself up to be seen as the enemy because we supported the governments that were oppressing them."

"The actions of these terrorists was monstrous and horrifying.  But it was not some isolated incident that came out of nowhere, it was not just the product of the very sick and twisted mind of Osama bin Laden. . . . . . The United States of America has some responsibility in setting this dynamic in motion.  Innocent people were killed but the United States as a country is not totally innocent.  Denying that dooms us to keep repeating our patterns."

Section headings
The United States of America
Us vs them
America the Codependent
honest inventory
Unexpected change of course
Alternate Perspectives
Be Aware Americans

The Attack on America - A Call for Higher Consciousness  Chapter 4
"This is what I believe is at the core of some Muslims male's fear and hatred of Western culture - their terror of having their women freed of bondage and subjugation.  They are willing to die to keep that from happening." 

"I do not think it is possible for me to overstate the incredible impact that the corruption and contamination at the foundation of Western Civilization has had on the evolution of the planet.  The concept of an angry, vengeful male god who is at war with forces of evil - who could send the human children he created to burn in hell forever - is a ridiculous perversion of the concept of a Supreme Being.  That god is a weak, spineless punk - in my opinion." 

Section headings
Dysfunctional Civilizations 
Adam and Eve 
The Spiritual Evolutionary Growth Process 
We have a Dream

The Attack on America - A Call for Higher Consciousness  Chapter 5
"One of the most brilliant aspects of the twelve step process is the concept of powerlessness.  Even though the twelve steps themselves - in their commonly accepted version - contain shaming black and white language ('defects of character' are actually adapted emotional and behavioral defenses) the Spiritual principles underling the process are ancient Metaphysical Truth.  The twelve steps are a formula for integrating Spirituality into day to day human life - and the concept of powerlessness is brilliantly intuitive, mystical gift from a Loving Great Spirit." 

"After the events of September 11th, an email message with the same kind of shaming statements went around - attributed to not only Marianne Williamson but also to Neale Donald Walsch, James Twyman, James Redfield and Doreen Virtue. . . . . .A great majority of New Age teachers and writers are still empowering polarity and shame about human emotions by communicating this kind of message.  Please stop and think about what you are doing.  This message is not aligned with Love and ONENESS.  This type of message supports the disease.  PLEASE STOP IT!"

Section headings
The United States is the best and the brightest 
The Concept of Powerlessness 
A little personal inventory
Surrendering to Expanding Consciousness 
Enlarging the New Age Paradigm

The Attack on America - A Call for Higher Consciousness  Chapter 6
"Codependence is a self-perpetuating self-destructive hamster cage of repeating, reactive behaviors.  The only way to break out of it is to start being more Loving to my self by learning how to stop reacting.  In order to do that I had to learn to detach from my own internal process enough to start understanding the cause and effect relationship between my childhood experiences and my adult patterns.  The concept of powerlessness helped me to create the space to start accepting myself and begin to change the programming. . . . . . We manifest Love into the world by learning to give it to ourselves by not judging our being, not giving power to the illusion that being imperfect humans is shameful."

"Maybe some of you have heard the joke;  If you want to make God smile, make plans.  We need to take responsibility for being co-creators of our lives, but we need to realize that we are not in control of the outcome."

"Emotions are a vital and elemental part of being human.  We need to own all the parts of our being - including our shadow side, our capacity for violence, our ego, our fear and our anger - in order to change our experience of life in a fundamental way.  To designate negative value to emotions is to deny our humanity.  We are here to integrate Spiritual Truth into the experience of being human, and we cannot do that without owning all parts of human self so that we can heal humanity and change the human experience into one aligned with ONENESS and LOVE instead of aligned with fear and separation." 

Section headings
My Recovery Process
Human Emotions 
Wounded Souls Dancing in the Light
Grand and Compelling 
The Dance of Wounded Souls

The Attack on America - A Call for Higher Consciousness  Chapter 7
"The True meaning and purpose of life is Spiritual evolution.  Life is not about money, property and prestige.  Life is not about success and failure, sin and punishment, right and wrong.  We are not limited, shameful human beings who have to earn some spiritual afterlife.  This life experience is not a test we can fail. 

We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience.  We are a perfect part of the ONENESS of the Universal Source Energy / God / Goddess / Great Spirit.  We are all extensions of, manifestations of, The Universal Source Energy.   We have always been a part of the ONENESS - and always will be. 

A small part of who we Truly are has extended downward vibrationally into an space/time Illusion of reality.  Linear time exists only within this Illusion.  Within this Illusion our consciousness is experiencing separation and evolving back to consciousness of ONENESS. This Spiritual evolutionary process is experienced as a journey through multiple realities, and multiple lifetimes within these illusions of reality." 

Section headings
Age of Atonement
being a clear channel 
For All My Relations
relative Truth - finding what works to bring balance and serve Love 
Mystical Messenger or delusional psycho 
the intricate perfection of the unfolding of my process 
Spiritual Beings having a human experience 

The Attack on America - A Call for Higher Consciousness  Chapter 8
"Osama bin Laden was emotionally traumatized in childhood by being the youngest child in a huge family - the only child of the fifth wife, the only one whose mother was Syrian instead of Saudi.  The environment he was raised in was very privileged and extremely wealthy - and included a codependent disdain for the lower classes, the masses. . . . . . . 

George W. Bush grew up in an emotional wasteland that was also very privileged and wealthy.   He was taught to define himself according to the codependent paternalistic attitude that is the modern day version of the Divine Right of Kings.  His family was also part of the ruling class - the class of elite robber barons who have held the real power in the United States for well over 100 years. . . . . . . 

Osama bin Laden turned down his families offer of 20 billion dollars to return home and give up this silly religious stuff.  George W. Bush accepted his families offer to return to the fold." 

"When we give power away to other people because our relationship with self is dysfunctional, we actually allow cords of energy to tie us to those people.  These cords (ribbons, cables, tethers, threads, strands) of energy exist on the Etheric plane - which is where the Life Force energy runs through the chakra system. 

We can literally be drained of our Life Force by these dysfunctional connections to other people.   All of us learned to allow ourselves to both be drained of Life Force by others as well as to steal Life Force energy from others to survive." 

Section headings
At War Within
Dancing in the Labyrinth 
Grieving - examples of how the process works (this link is to a page on Joy2MeU) 
Metaphysical and Metempirical 
Multi-Dimensional Reality
Etheric plane 

The Attack on America - A Call for Higher Consciousness  Chapter 9
"It was in the 30 day treatment program I entered in March of 1988 that I started to learn how the grief process really works.  I surrendered to doing the emotional work in late July of 1987 after having set myself up to be abandoned on my birthday one more time.  The excruciating pain that was triggered by those feelings of abandonment was enough to force me to face the terror of healing my emotional wounds." 

"The rituals of blood sacrifice in the United States include crack pipes and gang initiation.  A Palestinian who becomes a terrorist and a kid in South Central LA who joins a gang are reacting to the same basic emotional wounds." 

"The fourth chakra is the heart chakra.  The heart chakra is situated in the middle of the chest next to the heart.  It is upon reaching the level of the heart chakra that one starts awakening to the Truth of ONENESS and Love.  Opening of the heart chakra allows the flow of Love and compassion into consciousness.  The level of the heart is where integration and balance takes place. . . . . . The goal is to be centered in a fourth chakra level of consciousness - grounded in the Truth of Love and ONENESS - and to achieve balance with all of the other levels in relationship to the heart level." 

Section headings
Vomiting out grief energy 
Etheric X-ray 
Chakra Levels of Consciousness 
Relative Levels of Consciousness 
Let Go - and then let go again 

The Attack on America - A Call for Higher Consciousness  Chapter 10
"Balance is not a destination.  We are not supposed to get to a place where we have no emotional responses to life.  We are here to experience life, to feel feelings.  What is dysfunctional is unconsciously reacting - allowing our childhood emotional wounds and programming to define our life experience today.  Allowing our childhood emotional reality to dictate our relationship with life today is out of balance and dysfunctional.

By doing the inner child healing and learning how to be present in the moment - we can start to develop a place within us that is peaceful - a place that Knows Truth and is our place of grounding and safety."

"The intellectual framework, the mental context, in which we view our self and life, is by nature not fluid.  Any time we define something, we limit it.  In order to grow, we need to learn to go with the flow of life and the healing process, by letting go of our intellectual paradigm. 

People who fight the flow of life and change, end up trapping themselves in progressively smaller intellectual paradigms - they become rigid and controlling and bitter, they stay trapped in self defeating victim behaviors.  People who become open to seeing life in a growth context, as a process - build themselves larger paradigms.  They change their relationship with life by accepting the inevitability of change - and learning to flow with it, grow from it, and make the best of it." 

Section headings
Codependence Recovery / Inner Child Healing / Spiritual Integration & emotional balance 
The Recovery / Healing / Integration to find Balance Process 
Codependent Linear / Destination Thinking 
Learning to "go with the flow" 

The Attack on America - A Call for Higher Consciousness  Chapter 11
"On what other levels - metaphysically, internationally, Cosmically - this topic of blood sacrifice might apply to the current world condition, I do not know.  I have long thought it was possible that the prophecies of Armageddon - the biblical battle between the forces of good and evil that was to occur at the end of the world - might have some Truth in them, but not in regard to the end of the world.  Instead, the prophecies of earthquakes and battles, of plague and pestilence, etc., might in fact be referring to a planetary cleansing.  Not the end of the world but a new beginning. 

For the Earth to evolve into a more peaceful, Loving world, it would seem to be more possible with a much smaller planetary population.  Perhaps, these prophecies refer to a cleansing of the planet, and drastic reduction in population, that will take place as part of the shift away from polarity."

"The new Age of Healing and Joy that has dawned in human consciousness is the Second Coming of the message of Love.  Through doing our individual healing we are contributing towards the healing of the planet.  By clearing our inner channels we are able to access the higher vibrational frequencies of Love and Truth, Joy and Light.  The more we tune in to Light and Truth, the clearer our inner channel becomes, the closer we get to tuning into the Cosmic / Christ Consciousness energy, the messiah / savior energy within."

Section headings
The Situation in the World Today
Blood Sacrifice 
Blood symbolic of the Life Force Energy 
Symbolic Blood Sacrifice = Letting Go of anything blocking the flow of the Life Force 
The Second Coming / Spiritual Awakening Has Begun 
Join the Revolution - learn to Love

Attack on America - contents of online book - (on Joy2MeU.com) 

The True Nature of Love

The series of articles that I called The True Nature of Love, is some writing that is very close to my heart - because it was primarily written during one of the most trying times in my recovery.
"The True Nature of Love series is something I started writing in 1999 - shortly after I started my Joy2MeU Journal, and the personal journal I share in it.  I started writing both of those bodies of work while I was homeless . . . " - Joy2MeU Update November 2002
When I published my book Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls at the end of 1995, I could not possibly have imaged that in 1999 I would be without a place to live for a period of 6 months.
"My healing path has taught me to keep letting go of the future and just do the next thing in front of me one day at a time.  I am very grateful at the end of every month that enough money has manifested to pay the rent.   And I am willing to accept being homeless again if that is the path my Higher Power lays in front of me.

I spent 6 months in 1999 being homeless.  Not on the street homeless - I had an office for my computer - but crashing on someone's couch kind of homeless.  The lessons in acceptance and patience and letting go that I learned during that time were sacred gifts.  The level of faith that it forced me to access and practice, the depth to which I was forced to integrate my Spiritual belief system into my relationship with life, was a manifestation of Love from my Higher Power that I am now - and have been - reaping great benefits from." - Joy2MeU Update January 2002 Newsletter 1

I am very grateful now for that trying period of time now as I say in the quote just above.  I continued to live and write about my beliefs, at a time when it did not look like my life was working at all from an external perspective.  By being forced to practice "acting  as if" everything was unfolding perfectly at a time when it did not feel that way in a very big way, I was able to integrate my spiritual beliefs more deeply and profoundly into my relationship with life - and demonstrate my commitment to my Spiritual Path.  I am including the last 4 of the articles in this series in this Dancing in Light section because of the metaphysical levels the writing ventured into exploring.
The True Nature of Love - Part 1, what Love is not - (on Joy2MeU.com)

The True Nature of Love - Part 2, Love as Freedom - (on Joy2MeU.com)

The True Nature of Love - Part 3, Love as a Vibrational Frequency
"The dance of life for humans has been grounded in shame and fear, empowered by belief in separation, lack, and scarcity.  These are lower vibrational emotions and beliefs based on the three dimensional illusion that humans experience as reality.  As long as the dance of humans harmonizes to music - vibrational emanations - that are rooted in shame, fear, and separation the only way to do the dance is destructively." 

"Codependence is a reflection on the individual level of the original wound of humankind - feeling abandoned by God.  Feeling unlovable and unworthy and somehow shameful because of feeling separate from The Source.  We are not separate from the Source - it just feels like it. . . . . . Love is a vibrational frequency.  It is our direct channel to The Source.  When we can tune into that higher energy vibration we are closer to our True Selves."

The True Nature of Love - Part 4, Energetic Clarity
"Many of the expressions that are in common usage in the language of human interrelationship are incredibly accurate on multiple levels.  One such expression is 'giving your power away.'  If we are not clear in our relationship with self, if we are reacting to the definitions of self that we learned in childhood, then we are giving power away both literally and figuratively on multiple levels. 

The level that most people are not aware of, and that is important for the focus of this column, is energetically.  When we give power away to other people because our relationship with self is dysfunctional, we actually allow cords of energy to tie us to those people.  These cords (ribbons, cables, tethers, threads, strands) of energy exist on the Etheric plane - which is where the Life Force energy runs through the chakra system." 

"It is letting go of the dream, the idea / concept, of the relationship that causes the most grief in every relationship break up that I have ever worked with." 

The True Nature of Love - Part 5, Romantic Relationships
"Unfortunately, men in this society have been trained to be codependent on their work/careers - and have been programmed to be emotionally dishonest.  This results in many men being incapable of emotional intimacy, and - since their self definition and self worth are focused on what they do rather than their interrelationships - to not have the motivation to change." 

"So, how to differentiate between looking outside for the source and combining our energy with some outside influence to help us access the Source within."

The True Nature of Love - Part 6, Twin Souls, Souls Mates, Kindred Spirits
"Karmic settlement can take place from an encounter that lasts minutes or hours as well as a relationship that continues over years.  Because you feel a strong energetic connection with someone is not reason to abandon your self.  Even if you are sure someone is your Twin Soul, you still need to be willing to let go of them.  Perhaps you need to let go of them in this lifetime in order to reunite with them in the next." 

"We are all one at the Highest levels.  At the lower levels we are more closely related vibrationally to other beings who are extensions of the Source through the vibrational stream that is our tribe.  We are even more closely related to those who are members/emanations of our tributary tribe. 

As has been stated, all humans are our kindred spirits on multiple levels.  For this particular discussion however, the term Kindred Spirit refers to those who are the closest relations to us vibrationally - on the same wave length . . . . ."

My Spiritual Belief System and the New Millennium

In December of 1999, I published this page on the site.  Here is an explanation of it's genesis.
"Recently I received an e-mail from an assistant editor of a Body Mind Spirit magazine in India called Life Positive.  She stated that this was India's only New Age type of magazine, and asked for my input for a cover article she was writing about the New Age and what the future held in the New Millennium.  She included some questions about changing societies, culture, therapies and the overall evolution of human kind.

I responded that there was no way I could answer her questions without explaining my Spiritual belief system - and that would involve a rather lengthy communication in order to provide a context for my answers.  She e-mailed back that it was a long article and she would like to hear what I had to say.

What follows on this page is that explanation of my belief system, and my answers to her questions.  Bits and pieces of what follows is inserted, or alluded to, on various pages of this web site and in my book, and most of it is included in the first book of my Trilogy which is being published in the Joy2MeU Journal.  I have not, however, written quite this direct and complete an exposition of my Spiritual Truth previously.

So, as this millennium draws to a close, here is my Spiritual Belief system as it relates to the evolution of human kind and the New Millennium."

This page does contain the most straight forward and complete explanation of my belief system that I have written.
My Spiritual Belief System and the New Millennium
"This human experience we are having is a holographic illusion, a dream.  In my book, I use principles of Quantum Physics and Molecular Biology to show how scientist have now proven that the Universe is one gigantic dance of energy.  That the Universe and everything within it, is made up of energy interacting to form energy fields." 

"This polarization of the lower mind caused souls in human body to start seeing the dynamic of life (both collectively and individually) as being a dance of polar opposition.  Black and white, good and evil, male and female, emotional and intellectual, physical and spiritual, etc.  Rather than seeing the oneness of the dynamic, humans now started perceiving different aspects of the dynamic of life to be in conflict.  This perception caused souls to start giving power to, and becoming attached to, the illusionary reality.  It resulted in the loss of the power to transcend between dimensions and forms - and eventually created the illusion of souls being trapped in human bodies - in a reality that felt as if it was separate from the Source Energy. . . . . . The inevitable result of the growing belief in separation from the God-Force - and therefore from each other - coupled with the desire to protect oneself from the illusion of fear, pain and death, led to humans acting out in violence against each other.  The dance of life for humans, as we have known it, had begun." 

"Each of us has lived multiple lifetimes.  We have experienced every aspect of the human experience.  We have all been the perpetrator and the victim, the oppressor and the oppressed, the master and the slave.  In order to fully experience the illusion of being human we have all been aligned with forces of darkness and of Light.  Planetary conditions dictated the human condition, and we have played all roles within the drama that has been human evolution." 

"It is old souls who are awakening to enlightenment in this New Age.  The majority of people on the planet are not old souls." 

Some questions that I answered in this article: 

First, considering the growing crime rate and environmental pollution and the overall rise in negative energies, do you really think that humanity is evolving? Or is more of a regression?
How do you envision the human society of the future?
New Age and its soul-expanding concepts have, over the years, acquired a sheen of superficiality that has reduced the movement per se to a joke. How do you think New Age should evolve to maintain its respect and integrity as a viable alternative philosophy?
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